Rule Changes

Democrats in the Senate couldn’t get President Obama’s judicial
nominations approved under the old rules, so Chuck Schumer changed the
rules.  Republicans saw the rule change and used it to President Trump’s
judicial nominations approved.  Rule changes cut both ways.

Democrats couldn’t get Joe Biden elected using legitimate ballots, so
they kicked out poll watchers and dumped half-a-million phony ballots in
key counties to steal the election.  Democrats refused to play by the
old rules in this election.  Republicans, seeing this . . . what?  Will
keep playing by the old rules in the next election?  That means losing
for certain.  Even die-hard RINOs like Pierre Delecto and Susan Collins
aren’t that stupid.

In 2022, if Republican activists block polling places armed with
AR-15’s, burn down Democrat poll watchers’ homes, storm into vote
counting centers to throw ballots on the floor amidst thousands of fake
ballots . . . who can complain?  The old rules no longer apply, remember?

And if Democrat activists try to do the same but Republican activists
resist and innocents are killed in the cross-fire . . . is this truly
how we want future elections to run?

Will there even BE future elections?  Will President Harris allow them? 
The rules have changed . . . .

Joe Doakes

It’s only “paranoid” until it comes true.

“Anti”-Fa and the parts of BLM that are more forthright about their Marxism make no bones about the fact that it’s a revolution they want.


With or without, they are clearly fine either way.

19 thoughts on “Rule Changes

  1. first, Harry “Cleanface” Reid changed the rules.

    as far as your other questions go, look more closely at the recent election cycles in Venezuela, that IS the future.

  2. Athens, Tennessee may be where we need to take our historical cues from. That turned out similar to what you’ve proposed.

    Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

  3. In a democracy, you need 50% + 1 to gain 100% of the power.
    So it is possible that the election results will always be within the margin of cheating.

  4. Well, as Joe Stalin once said; “It’s not the ones that vote, but who counts the votes.”

  5. Joseph Dzhugashvili often styled himself paternally to the citizens of the USSR as “Papa Joseph” or “Uncle Joe”.

    Now we too have our very own “Uncle Joe”to guide us.

  6. Lighter commenting today because Lindsey Graham is pressuring me to delete legal comments.

    Graham basically lives the life of a priest, and I don’t mean celibacy.

  7. In 2000, Florida bungled a recount and the SCOTUS stepped in to settle the dispute. Reprobates were outraged, but there was no evidence the election had been rigged.

    The following years were acceptable to them. They had black Jesus and his tranny wife, wasted trillions of bucks, fucked up the health insurance for millions, lit the White House up with the sodomy flag and tore the country asunder…good times.

    Then, in 2016, Trump pulled the cloth off Hillary’s table, dragging the dishes with it. Reprobates were gobsmacked. Worse, Trump actually got shit done. Blacks were working; can’t have that. Told the EU to stick their big, gay party where the sun don’t shine. The border is secured; how the hell are the reprobates gonna breed the whites out of power?

    This shit has got to stop.

    They realized they’d need to come up with a more sure fire scam to guarantee success. Ballot stuffing is a time tested winner, but the reprobates couldn’t risk getting caught; too many people were watching now.

    What to do? Mail-in! Send ballots to everyone, whether they wanted them or not. Have operatives collect them and simply mark legitimate, traceable ballots for the reprobate candidates.

    Toss in some slight of hand where needed and bam. Problem solved.

    Reprobate state SOS’s used bat flu as the excuse this time, but the mail-in scam is so good, it will never go away.

    You could say the price is too high; no one will ever believe any election, the key to any real Democracy, wasn’t rigged, ever again, and you’d be right.

    But reprobates dgaf. They plan on fundamentally restructuring America, right down to nullifying key parts of the Bill of Rights.

    They know the American public won’t raise a finger to stop them; they burned and looted, locked people in their houses, closed churches; anything and everything they could think of to provoke a response, but everyone just went along. Turns out, there’s no need to disarm white men; they never wanted firearms for anything other than toys anyway.

    The water is boiling now, but the frogs are comfy.

  8. Normally, an incumbent with economic figures as good as Trump would win in the US. There have been significant improvements in employment figures under his tenure, which Trump, right or wrongly, gets credit for. It seems that many Trump voters just ignore what he says and look at what is in their their pockets instead. Without Covid-19, it seems Trump would have easily won.

    This is not to dispute that the economic recovery started under Obama or that Trumps tax cuts leave the nation highly and perhaps dangerously indebted, but the Trump critics should have reflected more on the economic track-record under Trump.

  9. Pete – I am not disagreeing with your whole post. Just the last paragraph. I’d even agree that there are plenty of comfy frogs in the boiling water. But, don’t think it’s everyone.

    If we figure there were 70M voters for Trump (low I know), at a bare minimum half of those will vent, fume, shrug, and go back to work. But, there’s 35M still left, and really pissed off. These are the ones going to #StoptheSteal events. Calling, writing, and emailing. And, wondering if their vote will ever count again.

    But, let’s just say (and I am not advocating for this in any way, shape, or form) that 2% of the voters – 1.4M – have been Streaming Hamilton, Turn, and Waco. They’ve been locked in their homes and have watched Serenity over 100 times, especially when Captain Malcom gives his “Aim to Misbehave” speech. They’ve read the Constitution as well as Federalist papers. And, they are seriously pissed, and figure this is the hill. There are no more hills after this. That’s when things get messy.

    I don’t know that this happens. But, I’m pretty sure that either way it goes it’s going to be spicy, and hoping it doesn’t get all the way to SPORKY.

  10. I was promised a Durham report and a look on Hunter’s laptop.

    Trump is still fuming that Barr couldn’t manufacture an October surprise because the prosecutor assigned to the task refused to cooperate.

  11. The E Collective brings up a good point – an October surprise is worthless under The New Rules promulgated by Liberals.

    Early voting started September 18 (vote in person at the county offices, before the election). There were people standing in line every day to avoid standing in line on Election Day. Their votes were cast before any October Surprise could have been sprung.

    An October Surprise is also worthless if nobody knows about it. The mainstream rmedia labored mightily to ensure nobody heard about Hunter’s laptop. Social media put both thumbs and a foot on the scales, to protect Biden.

    Republicans are going to have to adapt to The New Rules. Perhaps we burn down – sorry, ‘peacefully protest’ – TV stations, radio stations, newspaper offices, so voters are forced to turn to alternative media where there’s a hope of learning the truth? Perhaps we need to start beating mainstream news readers with bicycle locks so they quit refusing to report evenhandedly? I don’t know – I’m just throwing out ideas here, trying to think outside the box, learning from the examples used by Progressives in this election cycle. Maybe we need to start silencing the opposition, as they’ve been silencing us?

    It’s ugly and hateful, but if those are The New Rules that Liberals want to play by, then we adapt or die. So be it.

  12. no JD you don’t peacefully protest their “TV stations, radio stations, newspaper offices,” instead you find their data centers, underground Fiber lines, and the appropriate power substations (like the one under the downtown Public Library in Minneapolis and you peacefully protest there – then if you want the icing on the cake peacefully protest their TV stations, radio stations, newspaper offices, etc.

  13. I see Giuliani is jumping in to represent Team Trump at the PA hearing in a long-shot case to disrupt the PA election results.

    Rudy hasn’t been in federal court since 1992 before today. But it’s like riding a bicycle right? Biden may as well draft that concession speech.

  14. Well, they managed to go all the way through an impeachment last January, that’s pretty far.

  15. Joe Doakes on November 17, 2020 at 8:27 am

    Starts out with quite the bang, literally and metaphorically. Thanks for the link.

  16. smh is correct. The Bolsheviks knew they didnt have to whip up the entire country to have a successful revolution. Historically, 3% of the population has been involved in insurgencies or revolutions.

    Maybe there are 3% of the protagonists from JD’s book irl. I guess we’ll find out if the steal works and Sniffin’ Joe allows the America hating leftist elites that are animating his desiccated old corpus to start putting their agendas into action.

    We’re not quite there yet; there’s at least one case that is coming up before SCOTUS, and I expect the wholesale case dump Trump’s lawyers have been inundating the lower courts with will come up with a couple more.

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