Joe Doakes from Como Park emailed…er, mid-last week:

Governor Walz is set to announce a state-wide mask order.  It’s
necessary, to prevent the spread of Covid-19 virus.  He hasn’t said so
yet, but he’ll be cancelling the elections soon.

Why?  Isn’t it obvious?  If the Covid-19 virus is so deadly that we must
wear masks at all times, even standing in line outside a store with the
breeze blowing, then surely it’s so deadly that we cannot stand in line
outside a polling place with the breeze blowing.

Unless . . . maybe voting is like rioting?  Maybe the virus doesn’t
spread during voting the way it spreads during singing, for example in
church, and more like the way it doesn’t spread during shouting, for
example at protests.

Anyway, it’s too late now to switch to on-line voting or mail-in
ballots.  And despite the endless tinkering with the dials to perpetuate
the terror, the DNC’s internal polling numbers show Trump doing
surprisingly well in Minnesota.  Voters simply aren’t blaming Trump for
Walz’ actions.

No, there’s just too much risk.  We can’t take the chance of something
going disastrously wrong.

The elections are canceled.

Joe Doakes

Who needs elections when we have hundreds of thousands of fraudulent registrations to do our voting for us?

4 thoughts on “Contingency

  1. Scott Johnson at Powerline has caught on to the notion that mask-wearing is the new unobtanium. Since the state is unable to control the spread of covid-19, they will blame it on the behavior of perfectly healthy people not complying with the arbitrary order to wear a mask.
    There is no scientific research that wearing a mask as mandated will do anything to slow or stop the spread of covid-19.

  2. When I see a mask wearer driving a car I wish I could pull her over to ask “Just what the heck are you doing?”

  3. Doctor Fauci has said that a covid outbreak among Mariners players “could” endanger the MLB season!
    Not “does” but “could”!
    Fauci specializes in never making statements that can be shown to have been wrong.
    Except the one about masks not protecting anyone from covid-19.
    But he has an excuse!

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