10 thoughts on “Dissent Must Be Stifled

  1. Where is the outrage over this blantant act of racism from Al Sharptoon, Jesse Jackson, the NAACP and the ACLU? In their view, violence is OK against people that are not of the left wing nut political persuasion.

  2. Not quite certain what to make of this. On the one hand I think the 1st amendment covers your right to free speech from the state censoring you from speaking and it does not cover the right to record someone else’s speech in a private place (regardless that it was a public meeting with a public official speaking). On the other hand, what was this Democrat going to say that was so controversial that his hosts would ask that all filiming of the event stop?

    Whether or not this candidate had said anything controversial really would not effect his campaign anyway. As evidence Sen Reid has said some things that had a Republican said them, it would have been major scandal. But our pardon the redundantcy media has not reported it at all or buried it on page A17, er, sorry, forgot how much the paper has shrunk; page A6.

    BTW, where are our Democratic betters screeching about separation of church and state now?

  3. I’m working combining a digital camera with a pepper spray canister. I also encourage conservatives to carry a six cell Maglite…you know, to find your way back to the car at dusk.

  4. Seflores,

    I had the same question – but in any case, punching the videotaper is not a legal response. That’s what cops are for.


    Put me down for a prototype of that camera.

  5. We also can’t assume that just because the assailants were black that they were also Democrats. They might have been New Black Panthers.

  6. I thought it went without saying but I should have noted that I am against violence and charges should be filed for the battery that was perpetrated against the camera operator.
    It should also go without saying that if you confront, hinder or just plain disagree with the self-proclaimed “Progressive” Left, Union thugs or just plain old Democrats you are going to have to deal with their tendency towards violence. There is a reason Democratic candidates frequently proclaim that “They are FIGHTING for you”, it appeals to the soul of their electorate who desire violent confrontation over reasoned debate.

  7. Swiftee, those maglites are amazing. I found one that fell off a truckbed of a pickup going 30mph by my house a few years ago when I was out raking. And put me down for one of those prototypes too. And as a potential investor.

  8. Ben;

    You are correct. Those babies are virtually indestructable. I have one in each of my three vehicles and two in the house.

    Maybe that’s why many law enforcement officers carry them. They put out a blinding light, even when the batteries are low and can double as a night stick.

  9. boss I know, the damn thing barely had the paint scratched on it. That is something that can be used greatly as a defensive weapon.

  10. the best accessory for the Maglite is the Maglite belt holster so you can be hands free until you need to shine a bright light on a potential on a misunderstanding

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