Soft Targets

Lara Logan – one of the precious few actual reporters in national journalism today – on the nature of the “Anti”-Fa attacks on federal property:

One other thing: just like the 9/11 terrorists, they use the “weaknesses” of an open society – free speech and assembly, relative transparency and accountability – against it, to cover their activities and wedge their opposition.

“Anti”-Fa should be considered a domestic terror group.

They won’t be, because they are the idiot children and pathetic nephews and nieces of the political class.

But they should be.

31 thoughts on “Soft Targets

  1. A old friend of mine that lives outside of Seattle, shared with me that some citizens there are taking advantage of the masks themselves to infiltrate AntiFa groups. I don’t condone this behavior, but some are allegedly kicking the butts of individual members that they can isolate, but this part, I totally support, they are learning their identities, jotting down license plate numbers and take video of those causing trouble, then following them to their cars or homes, to more effectively identify the punks, then turning that information over to the police. He said that he knows that at least ten of the miscreants have been arrested. This might be a great way to support law enforcement.

  2. See boss, masks ARE effective, albeit against a different type of virus.

  3. If the police aren’t going to figure out who the leaders of Antifa are and how things are being coordinated, you might as well have citizens doing it, per boss’s comment. The whole thing reminds me in some ways of the Vietnam war and the Viet Cong.

  4. “Vietnam war and the Viet Cong”
    except we can’t use napalm and flamethrowers on them

  5. Antifa is the reincarnation of the Weathermen terror group of the late 60s era. You know, Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn, Barack Obama’s friends in Chicago.

  6. golfdoc50.

    I’ve read some credible reports that they are donating money to these punks.

  7. golfdoc50,
    not reincarnation – they are the sons, daughters, grandsons, and granddaughters of the Ayers, Dohrn, Davis, Soliah, etc cohort. Rooting them all out will be a chore.

  8. Liberals endlessly lecture us we should not take the law into our own hands, not even to defend our very lives, but instead should “leave it to the professionals.” By and large, we’ve gone along with that policy.

    Now that it’s becoming clear the professionals lack the ability – or perhaps the willingness – to provide the security an ordered society requires, why should we continue to go along with a policy that has failed so obviously?

    Why shouldn’t we step up to defend ourselves and to restore order?

    Because on June 7th, the WaPo approvingly noted that Junior Elletson was running around North Minneapolis with a fire extinguisher in one hand and a pistol in the other, looking for White Supremacists to shoot while the NAACP was signing up armed vigilantes to patrol their neighborhoods. Because when people are frightened, they believe stupid rumors and do stupid things hoping for protection. Because if Blacks can do it, so can Latinos and Asians and Whites and suddenly, Minneapolis isn’t as nice as Mogadishu anymore, it’s degenerated to Macedonia arming up to face down Bosnia and Serbia and Croatia and . . . and that’s a recipe for disaster.

  9. “When people use the same tactics in multiple locations, at the same time, pick the same targets, dress the same, carry the same gear/weapons,]”.. ~ Lara Logan

    Those are all defensive items people use to protect themselves from rioting officers.

  10. Been watching videos of fed cops kicking skinny leftist’s asses in Portland; they’re not messing around. It’s strangely comforting.

    The reprobate mayor was teargassed. That picture was especially healing.

  11. OT

    It seems that Ruth Ginsburg is undergoing chemo for cancer again.

    Be still my heart!

  12. Re: Ginsburg
    Don’t get your hopes up, she’s like a lizard, cut a piece off it just grows back.

  13. chopper and pig;
    If RBG survives another round of chemo, at her age, she is super human.

  14. If RBG survives another round of chemo, at her age, she is super human.

    More like an alien.

  15. If Ginsburg dies, Trump’s re-election is a fait accompli. That means if she really loves America, the best thing she can do for us is sprout a ghost.

  16. Dang, have you guys been on Ammoseek lately?

    115 grain Full Metal Jacket brass casing 9mm Luger pistol rounds are up to 35 cents apiece.

    230 grain Full Metal Jacket brass casing .45 ACP pistol rounds are up to 40 cents apiece.

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  17. Gotta love Emery’s comment; sure, spray-painting and breaking windows are just classic ways of defending one’s self from rogue officers. Isn’t that what Dr. King taught civil rights marchers?

  18. Grabbing someone off the street without probable cause is acting like a goon squad. Is it possible to oppose destruction and defacement of federal property and federal agents acting as goon squads? They’re both bad things.

    If not — I guess we can put “federalism” up on the shelf alongside all the other things conservatives didn’t actually turn out to believe in.

    Maybe we can squeeze it in alongside “constitutional checks and balances,” “the importance of character,” “lower deficits,” and “the sacredness of life.”

  19. OK then, how *should* the destruction and defacement of federal property be opposed?

  20. Just spent half an hour looking for an 80% lower receiver for the AR15 platform. Six months ago, I would have sneered at $60 for one. Now, that’s a steal, if you can even get one, because they’re all out of stock.

    Must be a whole lotta consumin’ goin’ on out there. Thank you, Antifa, from everybody in the gun trade.

    Interestingly, I found somebody selling polymer lower receivers for AR15’s. Anybody tried one? Seems like they should be easy to machine. Are they sturdy?

  21. Federal authorities protecting federal property has nothing to do with “federalism.” You don’t know what you’re talking about. You’re like the idiots who think calling the city budget biggardly is a racist term.

  22. Emery wrote: “Grabbing someone off the street without probable cause is acting like a goon squad.”

    Reasonable suspicion is required for a forcible stop and to detain for an investigation. Probable cause is required for an arrest.

  23. JD, have you tried armslist? We have plenty of folks here content with making reasonable profit and not gouging. I can still buy 9mm US-made brass-cased 1000 rounds for about $300.

    And… I just checked and it is ALL gone. Just a turd left trying to sell 300 rounds for $250. Hope he chokes on them. Just yesterday, there were at least a dozen ads!

  24. Nach, there you go with all that lawyerly talk. Did you not get the memo the language had been rewritten to adhere to new definitions that only favor progressives? That way they are always right. If they say it is “night” at noon, I bet there will be an entry in WikiFaceInstaTwit to prove it.

  25. I am disappointed that the NRA isn’t out in force to oppose this action. Isn’t this why they need their guns — to oppose the Federal takeover of their sovereign states rights?

  26. Apparently the NRA should help us angle is a new trending thing. I didn’t know about it until I found this response, “No, you don’t get to vilify millions of Americans, insulting everything from their intelligence to genital size, and then expect us to save you from the aftermath of your own decisions. That’s not how it works. That’s not our line in the sand.”

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