A friend of the blog writes:

What, did they just come to town, Google for chain stores that might be open and close to the freeway? Apparently they did.

I don’t know a single local protester who would have thought SunRay would be the place to March/riot.

I have lived in the Twin Cities for decades, and I can’t remember a single time when it was the perfect place to…shop.

3 thoughts on “Tourists

  1. By Sunday night, they should make their way to Woodbury….mmmm, prime gibs in Woodbury.

    Can’t wait to hear what Bob Collins has to say when he’s barricaded in his huwyte privilege.

    Be safe, y’all.

  2. My wife and I drove to Hudson yesterday to eat in a real restaurant and get away from Covid insanity. Meanwhile, war was breaking out back home. My conclusion: my people go to Wisconsin to get over frustration. Other people burn down their neighborhood.

  3. Does anyone even go to Sun Ray? I have lived in the area, always on the St. Paul side, for nearly 30 years and I have never been there.

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