Let’s Be Honest

Look – believe what you want to believe. Let a thousand lights shine . The founding fathers intended for this to be a pluralistic society.

But I do get tired of preening.

To wit:

Why, no, Senator Klobuchar. None of them do.

But not for the reason you are thinking.

All of you came up through the bureaucracy in one-party, one-view organizations either in government or the non-profit industrial complex – the Henco Attorney’s office, Planned Infanticide and the Minnesota Council of Churches. Three of the four of you were or are executives, meaning you’ve long since got out of the habit of taking orders from anyone.

Smith and Ms. Granola Frightwig, coming up through Planned Parenthood as they did, have never had to recognize any such thing as dissent or opposition.

Flanagan has a sinecure in a one-party district; Klobuchar and Smith are the beneficiaries of incumbency, neither of whom are up for election this year (for which their staffs must be thanking their lucky stars).

All of you can do pretty much anything you want without fear of media scrutiny of any kind. For Senator Klobuchar, it’s a matter of generational fealty to “one of their own”, but the other three can operate immune from all scrutiny as well.

Two of you have amply manifested this sense of entitlement; Senator Klobuchar for exhibiting the sort of behavior as a boss that only women can get away with (by bleating “if a man would do it, they’d just call him ‘tough'” loudly enough to make people believe this “Mad Men”-era stereotype); Lt. Gov. Flanagan by sending a mob to tear down a statue that she didn’t have to bother removing via due process, even though she runs the committee that manages the capitol’s statuary.

So no, Senator. None of you look like you are going to “back down”. None of you have ever had to develop the facility to do anything “across the aisle”. It’s a foreign concept to all of you.

And that’s a stupid thing.

8 thoughts on “Let’s Be Honest

  1. Mitch, in Klobuchar’s case, the staff that still works for her “are thanking their lucky stars.” An acquaintance of mine, who is originally from the iron range, has a sister that worked for the witch. She quit one day after dictator Amy, during one of her many temper tantrums, threw a solid object at a staffer and injuring him. That story was reported to all of the propaganda pushing media, but obviously, it didn’t go anywhere.

  2. Well put. Good thing they’ve got some guys (aka males) with guns hanging around in the background to do the icky, big muscle, physical violence things so they can LARP about how tuff they are.

  3. I dunno, a quick look at those visages does indicate to me that they are going to back down, even if they’re not admitting it. Vanilla Fluff and Smith look especially defeated. There is no look of confidence like “we’ve got this, we’ve been here before, we can prevail.”

  4. … geez, I didn’t realize that all that gravitas was regarding infanticide (I know, I know, dumb ol’ white guy but no bells went off; those people are always ticked about something). Anyway, what’s the problem? MN abortion clinics are free, clear, and ready and willing to kick it up a notch for the entire Upper Midwest.

    Couldn’t they turn those lemons into lemonade and open a special MN infanticide tourist agency? Package deals. Transportation. “Hey, we’ll have you back to work almost before your boss even notices!”

  5. “ None of you have ever had to develop the facility to do anything “across the aisle”. It’s a foreign concept to all of you.

    And that’s a stupid thing”

    It’s probably time to turn this into a music blog.

  6. It’s probably time to turn this into a music blog.

    It’s whatever I say it is.


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