Open Letter To Governor Walz

To: Governor Walz
From: Mitch Berg, Irascible Peasant
Re: State Of Non-Emergency

Your Highness,

Your ongoing, and apparently endless, emergency declaration is, put mildly, draconian – especially if you’re in the private sector, especially an entrepreneur. You’ll notice that a sizable majority of people supporting the your most extreme quarantining provisions are public, non-profit or academic employees, students, or the retired. There’s a reason for that.

Now, we’re Americans. Most of our anscestors came here to escape tyranny – some petty, some very much not.

But for most of us in the private sector, “resisting” the worst excesses of your emergency measures is beyond our control or ability. Our businesses are shut down; trying to re-open leaves many of us open to getting ratted out to state licensing and permitting authorities on the government-sponsored snitch lines, which the “Karens” among our neighbors are all too happy to keep busy, thus making earning a living a risky venture.

Our jobs, our livelihoods, our social lives – especially those of us for whom “zoom calls” are no substitute for business or pleasure – are all on hold until events meet criteria that our Governor, in a display of abusiveness that would get him tossed in jail if he did it to his wife or kids, won’t tell us.

So what do we do?

History is dotted with ways in which people, deprived of all other means of hitting back at their oppressor, hit ’em anyway.

When Norway was occupied during the Second World War, Norwegians – the ones who couldn’t escape to the UK or into the mountains to carry on the battle – would draw a number “7”, or flash seven fingers at fellow citizens. It referred to Norway’s king, Håkon the 7th. It was a small, almost meaningless gesture – but it gave the people the feeling that they were doing…something, at least, that the occupier couldn’t control.

And so, I suspect, with masks. Minnesotans, their jobs reducing hours or cutting pay or just plain gone, their businesses gasping for air, their social lives and recreation limited to whatever’s in their houses, only as safe from retaliation as their least stable, least passive-aggressive “Karen” or “Chad” of a neighbor, are resisting with the only tool they have.

Their faces.

Work With Me, Here – And you know what? It didn’t have to be this way.

Been to stores that require masks? Many people gripe about it – but most people put ’em on.

I mean, I don’t personally care – I’ve already had Covid, and can neither catch nor spread the disease; I may as well wear a red rubber clown nose. But there IS a reason surgical staff wear them, too [1]

I have a hunch if Minnesota would have done it, given the right information and a choice, if the state had…:

a) Asked people, nicely, to wash their hands, stay home when sick, and put on a mask when around crowds, and

b) Foregone the whole “act like your scolding mother” and gone a lot lighter on the whole “emergency powers” thing

c) Focused the state’s efforts on protecting the vulnerable…

…things might have worked out a lot better.

Y’know – like they did in South Dakota.

Of course, that is all predicated on the notion that the state’s response was about mitigating the effects of Covid.

That is all.

[1] And no, people who get health problems from the minuscule amount of CO2 that gets trapped in their masks are about as common as people with actual Celiac disease (I’ll let our millennial readers shuffle uncomfortably and clear their throats).

47 thoughts on “Open Letter To Governor Walz

  1. ‘US Covid-19 cases jump by one day record of 62,000 and pass 3 million’

    The Democrats are carrying this hoax a little too far.

  2. D. Did not set up a ‘Snitch Line’ for do-gooder busybodies to tattle on their neighbors.

    Can you imagine, the wailing, gnashing of teeth and pulling of hair accompanying the cries of tyrant and dictator by a select few commentors on here if our Governor had an ‘R’ behind his name?

  3. The Democrats are carrying this hoax a little too far

    Straw man. Never called it a hoax.

    But it is primarily a plague targeting “blue” lifestyle and government policy.

    By the way – the death rate is up slightly, but nowhere near proportional to the case rate of 2-3 weeks ago. Get back to me in two weeks.

  4. What strikes me is that if government really wanted to end an epidemic, they’d put the sufferers in quarantine, not the rest of us. It boggles my mind that we’re running big hospitals at < 50% of capacity because they've got a dozen or so COVID patients–and while a fair number of closed rural hospitals exist that could be re-opened as COVID wards.

    And then you've got the nursing home issue–yes, you theoretically can protect other residents, but people willingly put carriers of contagious disease among the most vulnerable population? Really?

  5. Emery is the perfect useful idiot. He does no research into his blathering, merely regurgitates crap from his media heroes.
    That figure is inflated by at least 40%, because despite being exposed for their lies and deceptions, the CDC continues to use mixed, unrelated data and falsify death certificates to keep those numbers going up.

  6. The media refers to “case numbers” of covid-19 because the media exists to instill fear & panic.
    It does not seem to be working. People are generally much smarter than the bureaucrats think that they are, and they are certainly smarter than the bureaucrats themselves.
    Your chance of dying of covid-19 in the US today are 1.83 in a million. A month ago, on June 9, your chance of dying of covid-19 in the US was 2.53 in a million.

  7. [1] And no, people who get health problems from the minuscule amount of CO2 that gets trapped in their masks are about as common as people with actual Celiac disease

    That amount of CO2 is higher than what is used to justify the Climate War by the environazis. But hey, SCIENCEtm!

  8. MBerg wrote: “But it is primarily a plague targeting “blue” lifestyle and government policy.”

    Trump is only president of the states that are doing well.

    Except, of course, during that week that he was a wartime president.

  9. Mitch – I lost the thread of your analysis somewhere around paragraph 8 or 9 – Their Faces.

    I must be reading this wrongly. Up until then, you were on a roll, denouncing a petty tyrant for his antics. But suddently it sounded as if you’d be okay with a universal mask mandate, you’re just miffed at how it was presented? That’s gotta be wrong. Maybe I need another cuppa Joe.

    I suspect you meant that everyone would have gone along with sensible precautions as we did back in the Elbow Bump days, including mask wearing if that’s what the doctors said we needed to do from the beginning. But to mandate masks now, after the Covid pandemic no longer qualifies as a pandemic (barely even an epidemic, by CDC standards), is security theatre – locking the barn after the horse is gone, merely for the sake of being seen to do something about barn security, no matter now frivilous.

  10. Emery – here’s a serious question for your in-depth intellectual analysis and response.

    Part 1: Viruses spread, it’s what they do. When the Covid virus finally spreads across the entire world and every single person tests positive for it, then what should governments do about it?

    Part 2: why wait, why not do whatever it is, right now?

  11. What do we know for sure about Bat Flu?

    Well, it’s a new virus; anyone can get it, but it only effects a select demographic; carriers may or may not know they have it; some who *do* know they have it have mingled among their uninfected social circles, and others have proudly displayed depraved acts on social media to show they are not afraid of catching it; we have no cure, but expect we will have a treatment regimen; there are political and financial agendas involved.

    Hmmmm. You know lads, we have been down this road before and based upon our past experiences, we are doing it all wrong!

    The thing to do is shelter the identities of people who have bat flu, even to the point of keeping the diagnosis off medical charts. Protect the entertainment venues preferred by the carriers as long as possible; use harsh words if necessary, ie: Bigot, Batphobe & etc..

    Do whatever it takes to make the general public believe they are at great risk, but again make sure the actual primary disease vectors remain anonymous individually and as a group (again, harsh words are useful). Find a pharmaceutical regimen that keeps the disease vectors upright and capable of continuing the behavior known to spread the disease, cost be damned…in fact, use tax dollars. Start a campaign to get the message across that the diseased carriers are fun loving folks, just like you and me and for those that don’t go along…yup, harsh words.

    You’re wondering what I’m talking about? Well friends, bat flu is in all respects, AIDS for the 21st century.

  12. There is no doubt that the refusal to accept reality played an important role. Both the UK and the US had a chance to do much better as both were affected later than Italy or Spain. However, they choose to ignore this.

    Florida, Texas and other states with now exponential growth rates had even more time to prepare but refuted the necessary measures.

    There is a premium to patience — and to common sense, I would say. It is difficult to argue that Johnson or Trump have shown enough of either.

    There would not be any doubt about schools opening if the leader of the US anti-science cult that happens to be President would have done his job and gotten the virus contained as almost every other country on the planet has.

  13. SITD Public service announcement!

    Before you attempt to engage a leftist slob in serious discussion, picture that slob, obese and sweating, wearing nothing but a soiled tee shirt, sitting on the toilet eating a convenience store burrito, scrolling Vox stories, typing furiously on his phone and giggling.

    That’s not far from the reality….you still want to engage that slob in conversation?

  14. Schools are closed because Trump’s Covid-19 policies failed.

    Trump has just told every school-age parent in the country— that protecting his re-election matters more to him than protecting their children. Which in my mind make for an interesting 2020 campaign slogan.

  15. Nah – but he’s the perfect foil to play against for the other SITD readers who don’t comment as frequently but care just as deeply as we do.

    Emery won’t respond intelligently because that would require more than cut-and-paste, it would require thoughtful analysis and that’s hard work. But other readers have demonstrated they’re willing to put in the effort. For them, the question may not have arisen before (certainly not in any of the DFL media). I’m raising it here.

    Suppose we wear masks everywhere, and socially distance, and keep children home from school, and leave small businesses closed, and leave people unemployed, until . . . well, until what? Until the whole world has the bat flu? Then what?

    Sure, it’d be great if there was a vaccine so nobody ever gets bat flu again, but what if that doesn’t happen? What if bat flu virus is like SARS or MERS or even the common cold, for which there is no vaccine? How long will the world survive in lock-down? What’s the point of lock-down, if the whole world already has it? None, so what’s the post-lock-down plan?

    If there is no post-lock-down plan, shouldn’t we start thinking of one?

    And if we have a post-lock-down plan, when do we start implementing it?

    Why not now?

  16. From a slightly different but still related perspective to that of JD, it’s frankly a bit insulting to be told we, the little people in outstate MN, are resisting masks as “a small, almost meaningless gesture” to give us the feeling that we’re doing…something, at least, that our betters in St Paul can’t control.

    Perhaps this makes sense in the metro area, but it’s BS out here.

    Given the widespread use of masks that are worn badly, for too many hours at a time, but especially are predominantly decorative, it is obvious to us that you metropolitans are far more interested in controlling each other than preventing the spread of a disease. A disease, I might add, that from each day to the next is proving to be nothing more than a new flu. A little worse than normal, perhaps, but still a flu.

    Governor Wally and the state government of MN have been entirely un-open about how and why decisions were made. And especially why, contrary to any obvious logic, sick people were pushed into old age homes almost as if to get the mortality up to bolster the weak justifications for the various restrictions. Why a huge candy store owned by a Friend of Wally was able to open while keeping bars and restaurants closed in areas of the state that still have 0 (zero) deaths and very few cases to begin with. Why there was no crackdown on the rioters; in fact we saw articles trying to gaslight us as to how rioting for a “good cause” has no effect on the spread of the disease… etc, etc. It might take a while, but I’m pretty sure these items off the top of my head, could be supplemented by many more if I cared to investigate; the point being that there’s enough info out there indicating that something else other than worrying about the health of our fellow citizens is behind the government’s actions. Especially if wearing a mask becomes lawfully required.

    But the real issue isn’t us who don’t wear masks, it’s those who do (those who might visit the old, infirm, sickly are excepted of course). Given all the BS surrounding this politically/media driven panic, my take is Voltaire’s: those who can make you believe absurdities, can make you commit atrocities.

  17. until . . . well, until what?

    I’ve come to the conclusion that there are simply too many people who “enjoy” being terrified of the flu. And/or controlling their fellow citizens.

    The present situation will be continued for the rest of my life. Masks will be worn by many, plexi-glas will be present in businesses, restaurants and bars will be very restrictive/closed.

  18. Hey snitch lines are great fun for getting even with the Karens an Avery Librelles in the neighborhood. Use their own tools against them.

  19. Oooh, that’s a good one jdm. I’m gonna remember that one.

  20. There is no doubt that the refusal to accept reality played an important role. Both the UK and the US had a chance to do much better as both were affected later than Italy or Spain. However, they choose to ignore this.

    I haven’t seen any stories about U.S. hospitals having to pick and choose who got the ventilators. That seemed to be the rule in Italy for a while. And the US and UK did have a chance to do much better: The nations locked down to “slow the spread”, as the experts told us was necessary, to “flatten the curve”. Refusal to accept reality seems to be more the domain of politicians, celebrities, and others who have the luxury of working remotely or skipping work for months if not years and still maintain a comfortable lifestyle, yet lecture others of the need to stay home. For most, staying home doesn’t pay the bills, mortgage, etc. And stimulus checks are a weak substitute for the steady income from a job.

    Florida, Texas and other states with now exponential growth rates had even more time to prepare but refuted the necessary measures.

    Other states like New York and California? States with Democratic governors and higher infection and death rates? States with strict lockdown measures that seemed to make little difference?

    There is a premium to patience — and to common sense, I would say. It is difficult to argue that Johnson or Trump have shown enough of either.

    We were told by Dr. Fauci and others like him to stay home for a couple of weeks to flatten the curve. That was almost five months ago. In the meantime, you had governors like Cuomo instructing nursing homes they had to take back their COVID-19-positive residents who were in recovery but still infectious, and mayors like de Blasio who didn’t think nightly disinfecting of the subways, used by health-care workers fighting the pandemic, was a big priority.

    There would not be any doubt about schools opening if the leader of the US anti-science cult that happens to be President would have done his job and gotten the virus contained as almost every other country on the planet has.

    Some countries got their numbers under control by employing/adopting authoritarian governmental measures that would delight the inner dictator of many a public official. And let’s be honest here, Emery: You and others would likely gripe about “Trump the Dictator” if he did the very things you say should have been done in hindsight. Other countries successfully kept their numbers low by enforcing quarantines.

    Of course, none of that matters if China doesn’t downplay the seriousness of an outbreak in the first place, with the WHO helping cover-up their screw-up.

  21. Jay Dee;

    Funny you should mention that. There is a house about a mile away from me, where the yard is overgrown and there is a large motor home, as well as a derelict car, visible from the street. Neither have moved in months, in fact, the car has a flat tire. This is a violation of Bloomington’s zoning ordinances. Now, normally, this wouldn’t bother me, cause I’m basically a live and let live type, but since all of these freaking socialists are causing trouble, trying to destroy the country, the “Bernie” sign that is still in their yard, which is another violation of a city ordinance, compels me to school them in what they are supporting. Maybe a citation from the city inspector will give them a dose of what full government control looks like.

  22. Just as the Left defines the word “racism” in a unique and special way, the Left also defines the “science” in a unique and special. Science, to the Left, does not mean that you observe a phenomenon, devise a theory to explain why and under what conditions that phenomenon occurs, and perform experiments to prove or disprove your theory.
    Instead it means that you observe a phenomenon, explain why it happens, and then, occasionally, devise experiments to show that your explanation was correct.
    There is no discovery in the Left’s version of science, because nothing is unknown. Instead there is only affirmation. Any reasoning or experiment that does not support the pre-conceived explanation of the phenomenon is, by definition, not science.

  23. Don’t know who said it first, but he/she/it/ze said it very well: What we have now is the tyranny by the experts.

  24. I feel like Mitchs last sentence was a shot at me for some reason? I mean I don’t care I can take it but really does SiTD have any millennial readers?

  25. POD- don’t know if I am a millennial or not, but I am probably about half the average age of the folks reading and commenting on this blog (31 yrs old). I didn’t feel that was directed at me anyway- just millennials in general who use the excess CO2 nonsense as a reason to not wear a mask. I on the other hand justify not wearing a mask when not necessary by being a libertarian in practice.

  26. Ah ok Paul, being 33 myself didn’t know that there was another one of us. The stupidity and general lack of knowledge our generation shows as a whole on basically a daily basis at this point is frightening to me and I don’t know what can be done at this point.

  27. Millennials who have experienced both the financial crisis and the pandemic will increase pressure for policies to help those under 40.

    Regardless of how many times millennials are told they are not working hard enough, the facts are that they are not on track to achieve anywhere close to the financial security of previous generations. Those who willfully ignore this issue should be mindful of the fact that empires fail from within, if they like the current system, they need to do more to make it work for everyone. Currently the majority of Generation Y and Z are not prospering and are highly unlikely to continue to vote for the same system that loaded them up with debt, inflated asset prices and trashed the planet. Don’t want increasing taxation and soci@lization of the state? Then this is the boomer’s last chance to make it equitable before a generation of soci@lists get in and tax all their assets.

  28. In my working life, I endured the stagflation of the late 70s, when the minimum wage was ~$2.55/hour, and gasoline cost $1.10/gallon.
    Then came the Reagan Recession, with unemployment at 10.8% in late ’82.
    In ’87 we had the ‘Black Monday’ crash that wiped out 22% of the DJIA in a single day.
    In the earl 90s, GHW Bush “saved” social security by increasing the retirement age. This cost me about $30k in benefits I will never see.
    And in the 90s we began our de facto policy of replacing American workers in the US with cheap imported labor, especially in the tech industry.
    The bottom fell out of the aerospace market with the collapse of the USSR as a military competitor. The working class in California never recovered from that.
    This was followed by the dot-com bust & recession in 2000, and then 9/11.
    The financial crisis of 2008 hit when I was in my late 40s, and should have been at the high point of my career.
    So screw the millennials.

  29. MP, you forgot one of the other aspects of that stagflation, bank loans. Mortgage rates of 10% and higher. We had an ARM in ’84 the very tail end of the inflation of 11.75% which was capped at 17.75% – ARMS are supposed to be a cheaper kind of mortgage.

    Otherwise, great rant. Thanks. The DNC’s electoral plan seems to be to make as many people as possible think that their lot in life is historically bad. I wonder if this will ever backfire on them.

  30. Back in the 1970s and 80s I would work 25 hrs a day and eat gravel for breakfast. Yes, these youngsters don’t know they have it. Back in the ‘70s, I could quote Monty Python accurately.

    Back when interest rates were 18% — I would by properties on contract for deed. 10% down — 10% interest with a 10yr balloon.

  31. Democrats that have money in pensions, especially those in the public employee versions, should be scared crapless to elect economically illiterate Democrats like Biden. These traitors are working on behalf of the central banks and care nothing about you peasants, except when they pander to you at election time. They are the ones that made the promises, then mismanaged those funds, leaving the cities and states that they represent, with huge unfunded liabilities. Minnesota is in the top ten states.

  32. Mary Trump’s allegation that Trump cheated on the SAT to enter a more prestigious college would certainly explain Trump’s fixation on Obama’s test scores and grades.
    All of Trump’s wives know a little something about cheating.

    Consistency and Ethics — so difficult to have a backbone if you got neither.

    I’d be embarrassed to be a Republican if Trump is their best candidate.

  33. BB: It’s shocking that this president does not seem to think that managing Covid-19 successfully would not positively impact his poll ratings! But that particular train has now left the station.

    Imagine that this was Trump’s handling of an actual armed conflict….

  34. Emery; at least he wasn’t sending COVID patients back to nursing homes and refusing to clean the ()*&)(&*() subways for the past 80 years. To be that stupid, you need to be a Democrat.

  35. I think the comment above from jimf (July 9, 2020 at 6:29 pm) has been woefully underappreciated (if comments equate to appreciation). Here, let me reassert it:

    3 States Account for 42 Percent of All COVID-19 Deaths in America. The author puts this in context:

    If these three states are excluded, the US suddenly finds itself somewhere in between nations such as Luxembourg (176/1M) and Macedonia (166/1M), where some of the better fatality numbers in Europe are found.

    There are lots of other interesting bits in that piece as well. Well worth your time to read.

  36. Cases are meaningless. It simply means somebody has the flu. It doesn’t mean they’re hospitalized, or in ICU, or on a ventilator, or dead. Counting cases instead of deaths is shifting the goal posts to maintain the unwarranted terror.

    And besides, Emery, you still haven’t answered the question. When the virus eventually spreads so every one of the nine billion people in the world have it, what then? We slowed the spread – hooray – but now we’ve all got it and therefore . . . what?

    Slowing the spread is a tactic. What’s the strategy? What’s the end game? What are the victory conditions?

  37. Dr Fauci is one of the leading immunologists in the world and director of NIAID. Arguably one of the most trusted and respected individuals in the US.

    Meanwhile, Trump and his supporters exhibit a growing suspicious of expertise. Anytime someone speaks based on facts, intelligence and basic logic they are: “undermining the

    I think this is the most crucial fact of the whole debate, and frankly the biggest threat of our time (much more dangerous than the coronavirus). Let’s hope someone will find a cure soon and, in the meantime, I wish Dr Fauci (which seems a very decent and prepared expert) all the best in his incredibly challenging job.

  38. Emery;
    Fauci is not worth a crap! He’s a deep state operative, in the pockets of big pharma and a government bureaucrat for at least 20 years. He is not practicing. Further, he has been exposed by other researchers as suppressing information regarding the harm that vaccines cause, not to mention his waffling virtually from the start. He is as corrupt as the rest of your left wing heroes.
    I don’t expect you to be on here after you read these, because your little BB brain will probably explode.

  39. You’re living in the fever swamp BB

    The Trump administration says Coronavirus on the retreat, risks are low, everyone should carry on as normal, but also says Roger Stone would be a serious medical risk. Consistent contradictions.

  40. Florida health officials appear to have inflated recent record coronavirus case numbers there by as much as 30%, according to an analysis of data released by the state’s Department of Health.

    JD, adding facts that seemingly contradict SCIENCEtm.

  41. jpa,

    Yea, funny how the media is focusing on new cases in Florida and Texas. It can’t possibly be because Texas is about to have their state GOP convention or that the GOP’s national convention will now be in Jacksonville. Freaking media is so predictable.

  42. 🚨Look — it’s the ANTIFA MEDIA at it again!

    Scientific experts look at the future as a series of credible scenarios of gradating shades from black to white. Journalists and politicians take their favorite scenario and credit the owner with having made a forecast. The public demands black or white and does not understand that a scenario is not a forecast. The chosen scenario or “forecast” turns out to be wrong and the expert is ridiculed and any attempt to explain the difference between the chosen scenario and a forecast is laughed at as a pathetic excuses.

    Society demands absolute answers to questions that cannot be answered and knowledge is replaced by baseless belief. My favorite response to a demand for a forecast on when lockdown in Switzerland would be lifted came from Alain Berset, Federal Counsillor, who said: “we will come out of it as quickly as possible and as slowly as is necessary.”

    Trump is doing the best he can. That is why he should not be president.

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