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  1. In the UK, more than 95% of children 8-11 and under have covid antibodies, e.g., natural immunity.
    In the US, this week the government approved covid vaccines for children as young as six months.
    We are in crazy town.

  2. Two major life insurance companies have reported astronomically high numbers of benefit payouts for the deaths of 18-64 year olds in 2021. Up over 164%. Funny how this coincides with the increased numbers of true believers that took the death jabs.

  3. I find it most remarkable that “the globalists” are quite up front in stating their goals and those who remark on these statements are considered conspiracy theorists.

  4. Here is CDC director Rochelle Walensky announcing approval to vaccinate children as young as 6 months:
    “We know millions of parents and caregivers are eager to get their young children vaccinated, and with today’s decision, they can.”

    And here is Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla announcing the CDC’s approval:
    “We know many parents in the U.S. have been eagerly awaiting an authorized vaccine for their children under 5 and we are proud to now offer them a vaccine option with a favorable safety profile.”

    The numbers the approval was based on were tiny, because they had to test thousands of children just to detect a few positive covid infections.
    The rest of the world thinks that we are mad to do this.

  5. Of course there is going to be another epidemic. We have people at the NIH and CDC who think it’s a good idea to do research that can be translated to bioweapons with the regime that has killed more of its own people than any other in history. You know for sure there is something else out there where somebody hasn’t thought the risks through.

    Given that these people do have high IQs and advanced degrees, it gets a lot harder to argue that it’s just an accident, too.

  6. In the last two previous outbreaks, the big companies I know of spent freely and without any pledge of underwriting from governments. Once the peak danger passed, our feckless politicians, realizing that it’d suit them better not to bother supporting the vaccine efforts that, only weeks before, they’d championed, just stopped talking about vaccines and threw pharma’s prior investments under the bus.

    By the way, it’s not surprising that only five companies are willing to invest in vaccines all the way to the market. Even when a great scientific achievement is made, nutters everywhere make it hard for vaccines to be rolled out, asserting micro chipping the population, mind control, the Gates Foundation & whatever else is on their ‘minds’. But I wish them luck, they’re going to need it.

  7. while you are tl;dr -ing trollbot spew:

    Rock musician’s fiancee will become first person in UK to receive £120,000 Covid vaccine damage payment after 48-year-old died from blood clot following AstraZeneca jab

  8. Pfizer’s claim of 80% effectiveness for its covid vaccines in children younger than six is based on 10 detected cases in a sample of 2400 subjects. Three of the children who were vaxxed contracted covid, while 7 who received a placebo contracted covid. Statiscally they needed at least 24 positives to determine effectiveness, but this is an emergency, don’t you know.

  9. If the system for vaccine development after the SARS outbreak had been maintained, very likely we would have a general purpose coronavirus vaccine at hand now. Maybe the best way is to have the drug companies license vaccine IP from a global vaccine development body, which is government funded. The drug manufacturers would license the IP when needed, but there would always be research going on. The present drug company business model doesn’t work for vaccines. Leaving us in the lurch when we really need them.

  10. “very likely we would have a general purpose coronavirus vaccine at hand now.”
    This is called “blowing smoke.”

  11. Don’t fall into the stupid category. Ignore the troll and and his drivel and you’ll likely avoid the pitfall.

  12. Regarding the notion of a general purpose coronavirus vaccine, veterinarians have been trying to do that for a while, with about the same efficacy as the human variants–initial apparent success followed by the virus in question mutating to where the vaccine doesn’t generate the right kind of antibodies to kill it.

    (my daughter’s father in law, and a good friend of mine, is a pathologist at Mayo who does a lot of work with immunology….what little I know, I’ve learned from the best)

    So really, a “general” coronavirus vaccine is so far a pipe dream. And the best way to make future epidemics less lethal? Well, besides the obvious “don’t fund gain of function research with Communist governments”, maybe a lot more Ed Garcia (the non-doctor who put the kibosh on Ebola on the Firestone Plantation in Liberia) and a lot less Anthony Fauci. Or in the words of my friend from Mayo, “You quarantine the sick, not the healthy.”

  13. Matt Shapiro has caught the CDC pushing covid disinfo.
    The CDC claimed that covid was the 4th or 5th leading cause of death for pediatric cases. They sis this by compressing 26 months worth of fatalities into 12 months, included every case where the child had tested positive for covid, not where covid was the actual cause of death, and expanding the term “pediatric” to include 19 year olds.
    This slide above is no small error. Not only did it count the wrong number for pediatric COVID deaths, it compared all pediatric COVID deaths in a 26-month period to annualized deaths from other causes. This is a massive data error, and yet it persisted through a supposedly rigorous data check from 11 authors and was selected by top-tier scientists for their landmark presentation to the most knowledgeable experts in the field.
    No one in any of these meetings recognized this error. This slide was presented uncritically to the nation’s top doctors and epidemiologists who are in charge of setting the national policy on COVID vaccines for children and no one even noticed it. It was spread uncritically by dozens more experts, including a former Surgeon General of the United States.

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