Battle Lines

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

Been hearing yammering about the nation divided against itself, being
torn apart by culture war, end of life as we know it, civil war, yada yada.

Okay, sure, it happened once before.  But there was a fairly clear
geographical division – North against South.  What the division now? 
Suburb against Core?  City against Country?

In a war with clear issues, clear battle lines, colored uniforms and an
honor code to waging war, America lost 620,000 men (plus an unknown
number of non-combatants killed by accident or for lack of food and
medicine as society was disrupted).  That’d be more than 6 million
Americans today.

Without clear issues, battle lines, uniforms or codes of conduct, this
next conflict will be more like Kosovo or Somalia or Syria: everybody
against everybody.  The death toll won’t be anywhere near as low as 6

Maybe society should be moving to establish better lines, set up a
buffer zone, before the actual shooting starts?  BLM in Minneapolis and
St. Paul proper, other Liberals inside the 694/494 loop, Conservatives
outside the ring.  Cross the Line of Death at your peril.  It couldn’t hurt.

Joe Doakes

Berg’s 21st Law is in full effect.

We’ll be talking about this subject with Walter Hudson on the show Saturday.

4 thoughts on “Battle Lines

  1. Mitch,

    Do you do podcasts of your shows? I would really like to tune in on Saturday, but I’ll be up on Lake of the Woods and out of range of Radio 1280. I really appreciate Walter Hudson’s takes and used to listen to his show on the other conservative channel.

  2. Talk of “civil war” is silly. Lincoln made the last Civil War. Any other pol would have found a compromise (and, no, this is not a defense of the confederacy, I am glad Lincoln chose war & happy that he won).
    Lincoln was willing to break virtually every American Institution, including the constitution, the supreme court, and the congress, to keep the union intact, and it cost him his life.
    Neither Trump nor Biden is a Lincolnesque figure (to say the least).

  3. On the subject of civil war, I got thinking about the encampment of (over 20) tents in the park about 3 blocks from my house – what if just a few of those folks were nefarious? What if they’d been out roaming the neighborhoods day and night, looking at who’s got security? Who’s aware? And then, while the people with houses are out of town over a weekend dedicated to Workers of the World (TM), they decide to liberate some items for the revolution.

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