Ellison: “You Are All Victims!”

Keith Ellison’s Attorney General’s Office is soliciting “victim impact statements”…

from, literally, everybody.

Community impact statements are statements submitted by those who have been impacted by a crime. Those statements then may be read at the sentencing hearing.

On a form on Ellison’s website, people can submit their own community impact statement describing “how Mr. Chauvin’s offenses have had a social or economic impact” on their lives and community. When submitting, people must select whether they reside in Minneapolis, the state of Minnesota, the United States, or elsewhere.

“It is not common to facilitate the submission of community-impact statements in this way, but this is not a common case,” a spokesman for Ellison’s office told FOX 9.

Reading between the lines: the DFL has to keep the outrage stoked, since none of the other Democrat issues are polling well at all.

6 thoughts on “Ellison: “You Are All Victims!”

  1. SO, does that mean that anyone is allowed to comment on how they were affected by crimes Ellison declined to prosecute?

  2. A white police officer is found guilty of manslaughter in the death of a black man committing a criminal act. White police officer is charged and subsequently convicted. In other words, punished.

    The narrative is that the police officers are killing “unarmed” and/or “innocent” black people with impunity. But if the police officer is punished, where is the impunity?

    Does the perpetually-aggrieved camp want a harsher punishment? The death penalty? Let’s ask them!

    Should be logically fascinating, since the same camp also argues there are too many black people on death row.

    The Keith Ellisons of the world acquire and maintain power because few are willing to challenge them on their real goals.

  3. Governor Walz suspended the Constitution by Executive Order. He ended the free exercise of religion, placed the entire state under house arrest, and took away the right of private businesses to make a profit (except for a certain candy store), all of which infringed on my Constitutional rights to worship, travel and make a living.

    Is there a blank on the form for that?

  4. His November EO also imposed fines for both threatening to not follow the orders but also encouraging others to not follow the orders. I think we all know several people who would have lost their minds if he had a different letter behind his name. But hey, it’s OK if my team stomps on the First Amendment by fining speech, but if the other team does…#RESISTANCE

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