Facts: Growing In Office

I feel so stupid.  I completely fell for the tinfoil-hat conspiracy theory that the election was stolen.  But as this article makes clear, the election actually was SAVED

All those unsubstantiated Republican claims that an informal alliance of left-wing activists and business titans got states to change voting systems and laws and helped secure hundreds of millions in public and private funding; fended off voter-suppression lawsuits; recruited armies of poll workers; successfully pressured social media companies to take a harder line; helped Americans understand how the vote count would unfold over days or weeks; and after Election Day, monitored every pressure point to ensure that Trump could not challenge the result including pressuring state legislators to certify dubious election results – they’re all true.  They did all those things and more.  But that’s a Good Thing.  Because they saved the election from Trump winning.

I wish I’d understood this last Fall.  I wasted so much time fretting over laws of statistics and suitcases of ballot and cardboarded-over windows but none of it mattered.  Things went exactly as planned. 

So I’m embarrassed at my credulity but one good thing came of it – I won’t have stand in line to cast my vote ever again, not when the big-shots have decided what the outcome should be and taken steps to ensure it.  So that’s nice.

Joe Doakes

Last week on his podcast, Ben Shapiro noted something I’d picked up when late, long-banned, forever-exiled commenter Dog Gone was trying to act as this blog’s “fact checker” – the difference between “true” and “false” usually boils down to whether a conservative or a progressive said it, regardless of the veracity of the fact itself.

6 thoughts on “Facts: Growing In Office

  1. Facts are slippery things.
    Is it a fact the Biden was elected president on November 3rd?
    Well, he is the guy who was duly sworn in on January 20 & is sitting in the White House.
    Did more Americans cast their votes for Joe Biden than Trump on November 3rd?
    Probably not, because we had already been voting for weeks on November 3rd & Republicans tend to vote on election day more so than Democrats.
    Okay, then, were more votes cast for Biden than for Trump?
    Maybe, maybe not. at this point we have to differentiate between valid and invalid votes. For a variety of reasons, Democrats seem to cast more invalid votes than Republicans.
    And that is not what matters, is it? An uncounted vote doesn’t matter. Is it a fact that more votes for Biden than Trump were recorded on November 3rd?
    Nope. The recording of votes went on for days after November 3rd. Before the numbers were finalized various legal efforts were undertaken and judicial findings after November 3rd affected the vote totals.
    And I haven’t even gotten into the electoral college.

  2. The progs needn’t have gone to the trouble of explaining it to us, Joe. The stealing the election story has been debunked by the media.

    How? They said it was debunked, my man. Questioning it now will get you deplatformed, demonitized, raped, pillaged, doxxed, dicked, turned out, turned over, kicked, licked and split.

    When reprobates steal an election, it stays stole, see?

  3. Dr Pete noticed “The stealing the election story has been debunked by the media. How? They said it was debunked, my man.”

    This technique was first brought out of the shadows and mainstreamed in 1992 by Hillary Clinton when responding to multiple “Credible Accusations™” of Bill Clinton’s penchant for exploiting and often raping women. It has become a proven progressive go to response to any pesky allegation criminality or moral turpitude on the part of The Anointed. For progressives their is no more emblematic video moment than the Dowager Empress Hillary herself snarling into the camera “That’s been Debunked!”

  4. Look into the role played by Washington attorney Marc Elias in orchestrating “sue and settle” lawsuits in Minnesota and elsewhere to corrupt the election.

    Who is Marc Elias?

    Why does his name sound familiar?

    He works for Perkins Cole law firm.

    Sound familiar too?

    That’s the law firm Hillary hired to start the whole Russia, Russia, Russia thing to distract from her email scandal and Marc is the attorney who funded Fusion GPS to pen the Steele Dossier.

    Oh by the way, Elias drummed up enough votes to get Al Franken elected over Norm Coleman.

    Yeah, the guy is like Lord Voldemort and Darth Vader combined.

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