Aaaaand We’re Off

The goal of the Soros-funded district attorney is to make people distrust the system – by punishing the law-abiding and coddling the depraved – to the point where they demand a dictator to keep them safe.

We warned Hennepin County that that was Mary Moriarty’s goal.

The Good News: The tl:DR version of the story found in Alpha News’s tweet isn’t a great summary of the case.

The Bad News: the actual facts are even worse:

Her campaign was opposed by 32 senior Hennepin County prosecutors, including Catherine McEnroe, who is now under investigation by the Minnesota Office of Lawyers Professional Responsibility, according to the Star Tribune.

McEnroe was leading the prosecution of 35-year-old Marco Tulio Rivera Enamorado, who was charged with one count of first-degree criminal sexual conduct. He allegedly raped his 14-year-old cousin when he was invited from Honduras to come live with her family in the summer of 2019.

McEnroe is accused of fabricating the contents of a note that was passed to her by a victim advocate during Enamorado’s trial Jan. 6.

So – so far, what we have is a prosecutor who went on record opposing Moriarty (bad career move) lying to a judge (bad legal move). Hard to tell, to a layman, if this is incompetence, revenge, or both.

But it gets worse; rather than take the hit and go forward with a different prosecutor in this rape case, Moriarty dismissed the chargfes:

A source with knowledge of the situation said there was no reason for the case to be dismissed, especially since two other prosecutors offered to take over the case.

“The conduct of the county attorney trying the case had nothing to do with the substance of the actual trial,” the source said. “That attorney absolutely could have continued on with the case. If there was concern about her candor to the court, then a supervisor could have acted as co-counsel to ensure the court that there would be truthfulness.”

Moriarty said her priority from the beginning was “trying to see if we could continue to prosecute this case, whether now or later after a mistrial might be declared.”

So Enamorado is free, can never be tried for the case again, and Mike Freeman is looking better and better.

You voted for this, Hennepin County.

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  1. CrimeWatchMpls added that, as of 8:37 PM, last evening,Dinosaur #MNmedia has yet to report on the important additional facts

  2. Once again HL Mencken is validated. Democracy being the belief that the People know what they want and deserve to get it good and hard.

  3. After 24 years in prison, Minnesota man freed when court finds he was wrongly convicted of killing wife

    Sure glad we don’t have the death penalty in Minnesota.

    As our new Hennepin County Attorney Mary Moriarty has reminded us, all licensed attorneys are officers of the court, including the prosecuting attorneys, so when a prosecutor with holds exculpatory evidence from the defendant, they are also with holding it from the Court and thus, misrepresenting the nature of the evidence to the Court. This is a serious issue and cause for dismissal and disciplinary action by the County Attorney’s Office and the Board of Professional Ethics.

  4. Emery
    When did your life becomes something other than chattel for your mother to dispose of at her whim?

  5. M&M is just trying to keep up with the Basses:

    So Los Angeles has a new mayor — the far-left Karen Bass, and it hasn’t taken long for changes to kick in, letting the police know she doesn’t have their back. Latest news is this diktat from above, as reported by Fox News: The Los Angeles Police Department banned the Thin Blue Line flag from public areas within police departments this week over a complaint that the flag represented “violent, extremist views.”

  6. ^ The mistake would be to allow government to coerce reproductive choices. What Pig Bodine fails to account for the fact that many of the women seeking abortions are already mothers, but that would require him to see women as actual people.

  7. Emery
    Its a simple question, answer it.
    When did your life becomes something other than chattel for your mother to dispose of at her whim?

  8. When can women vote to deny men and others who cannot get pregnant access to comprehensive medical care and the ability to determine the course of their lives?

    The answer should be never, just as it should be for everyone else.

  9. Emery
    The question you continue to evade is
    When did your life becomes something other than chattel for your mother to dispose of at her whim?
    Just answer it!

  10. Yes, Bot Boy, hard to count the number of people that have been wrongly convicted and sadly, executed under a DemoCommie justice system. Just like Senator Vanilla Fluff who also got people convicted using alleged scurrilous and illegal actions.

  11. The guy whose murder conviction got overturned is a bit complicated. After doubt was cast on the medical examiner’s testimony, the guy copped to a manslaughter charge & was released on time served.
    Rhodes agreed under Minnesota Assistant Attorney General David Voigt’s questioning that neither he nor his wife wore flotation devices, though he knew she wasn’t a good swimmer.
    He said he had told Kandiyohi County detectives there was no light but moonlight, and wind was causing waves on the lake. He didn’t have a flashlight on the boat, and the boat didn’t have a headlight. He drove the boat about 40 mph and didn’t slow down when his wife stood up in the boat.
    Van Hon accepted the Alford plea, sentenced Rhodes to four years on the manslaughter charge, and gave him credit for time served, allowing his release.

  12. The bigger story here is that Moriarty does not, apparently, have the confidence of the attorneys whose work she oversees.
    Kind of like when Freeman had the job.
    So what you have is prosecuting attorneys who are hired to put defendants in jail, and over them the voters have placed a woman who does not want to put people in jail.
    And so the disfunction will continue.
    I am genuinely mystified by the high housing costs in HennCo. For your money you get bad public schools and a broken sheriff’s office and county attorney’s office. Maybe HennCo does a good job with snow removal & potholes?

  13. Say, rAT?

    If your mom suddenly realized birthing you was a gigantic fucking mistake, and decided to visit your crummy little shack with a shotgun to fix that problem, would you agree she has that right?

    And if you survived the visit, but, at the hospital, the doctor and your mom had a conference and decided not to intervene, just let nature take it’s course, would you complain? Would you hold it against your mom, or embrace a woman for excersizing her rights as a woman?

    Tia rat.

  14. Or, if the shotgun is too extreme (why?), how about if mom waited until you finished G&T #12, passed out and jammed a suction curette into your ear to draw a vacuum and collapse your skull like Dr. Mengele does?

    That be OK?

  15. Something sick as f*ck about a political party that believes that it is essential to a woman’s sexual identity for her to have the right to kill her gestating children.

  16. Regarding the death penalty, one thing to note is that if UMMP’s characterization is accurate, that’s not the kind of case that gets death. You’ve got to demonstrate a huge degree of cruelty to the deceased, aggravating circumstances, all that.

    In this case, you’ve got to argue that it’s totally an accident that a boat had no running lights and the driver didn’t notice 150 lbs or more falling from the boat, and that he made no fuss about not wearing a life vest, etc..

    Regarding prenatal infanticide, it is again worth noting that women are more pro-life than men are, which is what you’d expect if (as has been demonstrated often) abortion is generally prodded by the father as a way of getting out of a child he didn’t want–it becomes a protection for “pump and dump” cads, really.

  17. The point that I keep making here is that woke warriors like Moriarty are NOT concerned that over zealous police and prosecutors are putting the wrong people in jail, they believe that the real crimes committed by minorities are not a result of intent by the criminal, but this magical thing called “systemic racism” that can never be seen in its operation, but only in its effects, one of which is forcing minority young men to crimes they do not want to commit.
    Moriarty was elected by a majority of Hennepin county voters over several “tough on crime” candidates.
    You don’t like it, don’t live in Hennepin County, because the problem ain’t Moriarty.

  18. My characterization of the Rhodes case is verbatim from the Pi Press article Emery linked to.
    The takeaway was that Rhodes, after re-examing the case, was not found innocent, but guilty of manslaughter rather than murder. Death by criminal negligence rather than intent.
    Seems like a bad hill to die on.

  19. Well, at least we know that the child rapist Enamorado is in the country illegally and will be deported ASAP, right?

  20. I saw that article, Blade.
    Seems odd. A woman in jail isn’t really free to make a choice, is she? But I suppose that this will help coverup the all too frequent sex abuse of female prisoners by guards and shemale convicts.
    Boo-ya! Another win for womens rights!

  21. Re: Emery’s referral to the recently vacated murder conviction of a Minnesota man. If claiming your wife (with whom you are having marriage problems) stood up in a boat traveling 40 mph in the dark and not wearing a life jacket (despite having a fear of the water) and fell by “accident” doesn’t qualify you for a murder charge, I’m not sure what does. Apparently there were prosecution errors in not sharing a memo from the medical examiner, among other things. The perp took an Alford plea (denies guilt but admits there is enough evidence for a conviction) as part of his release. I’m not convinced of his innocence.

  22. Regarding the abortion policy in prisons, what UMMP notes. Paying for prisoner abortions will tend to simply cover up the rapes committed by guards and inmates posing as “trans” to gain access to women’s prisons. It also increases the benefits of prison–three hots and a cot and free college and free abortions–and thus increases the “benefits” of criminality. Bad, bad move.

    And the notion that it’s somehow justified to allow this based on the demographics of prisoners is just plain sick. Never mind that if you want to have continued criminality by certain sectors of society, allowing their women to be raped in prison is a great way to achieve that.

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