I Have A Theory

My theory: America is protesting – angrily, but generally peacefully – over the death of George Floyd and all of the history in, about and around it.

America is rioting, on the other hand, because America is bored stiff after ten weeks of being cooped up inside with each other, unemployed or underemployed, being told they are “nonessential“, stricken with stage IV cabin fever, with no place to go but the online world that, hey, lookie here, told them about a huge get together!

No, not joking.

The Minneapolis police killing George Floyd was the spark.

A nation of Karens, on the other hand, had been piling up tinder for months.

20 thoughts on “I Have A Theory

  1. Yup! The rioting without social distancing kind of blows the DemocRAT’s vote by mail movement right out of the water, doesn’t it?

  2. If what the reprobates have been saying is true, ICU wards will be full of wheezing people in 2 weeks.

    They won’t be, of course. Which means leftist Governors have gutted the American economy for their own purposes.

    Leftist slobs have attempted to tar “whites supremacists” as the perpetrators of the destruction and looting last week. Of course, Drumpf has effectively torched that false flag narrative by hanging a terrorist sign on antifa, last night.

    If real Americans take to the streets to express their outrage at losing their homes and businesses, it might be the kind of protest militias would join. There won’t be any arson, or looting. And there won’t be any glowing endorsements from stinking, leftist Governors.

  3. They’ll learn to say it, FF.

    Trump’s proclamation signals the start of a campaign by the FBI, ATF and their intelligence support groups…along with all the funding they will need.

    As indictments start rolling in, and they will, America will come to know the faces and emaciated bodies of the far left’s terror squad.

    Mark my words. By September, Antifa will be as well known as Lee Harvey Oswald.

  4. From The Federalist:

    Venerable Minneapolis science fiction and fantasy bookstore Uncle Hugo’s and its sister store in the same building, Uncle Edgar’s, which specialized in mysteries, were both burned to ruins last Friday night by rioters.

    I mentioned this about insurance on another thread

    {Owner Don} Blyly expressed doubts that insurance would cover his loss. “I’m pretty sure the insurance policy excludes damage from a civil insurrection, so I suspect I won’t get a cent for either the building or the contents.”

    It states the obvious. Antifa are book burners….literally.

  5. Son of Minnesota’s attorney general: ‘I hereby declare, officially, my support for ANTIFA’

    Hakim’s little boy…all growed up. The nut don’t fall far from the tree.

  6. Waiting for Hakim Jr. to announce his campaign to finance his terrorist pals, or to show up with his hoodie at the next “action”.

    Lol…just kidding. He’s just another smack talking, rent seeking, poverty pimp looking for the next big score.

  7. Well, chopper, when his daddy tweets out a picture of himself holding a copy of the AntiFa manual last Wednesday, little Hakim thought it was OK. Ellison should be forced to resign for inciting violence.

    On another note, a friend of mine that lives in Minneapolis, told me that he and several of his neighbors organized a militia to protect their hoods. The MPD was, of course, occupied elsewhere, dealing with Emery’s heroes that were burning the city down. These neighborhoods are where the peasants live. I’m sure that this isn’t the case in Kenwood, Edina, Highland Park or Summit Avenue. I told him to let me know if he wanted me to help, but to let me know so that I could make it before curfew started.

    What a sad state of affairs the city of Minneapolis is in, when it comes to this. Frey and Kim Jong Walz have ruined the city for any outside events for at least he next decade, so they might as well turn the convention center into a homeless shelter. Don’t be surprised if several businesses move their HQ out of the state.

  8. Your theory is wrong, Mitch, or, at best, maladapted.

    If you replace your use of “America” to “the People’s Republic” to use the Schlichter-named indication of Blue states/cities, then it all falls into place much better.

    This whole riot theater was intended to intimidate Democrat governments and scare Normal people. Normal people are not scared, they’re disgusted and angry. If the America that you overlook ever does become angry enough to riot, it will make the recent theatrics pale in comparison.

  9. I agree with you, Mitch. Speaking as a participant in numerous protest marches in Minneapolis, Berkeley and Washington between 1969 and 1973 I think the motivation of many participants is boredom and wanting to act out in public without consequences. One curious thing about today’s protests: I haven’t seen any spokesmen emerging from the mob to produce a list of demands. But then, they’ve got Mayor Frey, Governor Walz and Attorney General Ellison to fulfill that role.

  10. My outdoor shooting range is open, but limited to members only, using hand sanitizer, because Covid is dangerous.

    I snuck a buddy onto the range on Saturday, to sight his new AR build. He lives in St. Paul not far from me and has no confidence the police will protect his family. I asked if he and his neighbors were forming a Vigilance Committee to protect themselves. He grimaced and said no. They all thought he was a wide-eyed right-wing militia kook. They were convinced Melvin Carter and Keith Ellison would save them from the bad white supremacist mans. He and his family were on their own.

    What a terrible feeling – to be surrounded by neighbors but have no friends.

  11. That’s a good point, golfdoc, about the lack of leaders. More (to me) evidence of this all being theatrics. And it occurred to me reading JD’s comment, that fostering/cementing an unreasoned (unreasonable) hatred of anyone on the right may also be part of the plan.

  12. Evidently we had some protests here in SC over the weekend…I say evidently because they didn’t get much press.

    Charleston and Columbia are controlled by the Democrat party and both sustained some property damage, although not too much.

    Greenville has a GOP Mayor. The protesters were met by the Greenville Cty Sheriff, who told them they could march and protest, but any misbehavior would be shut down hard.

    They had their protest, marched and chanted, some prayed; the cops escorted them around. At 6:00 pm they were informed their permit had expired, it was time to go home; most did. The ones that remained were quickly arrested.

    As far as I know, there was no property damage; not even graffiti.

    The difference in leadership is stark.

  13. Minnesota leftist reprobates have a proud tradition of supporting terrorists, and so does Hakim X, who joined several leftist elected politicians in supporting convicted murderer Kathleen Soliah back in 1999. Now, both Hakim X and Hakim Jr. have made public statements in support of ANTIFA, a named terrorist organization.

    Today, we learn that Hakim plans to take control of the prosecution of the Floyd cops.

    Y’all gonna let that happen without a wimper?

    Let me tell you something. You can demand a fair trial without defending free booting coppers. Hakim & Hakim Jr. have made their stand, they have hitched their wagon to ANTIFA and don’t give a shit about your optics. Question is, does anyone in Minnesota have the stones to stand up and say “innocent until proven guilty”?

    I have my doubts.

    I remember when they were next to the Electric Fetus, down on Franklin, maybe 1975 . . .

  15. If Hakim X prosecutes Chauvin, he will make a show trial of it (rather than going for conviction) and Chauvin will walk.

  16. MP – that’s a likely outcome. And this current round of madness will look downright quaint. Someone, somewhere, is taking notes on the responses to protests and rioting. And planning for the next one. Will it be in November? Not likely. But, next spring when the prosecution has failed, they’ll have caches all over, and probably some bigger bang-making items.

  17. I believe that Minnesota is only one of a couple of states to have third degree homicide. It carries up to a 25 year sentence and I suspect that’s what the charge will end up being.

  18. shakingmyhead: If these ANTIFA folks are as ‘sophisticated’ as the news makes them out to be, they won’t choose November in Mn for a second round of rioting…For the obvious reason of what I am defending my St Paul home with currently.

  19. PaulM;
    No, they and their media propaganda ministry, are already setting the stage for a resurgence in corona virus cases. I suspect that this will be the next scam the left pulls out. It’s all been planned. Trump wasn’t impeached – corona virus shows up. That scam is being exposed, so now they use the death of Floyd to start the riots. Standard Communist and Alinsky manifesto playbooks.

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