Repeat Big Lies For 90 Minutes…

My take on the debates:

BIDEN: “Trump [as opposed to Democrat governors and their idiotic lockdowns] tanked the economy”

THE LEFT AND MEDIA (PTR): (Bobs heads approvingly)

BIDEN: “He let the Russians put bounties on our troops!”

THE LEFT AND MEDIA (PTR): (Bobs heads approvingly)

BIDEN: “He said the Nazis at Charlottesville were perfectly fine people!”

THE LEFT AND MEDIA (PTR): (Bobs heads approvingly)

BIDEN: “I was brought in to solve the 2008 recession, and I did it!”

THE LEFT AND MEDIA (PTR): (Bobs heads approvingly)

BIDEN: “Trump inherited massive job gains [not a dead cat bounce, nosirreebob]!”

THE LEFT AND MEDIA (PTR): (Bobs heads approvingly)

BIDEN: “He called the military ‘losers’!”

THE LEFT AND MEDIA (PTR): (Bobs heads approvingly)

BIDEN: “Hunter was completely exonerated!”

THE LEFT AND MEDIA (PTR): (Bobs heads approvingly)


THE LEFT AND MEDIA (PTR): (Bobs heads approvingly)

BIDEN: “Nobody has ever established that there has ever been any election fraud!”

THE LEFT AND MEDIA (PTR): (Bobs heads approvingly)

BIDEN: “Climate changed causes stores that ahve already wiped away entire counties!”

THE LEFT AND MEDIA (PTR): (Bobs heads approvingly)

BIDEN: “Trump didn’t do anything about Covid!”

THE LEFT AND MEDIA (PTR): (Bobs heads approvingly)

BIDEN: “Antifa doesn’t really exist, but roaming gangs of White Supremacists do!”

MITCH: Trump needed to shut up and let Biden talk more. The more Biden talked, the more Wallace had to step in to rescue him. He was meat on the hoof, especially about forty minutes into the debate.

Mr. President, for your own good, practice shutting the front door up.

41 thoughts on “Repeat Big Lies For 90 Minutes…

  1. I don’t understand the conclusion. You state the Left and the Media agree(d) with everything that Biden said, so Trump needs to shut up?

  2. Yes, jdm, because the Left and the Media aren’t the intended audience for the debate. The intended audience is the mushy-middle undecided uncommitted voter who’s vaguely uncomfortable with Trump after years of indoctrinating stories and looking for a plausible alternative. Instead, she heard Biden say idiotic things from his own mouth. Trump didn’t need to say a word to talk them into voting for him, just let Biden talk them out of voting for him.

    It’s akin to the military maxim: Never interfere with the enemy when he’s in the process of losing the battle. Get out of the way and let him.

    Lawyers have a similar rule . I once saw a lawyer win a case by only saying “Yes, Your Honor” about six times – the other side talked themselves into a dismissal as he stood there shushing his client and trying not to laugh.

  3. The debate format did not fail to control Trump. The debate format succeeded in demonstrating that Trump cannot control himself.

    The number one takeaway is that Trump is morphing into a geriatric bath salts zombie with nothing left to lean on other than a pathetic Hail-Mary appeal to Neo-Nazi groups.

  4. I’m really confused here, JD. I’ll admit I didn’t watch the debate, so I don’t personally know, but letting the debate run as an extended DNC campaign ad seems unproductive to me.

    I mean, Biden says it, the media agree with it, there’s no counterpoint made and the “the mushy-middle undecided uncommitted voter who’s vaguely uncomfortable with Trump” will see through it all and come to the correct conclusion?

  5. More questions than answers.

    Did Donna Brazile leak the questions to Chris Wallace?
    Can anyone decipher the coded messages Trump was sending to Nazi U-boat commanders patrolling Lake Erie?
    Was that a wire hanging out of sniffin’ Joe’s coat, or a catheter for his Ritalin infusions?

  6. More questions than answers.

    Did Donna Brazile leak the questions to Chris Wallace?
    Can anyone decipher the coded messages Trump was sending to Nazi U-boat commanders patrolling Lake Erie?
    Was that a wire hanging out of sniffin’ Joe’s coat, or a catheter for his Rit@lin infusions?

  7. You know what suburban women love? A bully who is constantly interrupting. If only Trump worked this hard at interrupting the pandemic…

  8. Whenever I want to take the pulse of American suburban women, reprobate, anon trolls are always my go-to source.

    So tell us anon, do suburban women really love their Giza Dream Sheets?

  9. You run with the Trump you have.
    Consider the predictions made by Trump enemies about his first four years. Crashed economy (wrong!), WW3 (wrong!), dictatorship (wrong!). And none of them foresaw the covid, needless to say.
    What we got was a rip-roaring economy, record low unemployment, three SC justices, personal and corporate tax cuts, and a fed bureaucracy that has been exposed as being incompetent, undemocratic, and malicious.
    I like what I see so far.

  10. Also anon troll, Umbrella Man has disappeared from the media; *poof*…gone. Is he standing by, and if so, where? The Hells Angel’s clubhouse, you think?

  11. Thanks MO, your comment is exactly why I ignore debates. And in this go-round, we have two candidates who have a history in government that can be compared.

    Rhetorical jousting is pretty much useless as a means of determining for whom to vote.

  12. Wonder if that $750 Trump paid in taxes is more or less than a Russian bounty on our troops…

  13. I’m very old school about debates. That’s why I’ve ignored them for three decades. Each team gets to debate one side of a question and rebut. No interruptions. Strict time limits enforced by microphone shut off. Neither side knows what the questions are ahead of time. This format is unacceptable to both parties. They want sound bites and gotcha moments.

  14. Trump’s entire strategy was to drag Biden into the mud with him. I don’t think he entirely succeeded, although Biden was clearly furious, he stayed on the high ground.

    But my goodness, it is horrifying that Trump is the sitting President. That was a manic performance. He seemed incapable of holding a coherent thought. He couldn’t condemn white suprem@sist hate groups, he doesn’t have a plan for COVID, doesn’t have a plan for health care, and his plan for climate change was an absolutely nutty rant about “forest cities” in Europe.

    Trump is not well.

  15. Emery, please read the NY Time’s article more carefully. The $750 paid was on top of taxes paid, and was based on a capital loss carryover, a tax strategy available to all taxpayers. He actually paid the required prepayment of one million in 2016 and 4.2 million in 2017, the payments rolled forward to pay tax liabilities.

  16. SJ, do you really think simple things like facts will get in the way of the trollbot chanting points? You must be new here.

  17. Most Americans know the US tax code can be gamed by the wealthiest.

    As a private citizen, Trump took full advantage of that.

    As President—for nearly 4 years—he’s done nothing to change it. He’s been a great leader for the wealthiest Americans to keep gaming the system.

    It’ll be interesting to see who holds the paper on the 421m Trump owes.

  18. I am always amused by leftists who complain about a tax system that was written by leftists but apparently only for leftists. Non-leftists are apparently supposed to ignore some, many, or all legal deductions – of course, with no recommendations as to which deductions to ignore. Oh, yeah, don’t forget how patriotic it is to pay taxes.

    Funny how the one big tax item that leftists have recently worked on to get passed, the SALT deduction, is expressly intended for rich people in blue states. Oh, retroactively mind you.

  19. Emery,
    every now and again your staggering ignorance and particularly your chronic innumeracy deserve comment.
    If you too want to take advantage of the tax laws like Mr Biden and Mr Trump do here is the magic formula:
    Hire an Accountant!
    even the expensive ones will usually save you more money than they cost!
    insufferable twit!

  20. Here’s the number that jumped screaming off of my I Pad: $287,000,000. During the last ten years Trump has stiffed his creditors to the tune of $287 million.

  21. “Wealthiest Americans to keep gaming the system….”. Translated-they’re abiding by the tax laws as written. But “gaming” sounds so much more ignorant…

  22. ^^ $70k for THAT hairstyle — now that’s a crime. Trump’s hairstylist clearly has a better grasp on “the art of the deal” than he does.

    Lying to a bank about your income, in order to obtain a loan, is felony fraud. If Trump told his lenders that his income was eight or nine figures, in any of the years that he told the IRS it was zero, it is game over. Unfortunately, this reality (an ex-POTUS heading straight for foreclosure, and jail) increases the odds he will do everything within his power to steal the election.

    To those saying Trump only did what any savvy businessperson would do, that is laughable. Tax avoidance strategies do not extend to pouring cash into money-losing properties as such that one might as well be setting it on fire, or risking jail for the sake of obtaining bank loans. This man has burned through not one, but two, mega-fortunes (the inheritance from his father and his windfall from The Apprentice). To still argue in defense of his business acumen, at this point, is empirical evidence of mendacity or mental deficiency (or both).

  23. Sorry, but the guy who attempts to distract everyone on Covid 19 really has no business complaining about lying.

    Mitch, NY has 463k Covid cases, 1138 new cases yesterday, 6 deaths
    TX has 782k Covid cases total, 6864 new cases yesterday, 96 deaths

    TX may wind up with fewer deaths but they started seeing really big case counts far later, after treatments were improved partly through the trials they endured in NY, in short the blue state helped the red state – but it has far more than 50% greater numbers of cases, cases per day, and deaths (for SlowJoe, I’m adjusting for TX’s greater population, I know you can’t do math so 150% of 463k is ~695k – oh that little tilde means approximately, just wanting to help ya’ out there… and 150% of 6 is 9.. and 150% of 1138 is 1707). So you see, Mitch and SlowJoe, TX is FAR FAR worse off now than is NY, even adjusting for population size.

    Want to try that lie out again Mitch, you know, the one where you try to assert red states are doing “just fine”?

    We are ONE country, it’s pathetic that you (and Trump) have to try to succeed by trying to divide.

  24. Waiting for peeve to use the same analysis he used on NY V TX with MN V WI.
    In his many comments, Peeve has demonstrated a complete and utter lack of integrity.
    I have seen so much bullshit scattered on the internet by lockdown enthusiasts, and they all use the same cherry-picking that Peeve does here. Pick a region that has had fewer deaths & a strict lockdown and compare it to a region that has a less strict lockdown but more deaths.
    The data is all over the place, you cannot say that strict lockdown = fewer deaths & no lockdown = greater deaths.
    The thing that they cannot stand, the idea that they will not allow to entire the narrow confines of their skulls is that the scientists do not understand human behavior and the behavior of the virus well enough to make sensible declarations.
    Use small-d democracy to fight the virus. Take common sense precautions. Protect at-risk populations. Isolate the sick.
    I am particularly interested in Hawaii’s reaction to covid, because I lived there for three decades & still have people I know & love that live there.
    The disease is worse there, now, than it was when they first imposed a 14 day quarantine on new arrivals, but they are lifting the quarantine, coincidentally with the governor (a dem) announcing that state finances were so bad that state employees would have to be furloughed 2 days a month (the first sacrifice unionized state employees would have had to make for the “good of all”).
    The Hawaii state health director, who for months has praised Hawaii’s quarantine of healthy people & extremely restrictive social distancing rules as the key to defeating the virus, is now on record as saying that Hawaii may have to accept the reality of a hundred new positive tests per day. No shit, Sherlock.

  25. Trump’s disregard and downplaying of the Coronavirus is painfully evident by simply looking at the numbers.

    Verifying Trump’s ineptitude through recorded conversations fall in that same category.

  26. Paddyboy, perhaps Texas has learned something that Fredo has never learned; that you quarantine the sick, not the healthy, especially against a disease that does not seem to hurt the young and healthy. Sure, Texas has a lot of cases and nowhere near as many deaths as New York. Think it might have something to do with “does Texas allow nursing homes to reject COVID patients until they’re cleared??”.

    Answer: YES. I look at the “numbers” EI cites, I see deaths mostly in states governed by liberals. Do.the.math.

  27. No remarks from peeve or emery about the death rates to covid in MN v the death rates to covid in Wisco? Gosh, I wonder why that could be.
    Probably because they have no F’n clue and they are ideologues, so contrary evidence is ignored.
    Idiots. Neither of them has any clue how to analyze evidence & come to rationally defensible conclusions. All they know is hate.

  28. Cases don’t matter. Nobody dies from cases. The percentage of Americans killed by Covid, even using the phony numbers, rounded to the nearest number, is ZERO Percent. That is not a nation-ending crisis, it is a political stunt.

    Democrats passed the tax laws that Trump took advantage of and Democrats controlled the House for four years during which they refused to do anything to change them. He’s been audited continuously for years and the IRS found NOTHING wrong. The furor over taxes is a political stunt.

    Democrats passed the bankruptcy laws the Trump took advantage of (as have many other businesses including hometown favorite Northwest Orient Airlines). The Courts found NOTHING wrong. The furor over business practices is a political stunt.

    Trying to start a furor over debate format, bullying, bath salts . . . we’ve slid over the edge into madness.

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  30. Lately there has been a lot of nearly incoherent lefty-rage commenting about Trump & Ivanka going to jail for tax evasion. It took me a while — lefty commenters find it difficult to speak through there soul-destroying Trump Derangement Syndrome — but I tracked it down to this bullet point from the NY Times writing about Trump’s illegally leaked tax returns:
    His daughter appears to have received some of these consulting fees, despite having been a top Trump Organization executive.

    The Times investigation discovered a striking match: Mr. Trump’s private records show that his company once paid $747,622 in fees to an unnamed consultant for hotel projects in Hawaii and Vancouver, British Columbia. Ivanka Trump’s public disclosure forms — which she filed when joining the White House staff in 2017 — show that she had received an identical amount through a consulting company she co-owned.

    Not even the Times says that this was proof of illegal tax evasion.
    So you can see how their unthinking rage leads lefties to hold a false vision of the world in their heads. They can’t think even as clearly as the TDS-obssessed hacks at the NY Times.

  31. “TX may wind up with fewer deaths but…[fill in the specious issue that excuses the slaughter wrought solely by incompetent leadership in leftist shitholes]”

    lol. You pathetic creatures are really something to watch in action.

  32. Speaking of tax laws, back in 2009 Obama and the Dems controlled the House and had a super-majority in the Senate. They could have passed anything they wanted to without fear of a filibuster. But yet they barely changed the tax laws that libs constantly whine about. I wonder why?

  33. I wonder what would happen to all the mail in ballots that cast votes for Trump or Biden if either got the corona & died before election day?
    Early voting and mail in voting is problematic by its very nature. If a vote is an election day snapshot of who voters want in office, what is a voting day that goes on for weeks or months? One can imagine, for example, that a politician might calculate that position A appeals to early and mail in voters, while its opposite, position B, appeals to voters who vote in person on polling day. The politician takes position A until a week before the election, and then switches to position B.
    What is all of this fiddling with election rules supposed to do? I mean that literally. What is its purpose? And how will you know if it is working?

  34. After reading your comments I can’t help but think Russia’s disinformation campaign has been effective in the US because many Americans believe their institutions do not work for them.

    If Biden wins, voting reform legislation must be a top priority. It is critical to the survival of our democracy. If Trump wins, democracy will already be lost.

    Lastly — thoughts and prayers to Mr and Mrs Trump.

    Maybe Trump’s thinking that once everybody has had Covid, the pandemic will end.

    I think I herd him say something like that at one point.

  35. many Americans believe their institutions do not work for them.

    Sure, you can trust the government. Just ask the Indians.

  36. Credit where credit is due: did Emery Incognito make the greatest political prediction EVER last night @ 8:59 PM ?? Not sure if ‘we’ had already heard Hope Hicks had tested positive by that time?

    Or – was Emery part of the greatest black ops team ever assembled as part of a plan to infect the President? Inquiring minds ……

  37. ^^ If only Trump could have had access to doctors and other health experts to confer with and find out the best practices to prevent getting the virus. I bet that would’ve made a huge difference in him and his wife getting infected.

  38. This will hopefully pre-empt Pseudo Neurologist/Epidemiologist marimba overload.

    It was bound to happen. The problem is they test too much in the White House. This could have been avoided if they’d SLOW THE TESTING DOWN, PLEASE.

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