Evils Of The Leftist Lexicon

I first observed that Big Left was devaluing the term “Holocaust” – redefining it as “any social change Big Left doesn’t approve of” – over 30 years ago. To be fair that one never really took off – at the time, when people still took “Never Forget” seriously. I’m less sanguine about Big Left’s next attempt to sandbag that word.

Next came “Fascist”. “Anti”-Fa was only the latest among decades of hijacking, during which “Fascism” became equated with “any idea I, a member of Big Left, disagree with on any level” (as opposed to “Socialism combined with nationalism”).

“Hitler” and “Nazi” started taking it in the shorts during the George W. Bush administration, but their devaluation in the not-very-informed minds of a generation is proceeding apace.

Likewise “Racist”, “Misogynist” and pretty much any socially-loaded “-phobia”.

And now? “Jim Crow”.

On Big Left, words no longer have meanings. Or, rather, they’re working overtime to detach words for the meanings they’ve always had.

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  1. She works at a hospital

    All the more reason to sue; they should know better.

    Remember, it was policy in many hospitals not to include any indication of AIDS on patient charts. To protect the dignity of people who enjoy sodomy, the CDC issued a guideline that all patients should be handled as if they were seropositive. This was a completely socio-political decision disguised as medical best practice.


    And, what happened to informed consent? If we can be forced to accept the introduction of potentially life threatening drugs into our bodies without our consent, why shouldn’t the government be allowed to gather our DNA without our consent or knowledge?

    Glad (s)he recovered. I would have fought this to the bitter end.

  2. Joe, regarding those spikes in the data, what I’ve seen is they correlate very well to various states (CA, IN, OH) finding they’ve underreported deaths, and then they report them all in one day. I’m not quite sure which state or states reported a whole bunch a couple of days ago, but that’s the pattern.

  3. According to the stats, today, approximately 16 of every one million Americans will die of covid.
    Hardly seems worth getting a vaccine.

  4. The idea of not publicly identifying (or quarantining) people with AIDS was the brainchild of UM epidemiologist Michael Osterholm. When it came to covid, he advised Walz to quarantine and isolate healthy people, and to “contact trace” people they had been around.
    These people are laughingstocks.

  5. In 1989, 25 health care providers contracted AIDS through contact with the blood products of patients. They had no indication they were at increased risk.

    They are probably not joining in the laughter, if they are still alive.

    There really is no area of life that reprobate leftists have not made worse, less healthy and more dangerous.

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