I don’t wanna interrupt a guy when he’s on a roll, but has anyone told Billy Joe Armstrong – the guy who last had a hit about 20 years ago, calling George W. Bush voters “American Idiots” – that the UK has more restrictive abortion laws than the US?

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  1. Excellent. Not just has-been musicians, but also four European heads of state. The results?

    France bans abortion after 12 weeks (Correction, France started banning abortions after 14 weeks rather than 12 weeks in February of this year)

    Spain bans abortion after 14 weeks

    Belgium bans abortion after 12 weeks

    Norway bans abortion after 12 weeks

    The Danish head of state, Mette “Mink” Frederiksen, also commented. The Danish restriction is 18 weeks which led a Danish commenter to ask if Lil’ Mette was going to “improve” Danish abortion laws to match those of CA and NY which allow abortion up to and even a bit beyond the moment of birth.

  2. That was my first thought when I saw the American idiot’s post: the U.K. laws are more restrictive. Oh well, awareness – especially self-awareness – isn’t the strong suit for these posers.

    Maybe we need a new term – “virtue shrieking” – for when “virtue signaling” isn’t quite enough.

  3. Maybe we need a new term – “virtue shrieking” – for when “virtue signaling” isn’t quite enough.

    I believe I may have used that term in the past. It never caught on to the extent of “chanting points” or “Berg’s Seventh Law”, but the time certainly seems right these days.

  4. Pure genius — give up your right to vote. That’ll really help remove your opponents from office. That’s why republicans win — because they are disciplined and stick together.

  5. More on (moron ha ha) mr BJ: he has ripped off a bunch of melodies for his songs. Go to you tube and check it out, although the video I watched, the uploader called it “Listen to how Many Songs Sound Like Green Day”. Lol, all older than Greens crap. Correctly stated: how many of his songs sound like somebody else’s.

    He’s also a poser, been dying his hair for a couple of decades. So sad.

    In the Rock Hall of Fame for one reason: Bush (or Republican) hatred.

    More about this “Hall of Fame”: Jethro Tull still aren’t in, I know Ian Anderson must consider this an honor. Took them 15 years or so of eligibility to get Rush in. 16 for Genesis. Lou Reed is in because of one song? Hall and Oates?

  6. Whenever I hear the first line of “American Idiot”:

    “Don’t wanna be an American idiot”

    I immediately think “too late”.

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