Fraud Watch

I have been confidently assured there is no ballot fraud.  I’m dubious.

The Minnesota Supreme Court issued an opinion in DSCC v. Simon, court
file A20-1017.  It’s eye-opening.

Minnesota law has long allowed a voter to have someone help them mark
their ballot.  It’s historically been used by the blind or disabled,
given by a friend or family member, and done inside the polling booth. 
The opportunity for fraud or mistake exists, but it’s a single vote. 
The law allows one person to help no more than three voters.

The Democrat party asserted they had the right under federal law to
“help” an unlimited number of voters mark their ballots off-site, and
then to deliver all those marked ballots to the polling place. 
Democrats asserted the Minnesota law that allows one person to “help” no
more than 3 voters, and to deliver the ballots of no more than 3 voters,
was a violation of federal voting rights law.

The Secretary of State disagreed (amazingly).  The Republican party
joined the suit to object. The trial court agreed with the Democrats and
issued a temporary order allowing the practice.  The Supreme Court
disagreed, slightly.

Democrats can “help” an unlimited number of people mark their ballots,
but no one person can deliver more than three of the marked ballots to
the polling place.  No more bringing in boxes full of marked ballots
from the trunk of your car.  Instead, Democrats must recruit more
runners to deliver all the marked ballots.

It’s probably just me, but if I were of a mind to cheat the vote, I
could think of a way to do it under this system.  Able marks hundreds of
ballots in the names of blind, disabled, elderly, dead, and non-English
speaking voters.  Baker, Charlie, David, Emily, Frank and many more,
earn a few bucks delivering three ballots to each of Ramsey, Hennepin,
Dakota, Carver, Wright, Sherburne, Anoka, Isanti and Washington
counties.  Better still, they earn no money, they get class
participation credit for their college Political Science course.  The
odds of counties comparing names is nil.  Multiply by 86 counties and
the chance to influence the results is . . . significant.

Good thing there is no ballot fraud.

Joe Doakes

Strap in. This next two months may well make us pine for the good times back in 2000.

11 thoughts on “Fraud Watch

  1. Don’t worry.
    Ellison will take care of any voter fraud issues.
    When you think “Ellison,” think “voter fraud.”

  2. Here’s my election prediction:
    If Biden wins as a result of early/mail in voting, Dems will try to eliminate same-day, polling place voting, probably by citing “public safety.”
    There are lots of ways of manipulating elections other than down right fraud.

  3. MO
    if they undertake the elimination of polling place voting you can bet Fb, Google, Amazon, Msft, Twit, Apple, et al will happily suggest a consortium of Big Tech can make On Line Voting a reliably safe secure option. No need for all those poll workers and election judges, no need for observers and best of all real-time results. Recounts available in minutes. The On Line Voting app service will of course be free to the voters, however there will be a slight service charge for those malcontents who insist upon voting with paper ballots or at the county clerk’s office.

  4. I saw a promotion ad during NFL pregame playing at my favorite St Paul sports bar informing me that a number of stadiums will be used as polling places. More virtue signaling and I think an invitation to a cluster fug. Just who is going to show up, you think?

  5. “I think it’s a terrible thing when ballots can be collected after an election,” “The night of — as soon as that election is over — we are going in with our lawyers”. ~Donald Trump

    Shameful comments — disgraceful leadership of a nation. This is a blight on democracy.

  6. Ha! Emery, every time you come on here, you illustrate further that you are a world class fraud. If a Democrat objected to those illegal extensions, you would be blabbering on how patriotic they are.

  7. Shameful comments — disgraceful leadership of a nation. This is a blight on democracy.

    Hillary on August 26th: “Joe Biden should not concede under any circumstances”
    Emery voted for Hillary in 2016, and would vote for Hillary over Trump in a second if she was on the ballot.
    Democrats are vocal about their plans to lawyer up for the PA vote & the vote of other states.
    Typical democrat strategy: “You disarm, then we fight.”

  8. The Depraved Swamp have been trying to stop me – because they know I don’t answer to THEM – I answer only to YOU. Together, we will defeat the corrupt establishment, we will DETHRONE the failed political class, we will drain the Washington Swamp & we will SAVE THE AMERICAN DREAM! ~ Donald J. Trump @realDonaldTrump

    Is he tweeting out drafts from 2016 or what? He’s been president for 4 years.

    Trump’s actually kind of an environmentalist when it comes to swamp-draining. He’s very protective of the wetlands.

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