They’re Mad As Hell…

Owners of the iconic “Town Talk Diner” at Lake and MInnehaha in Minneapolis – which was turned into the “Town Talk Pile of Rubble” during the Floyd Riots – are sueing the City of Minneapolis for failing to protect…

…well, much of anyone or anything – notwithstanding it being one of the city’s only unambiguously legitimate jobs.

I’m not gonna do a pullquote – just read it.

And list for me in the comments:

  1. How the city will respond
  2. Why a “progressive” appointee will throw the case out. .

I was tempted to say “wrong answers only”, like all the kids are doing on social media these days.

But I figure even the right answers will test credulity these days.

Go to it.

64 thoughts on “They’re Mad As Hell…

  1. They have no bearing on whether this case gets thrown out. I meant it narrowly to the context of this post.

    Either a prog or conventional judge is going to toss it re Warren vs DC.

  2. MBerg wrote: “Wait up, JK – you extruded inferences and implications from whole cloth regarding the question I was asking . . .”
    I think the correct word is “excreted,” not “extruded.”

  3. “… I know I’m not bored by getting pummeled by smarter people…”

    In the same way a cow walks into the meat packing plant sure there’s a big bale of fodder waiting for it.

    The best leftist assholes are the witless ones. Kreapy Faphammer is challenging Reek for supremacy.


  4. Smiling as I wonder whether JK needs a hobby.

    Seriously, the state’s response is, more or less, sovereign immunity, but that argument is undermined by the city charter, which requires the establishment of a police force of a certain size–and by inference, we would assume that this is an implicit requirement that the police force actually make a good faith attempt to enforce the law.

    I anticipate at this point that the city will prevail, but it will be yet another point of reference used as people see, more and more, sovereign immunity as a very real threat to their livelihoods and even lives.

  5. Bubba, I suspect Fapliar has the best collection of kiddy pr0n in the state.

    That, and asshat dancing in blog comments is about all we could expect from such a low IQ individual.

  6. Mo,

    I think the correct word is “excreted,” not “extruded.”

    Sure, although the nuance of the term “extruded” certainly grabs me on multiple levels.

  7. Fapliar puts on his Super brain cap and belches forth:

    “ That isn’t part of the equation. This is:

    [wikipedia: go to lexicon for idiots] *snicker*

    Precedent. “

    That’s pretty moron, except they’re not suing the fucking police.

    lmao…you poor thing.

  8. The best leftist assholes are the witless ones

    It’s always interesting to see how dissenters in forums like this develop over time.

    The Emeries have been pretty much the same guy/s for…what, a decade now? Sometthing like 8,000 comments between ’em. They have their ups, they have their downs, they take their hits, they stay pretty consistent.

    Dog Gone actually was pretty decent for the first 2-3 years. Then she slowly, almost imperceptibly turned into…well, Dog Gone. It was almost the proverbial frog in hot water situation – she tuned into a weirdo so slowly hit was hard to see, until, blammo, she was…her.

    “Doug” was a creep from the world go. I resisted banning him because, being an arrogant prick, he was fun to goad. But that wore thin, and then out.

    Paddyboy, in his many noms de plume over the past 16 years, has been a little surprising. I know him personally. He’s an intelligent, gracious, standup fella. Something about being in an online forum seems to move his boundaries.

    Professor Gleason oozed insanity from the word go.

    Ken Weiner and a few others – Crazy Joe, Two Putt and a few more – tipped their loony hands early. There was something deeply creepy about all of ’em, even when they tried to “behave” to lull people into false security early on. DIdn’t fool anyone.

    Time, as always, wjll tell.

  9. Mitch, although all of those reprobates were mentally disturbed, Fapliar and Reek share the quality of being completely ignorant of their rolls as punching bags here.

    It’s like telling a guy he has a big booger hanging out of his nose, and the guy just carries on as if he didn’t hear it.

    It leaves the audience with the gut wrenching apprehension that he might stick his tongue out and eat it at any second.

  10. Say Fapliar?

    Tell us more about your JD from Wikipedia. How long did it take to complete that course of study? Was the course load crushing?

    tia Fapliar! lol

  11. Huh…no response. That’s a pity…it’s not everyday we run across a Wikipedia School of Law alumnX…well, on second thought, that’s not true. A trip through any Walmart is bound to dig up a couple.

    Anyway, I guess Fapliar is busy machining some P@rtZ with his Big Milling Masheen.

  12. Time, as always, will tell.

    My experience with trolls has been the same every time; they come on like cultural anthropologists and eventually try to take over the joint. The tell is when their comments begin “I notice you haven’t written about [insert portside obsession du jour HERE].” Damn right I haven’t written about their obsessions; there’s no reason to, especially when every metro columnist in the country has that territory covered. Blogging should be an enjoyable activity and channeling Jon Tevlin is no fun at all.

  13. Wikipedia tells me that there is an SC decision that says that state & local officials can be sued for violating federal law.
    This whole court is out of order! You can’t handle the truth! Yeah, yur honor, I brought my own damn gavel!
    Case closed!
    -Maximum Overlord, BA university of Hawaii, JD Wikipedia College of Law

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