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  1. jdm, we got the answer – Orange Man Bad. That’s it. TDS, pure and simple.

    Crap, and yet you voted for candidates who are even bigger grifters – one with blood on her hands and another a senile invalid in charge of a criminal syndicate. Do you know how to spell hypocrisy? Actually in your case that would disingenuous hypocrisy.

  2. According to Emery, The American political party that has ALWAYS been the party of identity politics, populism, and racism, is not the party of the KKK, Jim Crow, and racial segregation, not the party that to this day believes that your legal rights should be determined by your race.
    Nope, Emery thinks that this party is the Republican party.
    Emery is a dimwit of the first water.

  3. Re: Never Trumpers:
    The Lincoln Project was a bunch of stateless persons, mostly deadenders from the Bush-Cheney and Romney political operations nostalgic for neoconservative and nationalist themes from the largest failed presidency in modern political times. What Trump did was separate this Republican political faction from Republican base voters, a process that started with the 2010 Tea Party election and continued as Trump consolidated his standing with base voters.

    The question is whether or not Trump will be able to hold personally the loyalty of this now consolidated Republican base or will a new and younger pretender such as Ron DeSantis be able to maneuver into the succession. Will the aging Trump be content to remain a putative kingmaker while real power in the Republican power makes its necessary generational migration to a younger and newer cohort? The money backing the Republican party will probably be asking whether or not a pretender and successor can extend Republican appeal and create a new majority. A growing political movement has to be relevant to the future to attract new voters.

  4. I didn’t vote for Hillary or Biden, and have said so here before.

  5. Democrats should start considering if Harris will be the next failed Hillary candidate. I don’t see any National interest for a Harris administration

  6. Crap, by not voting for Trump you tacitly endorsed imbecil and sHrillery politics over Trump’s. Especially in 2024 when Trump’s policy direction was a known commodity. In my case, if in 2020 my vote would have mattered in my district, I would have held my nose and voted of Trump just like I did for RINOs in previous elections. You have not done so, ergo you approve of libturd policies because your personal derangement trumps wellbeing of the country and your fellow citizens. Kudos! You’ve done well! Glad your conscience is clear! Just please do not misrepresent yourself as anything but a libturd. You can and you will of course, but you won’t fool anyone.

  7. Point has been made in serious publications, dozens and dozens of times I’d say, that Trump’s investment return on the base that he got from his father has been quite a bit less than the S&P 500 return

    Which serious publications? And don’t say Economist, Time, WSJ, WaPo, New Yorker and the like, all of which suffer from TDS just like you are. I went through half a dozen search pages on various search platforms and only saw partisan drivel – nothing serious. Problems Trump had in the 90’s are well documented, but then same people where trumpeting that Rockefeller suffered a mortal blow when SO was split up. And as is very well documented on this site, I am no fun of Trump as anything other than what he did while in office.

  8. Look dumbfuck, “problems Trump had in the 90s that are well documented” is the point. Those problems were reported by outlets you claim on the other hand are not credible.

  9. JPA: “I have used google and I do see a bunch of articles saying Trump isn’t a good businessman but I wont accept as source the most serious journals of business reporting like WSJ, the Economist, etc. For me to believe it I need it to appear in say Gateway Pundit.”

    Okey dokey. Dude, you’re the stupidest guy here next to Kinlaw and AllenS, you’ve got shit for brains. I’m surprised you can read at all.

  10. If only one of these Artificial Intelligence thingies could analyze the election I’m sure we would get to the truth!

  11. Something that is almost never mentioned in the media re: biden.
    In 2008, at the same time that the media was calling Palin the governor from a small state (Alaska, actually the largest state), Biden, the D candidate for veep, was the senior senator from a state abut twice the physical size of Hennepin county, with a smaller population than Hennepin county.

  12. Okey dokey. Dude, you’re the stupidest guy here next to Kinlaw and AllenS, you’ve got shit for brains. I’m surprised you can read at all.
    Imagine poor ol’ mad JK, running around “ranking” people, LOL.
    Sound like a software guy.

  13. In 2015 and 2016 the entire American political class — myself included — had a massive failure of imagination.

    It can always be worse.

  14. For all you KD Williams fans —
    JD vance tweets “What have establishment conservatives ever actually conserved?”
    William’s response?
    “I’m going to go with: a society that is economically and culturally dynamic enough that there exists such a thing as the public life and career of J. D. Vance. That and a reasonable tax rate on book royalties.”
    The pre-TDS Williams would have been ashamed to have written inane drivel like this.

  15. Trump’s investment return on the base that he got from his father has been quite a bit less than the S&P 500 return

    OK, crap, citation please. Teach me how to read, oh the exalted grand kleagle of the TDS cabal.

  16. I got other news for you jpa. Mitch will remark on occasion how very impressive his blog audience is such that it’s filled with lawyers, MDs, engineers, polymaths, and autodidacts (I wouldn’t guess you’re in that group, jpa…. just a guess). I’d bet 95% of those guys, Trump supporters as they are, understand he’s not a business success. They don’t suffer that delusion, even though they voted for him. Because they don’t have shit for brains. You do, jpa, you have shit for brains.

  17. Well, thank you the smartest of smart! You are so smart you have no problems cutting your own nose off to spite your face. Very smart indeed. So smart to help destroy the country because of a personal, emotional animosity. So smart. Smartness just oozes out of your pores. Hey, smart one, since you are SOOOO smart, did you invest in Apple stock way back when? Or Google? Or Tesla? You are SOOO smart, how much did you personal wealth increase from 1987 to 2020? Did YOU do better than S&P? All those writers and pundits, did any of THEM do better than S&P? Funny how smart™ anyone can look looking into the rearview mirror.

  18. I may have shit for brains but I sure am smart enough NOT to mutilate my face out of personal spite. Cannot say the same about you. At least I have something in my head – you got nothing but hate, intolerance, smugness and self-rightousness, the very fuel comissars feed on, the perfect tool, and not a sharp one.

  19. Shit for brains, I don’t make the claim that I’m an elite, elite business success (where we evaluate business success by outperforming the S&P, yada yada…). What’s relevant here is that Donald Trump does, and you believe it because he says he does.

    It’s unanimous then, we all agree you have shit for brains.

  20. better shit for brains than vacuum, crap. You should change your handle since you give crap a bad name.

    By the way, even without checking, I am sure Trump is more successful from a business standpoint than you are – and I already know enough about you to not wanting to know you. The metric I use – success measured against peers and willingness to take risks to get there. Does it have to be more than a certain index? for me, no. Having lost almost everything and then being able to scramble out is more of a business success measure than a trust fund baby who invested in S&P and did nothing else with his life. Did I mention that I am not a fan, not even a little one, of Trump as a person? Why, I believe I have! Plus I never believe anything politicians and businessmen say – they lie. Always. And embellish and misdirect. You on the other hand, with all that emptiness inside the head, riddled with TDS virus, think only Trump lies and embellishes and misdirects. By golly, St. Elon never said anything that was not 100% truth! EVAH!

  21. The baseline observation that Donald Trump is more successful than me in business is true, JPA / shit for brains.  We’ll have to put it on the agenda here to give you lessons about scale and context and apples and oranges though.

    You are a king of dim witted rambling, bro.

    You fact checked me on Trump’s business success, and I proved you wrong, and  you acknowledged as much.  That… is all.

  22. You did not prove me wrong because I did not proclaim anything. I did not fact-check you but I did ask for help with locating data links. You presumed all the rest. But I can understand how absence of anything in the skull cavity can lead to comprehension anxiety and confusion, you exhibit it in every post (well, almost ever post). Carry on, I can see your nose is still hanging on by tiny sliver of snot, have to make sure it is cleanly off.

  23. Lol.

    Resident 80 IQ, impacted anal gland un-ironically cites “Vox”; “The National Journal” and lmfao, “Forbes” and then ranks other’s intelligence. You forgot “The New Yorker”, Einstein. Lmao!

    Quick, Kraphammer; Doris in marketing can’t remember her login ID. She is lost without you. Save her.

  24. Tom, you make me laugh. No worries though, Mitch still thinks you’re a stand up guy.

  25. Say Kraphammer? Did it ever occur to you, the only person here that thinks you’re clever, is the only other 80 IQ manlet?

    There’s a lesson there. Of course it’s beyond your meagre cognition to realize it.

    Go save Doris.

  26. Manlet? You’re the guy that had to let the Aryan Cowboys do his wife when you were trying to earn a patch. Bummer she liked it so much.

  27. Lol…that’s, well pretty stupid, manlet.

    Mark Twain said “Never argue with stupid people, they will drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience.”

    Mark wasn’t necessarily a well educated man, but he was a swell judge of stupid people. I think your last gush of ignorant vomitus signals my departure, little man.

  28. Oh, but don’t stop, manlet. Hayduke/Emery thinks you’re absolutely intriguing. He is probably plagiarizing you all over the place.

  29. Oooh look; I’ve done it now. Twatlet is upset. Poor, ignorant little thing. Scampered among the feet of his betters, and got squashed.

    I can literally see the tears streaming. Fuck me, indeed.


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