Let The Interference-Running Begin

Session ends and, if you believe the the media, the MNGOP spent the entire time sightseeing:

All that and more must now await a special session this summer, as the Republican majority and DFL Gov. Mark Dayton ended an acrimonious five-month session with very little business done and a $5 billion projected shortfall mostly untouched.

There’s no sign more time in St. Paul would spark a deal to avoid a bruising government shutdown. A long season of legislating only hardened and widened the deep, bitter divide between Dayton and the new legislative leadership.

Read: The Governor used the only tactic he has: stalling, and counting on the media to shape public opinion for him.

Expect a “Minnesota Poll” showing Minnesotans favor “compromise” 60-40, with a 3:2 oversample of DFLers.

And probably a “Humphrey Institute” poll showing it’s more like eleventy-teen to one.

Here you go, Star Tribune and KARE11 and Esme Murphy; it’s your moment to shine.

3 thoughts on “Let The Interference-Running Begin

  1. Let’s add another question or two to that “poll.” Let’s ask; 1. If the GOP does compromise and let’s Gov. Crazy Eyes increase taxes on your employer, are you willing to lose your job? and 2. Would you be willing sacrifice your employer’s contribution to your 401k so some unionized public employee can retire at full salary 20 years before you can?

    I say do what I always do when debating an idiot lib, ask questions like this and watch them squirm, then call them out on their views when they say no! It’s great fun!

  2. Hah! “a bruising government shutdown”. All across Minnesota, diversity will disappear, and school breakfast wont be served during Summer recess.

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