War On Our Election System

This past weekend on the NARN I talked about Carson v. Simon – a case that’s been filed with the Supreme Court of Minnesota over the Secretary of State’s plan to allow up to a week work of counting of ballots, including mail-in ballots with no postmarks – which as we saw earlier this week, could scarcely be better-designed to facilitate fraud.

The case, by the way, went a little like this:

  1. A far-left advocacy group brought a suit…
  2. …against a far-left Secretary of State…
  3. …who, mirabile dictu, reached a settlement and signed a “consent decree”, that was…
  4. …approved by a far-left judge, mandating enforcement of the decree…
  5. …by the far-left secretary of state.
  6. All parties passed this at least tacitly as an “adversarial” process, although some previous, lamentably deceased DFL-leaning Strib columnists would have referred to it as a “circle jerk”.

Now, word comes that this same pattern – leftist activists getting sweetheart consent decrees from friendly judges and election authorities – intended to warp the election systems toward unrestricted, unverifiable mail balloting.

We’ll be talking about this on the NARN on Saturday.

24 thoughts on “War On Our Election System

  1. In far-right Utahstan, mail-in voting’s worked just fine electing Republicans for many years.

    State your cases of voter fraud. Where are they? When were they? What actually happened? Lay it out for us. Where, when, how. Please.

  2. From the NYT who says it way better than I could…

    “The specter of widespread voter fraud has been a cornerstone of President Trump’s efforts to dispute the Nov. 3 election should he lose. A New York Times Magazine investigation published on Wednesday has found that the idea, based on a flimsy set of sensationalist, misleading or outright false claims, was intentionally planted in the public discourse as part of a decades-long disinformation campaign by the Republican Party and outside actors.”

    “Despite the attention paid to it by administration officials and right-wing media, voter fraud is a largely nonexistent problem. Law enforcement investigations have repeatedly failed to find major wrongdoing in cases hyped for political gain, often based on sloppy data analysis.”

    Bottom line, DJT intends to dispute the election based on a fictitious set of circumstances. He investigated fraud through Chris Kobach, found he couldn’t prove it, disbanded his “commission” and yet continues to assert a lie.

    The bottom line is this, by claiming vote fraud is a threat to democracy, you create a threat to democracy. I know you don’t care, but true Americans, Americans who care about the continuation of our democracy, actually do. This country has successfully voted without material fraud for most of it’s existence and certainly without it since 1920 (more than 100 years). You have no proof other than STUPID stories like the fact that some contractor mistakenly tossed 9 (NINE!!! Jesus, NINE, not NINE hundred, not NINE thousand) 9 – into the trash because he thought either they’d been counted or couldn’t be – 7 for Trump, 2 for Biden… it was detected and corrected. it wasn’t fraud, it was a freaking mistake. YET, DJT (or as I like to call him Dicktator Jerk and Twerk), claims it’s fraud. He takes time at a national debate to distract us on a mistake about 9 ballots. And then, low and behold, a day or two later, step-and-fetch-it Mitch, does so too.. I’d be surprised except that I’ve known for years you are a mouthpiece for the GOP. Did the GOP send you talking points on this as well or just suggest you hammer this message? Talk about fraud.

  3. Emery, you mendacious twit;
    My brother has voted as a registered Democrat by mail from an address in Calumet Mn in 2012, 2014, 2016, and 2018. I called the county clerk and verified this. The only problem is he was buried in the Coleraine cemetery in the summer of 2011. In 2016 when I alerted the Clerk she said she’d get right on to the process of verifying his death, apparently it takes a while.

  4. It happens every time –

    A statement is made, in this case, that there is huge potential for voter fraud. Either through mail in voting, cleaning up the voter rolls, or requiring ID.

    After statement is made, people with opposing viewpoint scream “there’s not proof, show me the proof!”

    Proof – through links, articles, etc is provided. Opposing viewpoint comes back with “that’s not reliable, that’s a biased source, and/or If it was real the government would have fixed it!”

    Here’s the problem/issue (and I’ve dealt with it with friends): No source is pure enough if it doesn’t fit the narrative. “That’s a biased source!” Well, I suppose so, but there is bias in every news source. “It wasn’t reported by CNN or NYT” isn’t a great argument – their bias is that if it reflects badly on progressives, it isn’t reported. (Plenty more bias than that, but we all know that). Additionally, how likely is the Sec of State, who is responsible for voter integrity, is going to investigate this? If it shows that there’s a problem, then there’s an issue that they should have fixed before and will make them look bad.

    Go back to 2008. It’s been proven that 1,099 felons voted in a race won by 312 ballots (Coleman v Franklin). They aren’t allowed to vote in MN. They did. That’s voter fraud. You can say it’s rare, but I’d say the same about white supremacy groups – they are rare (and mostly made up of snitches). Why is your “rare” instance more important than mine?

  5. Oh, Mac, that’s but one vote. The second stop for the voter fraud goalposts, as the p-boy states, is significant numbers of fraudulent votes. Eventually, at some time, significant numbers will be found, and then the next goalpost position will be to argue whether those fraudulent votes even mattered (the “at this point, does it even matter” gambit).

    This line of argument is a losing proposition. The only one that matters is to require voter ID. It is telling that the dogged resistance of Democrats to this simple, easily implemented requirement is all we need to know about how they feel about voter fraud.

  6. smh
    whenever someone starts on the “prove it” crap in conversations I instantly agree saying “you’re absolutely right there is a 1:1 relationship between white supremacists and voter fraud – I believe for every white supremacist there is also at least 1 fraudulent vote” when they disagree I demand “show me the proof from the NYT or WAPO or any of the other MSM”. It sends the chowderheads like paddyboi(peev) or emery into sputtering incoherance. They don’t like it when you run their con on them, particularly in public, since their spines are nowhere as firm as they appear on the internet..

  7. Our two resident idiots, conveniently forget the “forgotten 1,100 ballots” that some criminal left wing party apparatchik “found” in her trunk for Stuart Smalley Franken. Funny! They were all for Molester Al and funnier still, there were just enough to avoid a run off against Norm Coleman. Two Harvard mathematics professors testified that if they were legitimately cast ballots, it was a “mathematical impossibility” that all of those votes were for Franken.

    Further, they are also showing their utter ignorance, when it comes to crooked Steve Simon. If each ballot has a bar code identification on it, that could identify which party the vote is for, i.e. registered Republicans. You losers continue to be hypocrites!

  8. MacArthur – true. Especially about saying things in person. However, since life is short, and they aren’t going to change their mind, I typically just walk away.

  9. Hillary was not convicted; therefore, Hillary committed no crimes, right? Good.

    Ah, but Donald has not been convicted either; therefore, he has committed no crimes. None at all. Not even one.

    And all those women who claim they were raped but nobody was convicted? No crimes occurred.

    At least, that’s the logic the Left ascribes to voter fraud. If there are no convictions, there is no fraud.

    And yet, that’s not the standard for any other crime for the obvious reason that it’s asinine.

    But then, considering the source, we already knew that.

  10. Emery, while you’re asking for evidence of vote fraud why not go one step further and ask for evidence of “voter suppression” that supposedly goes hand in hand with voter ID. In your words “lay it out for us. Where. When. How.” Good luck

  11. It is not unusual for dictators of the past to pull up the ladder on the electoral system that got them elected once they are in power.

    Democrats want to count all the ballots because they want to win.

    Republicans want to disqualify as many ballots as possible because they want to win.

  12. Democrats want to count all the ballots because they want to win.

    Count the ballots of dead people, illegals, ballot harvesting, felons, multi-count mail-in and absentee ballots.

    Republicans want to disqualify as many ballots as possible because they want to win.

    Disqualify the ballots of dead people, illegals, ballot harvesting, felons, multi-count mail-in and absentee ballots.

    Not that we had to prove that resident trollbots are completely amoral, illogical and just plain stupid. As Mac so deftly describes them – mendacious and insufferable twits.

  13. Apparently some people believe that you can make electoral fraud easier and easier, and make the rewards for committing it greater and greater, but you will see no increase electoral fraud.
    An important part of the social contract that makes our democracy work is that elections will be fair and honest. That idea is fraying as elections are decided, not by voters, but by lawyers and judges. It’s all part of the bourgeois illusion that, as long as they are in charge, everything will be well.
    I have no problem excluding “marginal” voters from the polls. This always happens, the republic is not in danger if a 90 year old man with dementia does not cast his vote. The republic is in danger if the man with dementia casts an absentee ballot with the “help” of staff member at a care facility, because in the aggregate, you have the people who “assist” the marginal voter casting multiple votes.

  14. You need to get out more, Emery.
    NPR: NYC To Send New Ballots To Nearly 100,000 Voters After Printing Error

    Lib: “Trump sez that there 4,000,000 illegal votes cast in the 2016 election! That’s absurd!”
    Me: “Really? How many illegal votes were cast in the 2016 election?”
    Lib: “Er . . . Brennan center . . . systemic racism . . . Orange Man Bad!

  15. Leftist narrative on vote fraud; we decided not to investigate, therefore we did not find that which we did not look for (though others did but we didn’t bother to look at the evidence), therefore there is not a problem.

    Those monkeys with “see no evil, hear no evil, …” come to mind.

  16. For most people, democracy means that the voters pick the politicians. But Republicans prefer that the politicians pick the voters.

  17. “For most people, democracy means that the voters pick the politicians.”
    But which voters?
    The Dems believe that felons, the insane, the mentally incompetent, children as young as 14, and non-citizens should vote. Do you believe that, Emery? Cuz if you don’t, you are one of the “republicans who believe that politicians pick the voters.”

  18. ^^ The imaginations of conspiracy theorists inevitably vastly exceed the imaginative capacity of the imagined conspirators.

  19. EI, yes, it’s all fevered imagination where person after person looks into the voting records of their dead relatives and found they voted several times. Honestly….

  20. It is interesting that when asked for proof, and provided with proof, the reprobates continue to chant talking points as if proof was never offered. More reason to tune trollbots out – because nothing you or any other sane person says registers. There is no grey matter to arrest a coherent thought as it passes through a cranium. The grey matter had all been replaced and all neural connections severed by the LIberalism disease.

  21. So Emery, where’s that evidence of voter suppression we always hear about in relation to voter ID? Good luck

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