Promises, Broken

We were PROMISED 1,440 dead from Covid by the end of May and a huge surge in cases this Summer.  We’re not even close on deaths and there’s no evidence of a surge, here or anywhere else in the nation.  And hospitalizations are declining.

So is the Health Department admitting it was wrong, wrong, and wrong?   Of course not.  The linked article has several charts but notice the one that’s missing – the chart we saw in every press conference – the “flatten the curve” chart.  That’s because there never was a curve to flatten.  We never got close to overwhelming the system.  The epidemic was basically over before we noticed it. 
A million Minnesotans lost their jobs and we still can’t get back to normal.  For what? 
Joe Doakes

For the government’s power to exert…well power. That’s what.

16 thoughts on “Promises, Broken

  1. “For what?”
    to acclimate us to what must become the preferred mode of governance in the New America the left envisions for us all.

  2. Even if the Governor dropped all controls today, the damage would linger. Events that have gone on for decades – rain or shine – aren’t happening.

    Graduations are cancelled – sorry graduate, no stage walk for you. The State Fair is canceled – sorry, farm kid, no 4H ribbon for you. AirVenture in Oshkosh is cancelled. Sorry, buddy, no Blue Angels for you.

    And yesterday, the Chanhassen notified me they were cancelling all their shows through August. I had seats front row center, which I reserved six months ago. My wife and I have been going there to celebrate our anniversary for more than 30 years. Sorry, babe, no Music Man for you.

    I’m thinking of buying a plain white t-shirt and having it custom printed: “2020 Champions” but leaving the rest blank white. The year that didn’t happen.

    For what?

  3. Saw VP Pence this morning talking about the next cash hurricane headed to the states.

    Drumpf says he don’t want it used to backfill the holes leftist reprobates dug for themselves. LMAO

    Drumpf thinks he can outwit the dimwits, but he doesn’t realize he’s dealing with World class grifters. African warlords are not more adept at picking a relief package to the bones.

    So, we’ll tack on another couple trillion in debt so government union members can keep their bank accounts topped off, poverty pimps can get their gibs and new bike lanes can go ahead as scheduled.


  4. “ explosion of covid-19 cases”

    I believe a lot more cases are cropping up. More people are getting tested and everyone is out and about. Who cares?

    The important bit of information is, how many are asymptotic? How many have no more symptoms than any other flu?

    They’ve killed off all the weakest people in nursing homes and hospitals already. Most everyone left doesn’t need to think about bat flu any longer.

  5. Drudge had a subhead that said a group of 19 friends in Florida were infected after going out to a bar, and some of the bar’s workers got sick , too.
    When you read the article, it explained that most were asymptomatic, but some were resting with flu symptoms. Not even a hospitalization, but Drudge trumpeted “19 FLORIDA FRIENDS INFECTED AFTER NIGHT AT BAR”

    In other news, Swiftee, my Bonnieville has arrived in Minnesota & my house in Hawaii is in escrow. I become a Cheesehead on July 1st.

  6. MP
    to smooth your transition both the Ellsworth Creamery and the Burnett Dairy have, in addition to the standard cheeses (Swiss, Cheddar, Jack, etc) some very good specialty cheeses. Plus there are several boutique cheese makers in the area.
    The Gandy Dancer trail is open for bicycling and hiking if you want to work off those cheese calories.
    Welcome to retirement!

  7. MP – congrats. Let us know when you arrive. I’ll stand you the first beer at Meister’s.

  8. I pulled up Governor Shutdown’s presser today for about 62 seconds. I was reminded by Walz that “Minnesotans” always want the GOP to do exactly what the Democrats have proposed. I really need to stop forgetting that little tidbit.


    After having affirmed earlier that men can menstruate, female penis is a thing and we can suck it, the SCOTUS today ruled that Drumpf was mean to 2 million low IQ Guatamexidorians who were smuggled into the country illegally, so they can stay and work, and the 10’s of millions of newly unemployed American citizens can suck that too.

    So much winning.

  10. SmithStCroix;

    Yup! That’s what the DemocRATs mean by compromising. They win, the GOP loses is the only thing that they accept. I hope someone in the GOP has the stones to tell them to pound sand.

  11. Exactly, MP. Most epidemics follow Farr’s Law meaning the infection curve is roughly symmetrical. And most viral infections burn themselves out in 70-100 days.

    There’s anecdotal evidence the virus hit the US in December so by April 1, when most of the lock-down orders took effect, we were already at the peak or on the down side of the infection curve.

    The epidemic was basically over before we noticed it. Everything government did in response was locking the barn door after the horse was gone. Everything government continues to do is political theater: doing something for the sake of being seen to do something, to protect their phony-baloney jobs.

  12. Fauci has now told the media that he sees no need for further lockdowns in the future, and that any outbreaks should be handled by taking precautions locally.
    “I don’t think we’re going to be talking about going back to lockdown,” he said. “I think we’re going to be talking about trying to better control those areas of the country that seem to be having a surge of cases.”
    Uh-huh. And how does he know this?
    He doesn’t know it. He couches his predictions (which have been so terribly, terribly wrong in the past) in qualifiers.
    Besides, we know he lies, he has admitted it.

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