Deja Vu All Over Again

A shooting outside a police training center sparked riots in Atlanta Saturday night.

The police say the deceased was an anti-facility activist who shot a State Patrolman before getting killed by the return fire. The decedent’s, er, colleagues claim he was feeding puppies and getting old women across the street.

Either way, it was mostly peaceful:

No, really:

Although I’m old enough to remember when “Freelance journalist” wasn’t shorthand for “itinerant leftist journalism grad student with a Twitter account”, he may have a point; there may not have been a visible leader. But leaders don’t need to be visible to lead; in fact, that’s probably a serious tactical advantage; ask any platoon leader when snipers are expected.

They’re baaack.

10 thoughts on “Deja Vu All Over Again

  1. Atlanta is in full control of 80 IQ negroes. I travel to central Georgia every 2 weeks. I take an extra hour to avoid Atlanta, and enjoy the state my people live in. I have to take the belt around Athens, but it’s not bad

    The Atlanta police have been left alone to do their job for the most part, which is why it hasn’t devolved into total chaos.

    But give it a bit longer….it’s well on the way.

  2. There is some pretty convincing evidence that antifa is working with the “non-violent” protesters in ways that provide antifa cover. For example, the “non violent” Atlanta protesters used a banner they were carrying to obscure the antifa types while they set a patrol car on fire.
    Antifa is exactly the kind of conspiracy that the FBI has the jurisdiction & tools to fight, a widespread, interstate organization whose members conspire to break the law.

  3. jdm, Chinese Americans crossing state lines to commit acts of domestic terrorism is clearly in the FBI’s wheelhouse….unfortunately, they’re to busy surveilling White Supremacist moms and dads in school board meetings.

  4. You know, these leftist slags are our enemies; but it behooves us to take note of their tactics.

    ~ They have financial support and comrades in the local, state and fed government.
    ~ They can quickly organize coordinated attacks coast to coast at a moments notice. (Very impressive)
    ~ They have sophisticated command and control on the ground.
    ~ They adapt their tactics based on the opposition they face.
    ~ They do not leave one of their own behind until all attempts at getting them free are exhausted.
    ~ They are physically weak, and untrained in combat, yet they are unafraid to engage.

    There are aspects of their warfare tactics that sane, civilized people cant emulate.
    ~ They recruit mentally unbalanced/drug addicted teens and 20 something year old nitwits.
    ~ They recruit losers who, by definition, have nothing to lose.

    Still, they have an effective force that will have to be dealt with. I don’t underestimate them, but gleefully look forward to facing them.

  5. I should mention that of all the assets our enemies posses, none is as important as the help they get from the feds.

    Active combatants, left and right, use encrypted apps like Telegraph and Signal, as well as mainstream social media to communicate. The feds have proved, with the arrest of “Proud Boys” and other right wing groups, that they have a back door…but it is not used against the leftists.

    Moving combatants from across the country (one of the Atlanta fighters came from Washington state), the feds have tipped their hand. There is zero chance they didn’t know what was going down.

  6. Unfortunately, somewhat on topic, “The Rest is History” podcast, with Brit hosts Dominick Sandbrook and Tom (“not Spiderman”) Holland has begun a long, multipart discussion about the rise of Hitler and Nazism.
    Sandbrook and Holland are fantastic hosts with impeccable credentials. Check it out if you want to hear a great history of the rise of Nazism.

  7. Blade,
    Last week, I remember seeing a video of a bunch of black clad AntiFa commies chanting
    “Where’s our money Soros?!”
    I guarantee you that not only were the FBI, DHS and other gubmint agencies, they knew this was coming. Further, most likely many of these alleged “peaceful protesters”, are their paid operatives.

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