Exuberance – Rational Or Not

To be a conservative in Minnesota (forget for a moment that neither Trump nor today’s GOP are “conservative”) is to assume all hope is illusory, even a little bit cruel.

And yet Biden and Harris are spending time here – a state that should be a gimme for them, at least at the Presidential level.

I hate to harbor hope.

But sometimes I still do.

13 thoughts on “Exuberance – Rational Or Not

  1. Well, I’m pretty sure that the Iron Rangers are voting for him. I was in Virginia and Eveleth making sales calls a couple of weeks ago, after six mayors endorsed Trump. I overheard more than one conversation about the Dems serving their environazi masters, rather than the working people that they are supposedly representing.

  2. Trump won the lottery in 2016, running against 16 Republicans with a media willing to cover him 24/7 for ratings. Then he got to face the only Democrat disliked as much as he was in Hillary.

    Now he’s facing Biden, and those ‘someone else’ voters from 2016 are running to Biden.

    For those who say: “But Hillary won the popular vote” — Trump won the election, period. You don’t win in chess just because you have more pieces either.

  3. I wouldn’t vote for Biden, I’ve never liked him or his policies. But he’ll be President in name only, just like the last Empty Chair to fill that office. The government will be run by Kamala and whoever she picks for the Cabinet. I wonder if she’ll get the band back together? Susan Rice, Samatha Power, Jim Comey – could they get Hillary to come out of retirement?

  4. With the smoldering ruins of Minneapolis businesses fresh in voters’ minds, it wouldn’t surprise me. Some of the businesses burned down won’t be rebuilt, and some of those businesses were minority-owned. They burned down after rioters were effectively enabled by Frey and Walz. The DFL made the mess, they own it. What has the DFL, or the DNC for that matter, done to ensure the loyalty of minority– specifically black– voters? You’ve got a presidential candidate make flippant remarks (“You ain’t black” and “Are you a junkie?”) that keep the media and spin-control doctors busy with damage-control. Wouldn’t it be poetic if those minority business owners and their friends pulled the lever for the GOP just before loading up the moving van?

  5. Pollsters cannot read a voter’s mind. Trump supporters probably feel under siege but will not admit it. No poll gives me confidence about the outcome in November .

  6. Then there people who take fiendish delight in ly their gluteus maximus off to pollsters. In the 2016 election, Ohio was inundated with pollsters. They just would keep calling. In desparation I finally answered the polling like I was a yellow dog Democrat. Hillary packed up her circus and went elsewhere and the calls stopped. I’ll never tell the truth to a telephone poll again.

  7. Why should it be a “gimme”, I think you know full well your argument is a strawman. Trump BARELY lost MN in 2016, outstate is dead-red, fact deyning, no mask wearing, let grandma/mom die to Covid.. in love with the liar in chief who promised them we’d be tired of winning by now as their farms failed.

    BTW, that esteemed Wharton School of Business, the place where stablegenius went to UNDERGRADUATE, not Graduate school, has said Biden’s economic proposals will lead to more growth than Cheeto-Hitler.


    Go figure, how’s that for a gimme?

  8. Why yes, people with less money in their pocket always leads them to spend more, thus leading to more economic growth………

  9. Yes, Paddyboy, Wharton said that, and five will get ten that eleven years back, the same cast of characters was predicting huge economic gains when about the same program was enacted when Biden was VP.

    History tells a different story. We’ve tried the Biden plan, and it led to the slowest recovery since the second World War.

  10. I am a registered independent.
    I will vote for the candidate who is against political violence and racial division.

  11. I clicked through to read the Penn Wharton Budget Model analysis. It is interesting. It assumes programs set to expire in 2030 will be continued indefinitely. It assumes Congress will adopt BIden’s plan in 2021 and leave it unchanged through 2050, at which point the numbers break in his favor. It assumes Biden’s plan to spend $1.7 Billion federal money on the usual Democrat constituencies (cradle to college schooling for free; high speed rail; municipal transit; clean energy R&D) will be matched by state and local spending for a multiplier effect – for which the state and local governments will NOT raise anybody’s taxes.

    Biden plans to spend money on affordable housing which means jobs for construction workers who will earn more money and pay more taxes, offsetting the cost of the construction by some minuscule amount. The model does not include an analysis of BLM or Antifa protesters burning down affordable housing, as during the riots in Minneapolis. Presumably, the model would count re-building them as even more worker pay, which would be a good thing, and thus is Bastiat’s broken window fallacy fully embraced.

    Almost all the assumptions in the model are static: that is, they assume everyone will accept the changes and go on living exactly as they have been. Nobody will do any tax planning. Nobody will shift assets, defer income. Corporations will not shift income overseas, nor leave it stranded there.

    The one portion of the model that was subjected to dynamic analysis says;

    “A large share of the Biden plan’s benefit increases accrue to households with low lifetime earnings and therefore low retirement savings. In the PWBM dynamic model, however, households with significant personal savings will reduce their saving in anticipation of higher benefits under the Biden plan. This reduction in savings reduces the capital stock and therefore long-run economic output.”

    Translation – Biden’s plan to ‘save Social Security’ will harm the economy in the long run.

    Medicare eligibility will drop to age 60, prescription drug prices will be lowered somehow, oh, and your company-paid health insurance premiums will become fully taxable as income, which is not an increase in the RATE of taxation so it doesn’t count as a tax increase on ordinary workers.

    I am not aware that previous to 2020 PWBM had predicted the economic shutdown due to Covid-19 and its effect on the nation. That’s because PWBM did not predict it. Nobody did. And that’s the problem with a budget analysis that purports to find savings beginning 30 years into the future. It’s not science, it’s science fiction, and should be read for entertainment, not enlightenment.


  12. ” no mask wearing, let grandma/mom die to Covid.”

    Slightly off topic. Best response to low IQ leftist who scolds someone for not wearing a maskie; “Xer, I will pick up a maskie when you put down the fork.”

    And speaking of low IQ lefties, “letting grandma/mom die to Covid”…you really want to go there, Peevee?


    Pffft. You poor, dimwit.

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