A Matter Of Trust

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

The headline is ominous. Without drastic changes….and that’s great for Conservatives, right?
Well, it would be, if voting mattered. Does it? Do you really believe there won’t be a 4:00 A.M.pause in counting ballots, followed by a remarkable leap in Democrat votes? How will we counter that – vote harder?
It doesn’t matter how unpopular Castro was, he always won the election because he controlled the counters. Likewise, all the indicia of election fraud we weren’t allowed to talk about for the past year are still out there, still indicating systemic election fraud, still a problem for the next election.
Joe Doakes

Question: if we, the People , decide that the elections truly are rigged, what do we do?

9 thoughts on “A Matter Of Trust

  1. Well, before we go off half cocked here JD, let’s put things in perspective. We know the reprobates will cheat, but thankfully, we still have the judicial syst….oh, never mind.

    My suggestion is to prepare.

    Rid yourself of things you cannot take with you or are not prepared to walk away from. Get tf off YouTwitGooTube. Get rid of that pocket spy until a robust Linux product is available. Get a VPN (Nord is hosted in Switzerland). Learn how to use Tor browser, and use it.

    Stop giving your treasure to companies that hate you and use their profits to fund people that are harming you and your family. I have shopped Goodwill for years. I do not buy new clothes; if it can be tossed into the wash machine; I’m in. (How about a pair of jeans for $3?)

    Move your money out of commercial banks; join a credit union. Buy a supply of hard currency (gold; silver), not as an investment, to use as money if and when our fiat currency takes a dump. Take control of you local political offices; if that is not possible, you’re living in the wrong town.

    Get off your ass and get into the gym! Muh gunz are worthless if you are wheezing after running 30′, or if you cannot carry 50 lbs on your back. Plus, the gym is a great place to meet like minded people.

    Get started with that, and I’ll give you more.

  2. Thanks, Bill. A couple of questions:

    Is there a cell phone which is NOT a pocket spy?

    What kind of silver/gold do you recommend – bullion, collector coins, junk silver – why do you recommend it and where do you get it without becoming part of another government database to be used when private ownership is outlawed again?

    As for the gym, around here the local fitness centers feature Zumba or Spinning and old fat white guys staring at women in Spandex will get you expelled if not arrested. I think I’ll just go for a nice long walk.

    Thanks for the tips!

  3. JD, apparently there is no remedy in the constitution regarding election fraud. Once the usurper usurps, there is no way to remove him/her even with overwhelming evidence of fraud. This is one thing our founding fathers did not foresee. In other words, libturds found a loophole.

    While some states tightening up election laws will help, there is nothing to stop libturd-run states from doubling down. I believe a constitutional amendment is needed to stop the steal.

  4. Meanwhile, the Garden Administration condemns the Russian election for systemic fraud including election officials throwing out observers, ballot box stuffing and late night votes that mysteriously wiped out the opposition?


    This can’t be genuine, this must be a clever satire about The Cleanest Election Ever, right? No one could be that blatantly hypocritcal, right?


  5. “Is there a cell phone which is NOT a pocket spy?”

    Yes. It is possible to “de-google” an android phone; but nothing running iOS can be secured…so get rid of that rotten apple. There is a fellow named Rob Braxman (rob.me) who sells his version for a very reasonable price. I also encourage everyone to check Rob out:

    Rob is by far and away the best source of internet security a guy can get for free. There is also a product available from Purism(dot)com. This is a ground up hardware/software platform that includes hardware on/off power and microphone switches that remove power from those things; they are OFF…it runs a Linux OS that will run any app made for the Linux universe (a ton). They’re not cheap, and you have to wait your turn, but from all evidence I’ve read and heard, they are the gold standard for now.

    I recently made a pretty considerable purchase of gold and silver from JB Bullion. Most are bars, 1oz and less, because they are to be used to pay for stuff and I don’t want to have to worry about cutting them up and weighing them. I did buy a few collectable coins because I liked them, though.

    My safe looks gooood! 😉

    (btw, silver is down right now…good time to buy some)

    Walking is great, but imo we need to engage in some pulling, pushing and lifting activities. As we get older, our muscles deteriorate; we’re past the body building time (although there are a couple pretty impressive 60+ lads that train in my gym), but it’s imperative to stress them at least once a week, to keep in shape.

    Also, restrict your food intake to real, wholesome food. I can honestly say I have not put “fast food” into my body for 25 years; that includes “buffets. We do not eat processed food at all, other than some sauces I like to use for oriental dishes.

    As I shared recently, I’m pretty sure I will soon be out of work unless the SCOTUS slaps rat Biden’s mandate down. I won’t crawl…imo it won’t be long until the wheels fall off anyway (look at what’s going on in Australia). We can be prepared as hell, but none of that means squat if we’re not in the best shape we can be in.

  6. Oh, and btw…if and when we are using precious metals (and tobacco, booze, “lead” etc) to trade, I don’t think we’ll have to worry about the feds coming to collect our gold and silver.

    I will tell you that I made my purchases in several transactions of $1000 or less over a couple days in order to keep the bank account I was liquidating from getting flagged.

  7. “Question: if we, the People , decide that the elections truly are rigged, what do we do?”

    Trump’s campaign knew days after the 2020 election that wild claims about voting machine tampering were not true, court filings show.

    This is surprising to no one. Trump told us what the grift would be a year before the election, and he kept telling us every day.

    Everybody who filed those claims should be fined and disbarred.

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