If you run a business in the Twin Cities, this is what you are up against:

Lotus has been a tradition in the Twin Cities as long as I’ve been here, and considerably longer. Even as Vietnamese restaurants got taken over by Thai joints (Unjustifiably, in my book), the Lotus has carried on.

But will they come back downtown? Will Ruth’s Chris? Brit’s?

Especially given that the photo above described, exactly, the support they can expect from the city of Minneapolis?

Would you?

8 thoughts on “Remember

  1. In the months and years to come I will shake my head while reading media stories wondering why so many businesses left or never reopened.

  2. What do you want to bet that Mr Nguyen recognized some of his customers among the looters?

  3. The Constitution protects peaceful protesters. It does not protect rioters.

    Democrats protect rioters.

  4. Anything north of 60th St in Minneapolis is a no-go zone for me. It pains me to admit it but I’m secretly glad my State Fair loving wife and I won’t get to attend the Fair this year. Not because of Covid. Because of all the BLMMFs in St Paul.

  5. The miscreants that tweeted out the lies that started this mayhem, should be arrested, charged with inciting a riot and made to pay “reparations” to the business owners.

    If you saw the video, there is a woman in a white shirt standing in a small group that retreats when the suspect shot himself. Apparently, she ended up being one of the looters.

  6. The businesses might be coming back to downtown Minneapolis, but I won’t be.

    Back in the day, I lived a block south of Lake St.; Lake was kind of the border that you didn’t want to cross. Later 42nd St. became the “no go” border. As golfdoc notes, it may well be 60th St. now, depending on which corridor you’re near.

  7. I saw elsewhere someone commenting “So what? It’s covered by insurance.” That person obviously never fought an insurance company. Imagine this scenario:

    “Dear Mr. Nguyen: We received your claim but cannot pay it at this time. The damage appears to be the result of arson. Under the policy, we have the right to withhold payment until the arson investigation is complete. Further, one of your employees admitted to our investigator that you habitually use a six-outlet plug strip on the buffet table, which is a violation of the electrical code for commercial properties. Under the policy, code violations void all coverage. We have notified your lender (the additional insured party named on the policy) that we will not pay this claim. You can expect a Summons from them, suing you personally to collect on the Promissory Note. In addition, we have notified the City that this property is Not Fit for Human Habitation and we will not pay to repair it. You can expect a Demolition Notice from the City followed by a Special Assessment on your taxes for the cost. Stay home, and stay safe. Sincerely . . .”

    Sure, you can sue. But I’m not working for free. I want a retainer and monthly progress payments and you have no source of income.

    But hey, it’s all good. Asian Privilege, amirite?

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