DFL: You Do Own This

When the DFL wins yet another one-party election in one of their one-party towns, Minneapolis or Saint Paul, they are – or, not too long ago – were wont to chant “We own this town”. They may not be quite so loud about that anymore.

And yes, Minnesota DFL – you own Minneapolis this morning. Every one of you, from Duluth to Worthington , from La Crescent to Moorhead. Minneapolis is all of your town. Your responsibility. Every death – by cop, by gangster, by overdose in the increasingly hopeless communities, by accidents on the streets whose “calming measures” have ramped up the road rage.

Minneapolis is your city. Every scorched brick and broken window and looted business on East Lake and in Uptown belongs to you.

There’s not a single person with a soul worth worrying about that didn’t blanche at the video of George Floyd dying literally under the knee of a Minneapolis cop. The fact that the union didn’t demand the usual cooling off period after officer-involved killings indicates that they felt the same way.

But this is nothing new in Minneapolis. The cops had a reputation for brutality when I moved to Minneapolis – just down the road from the infamous Third Precinct – in 1985, when the last Republican mayor was twenty years in the rear-view mirror and the last Republican city councilman was still in living memory. The reputation carried on during the “Murderapolis” years, when Dave Sauro was a household name – kids, ask your parents about both.

And so it is today, after two generations of single party rule.

Two generations after Plymouth Avenue burned, taking whatever economic viability North Minneapolis had with it, the North Side is still a warehouse for the poor.

Because the DFL owns Minneapolis.

Crime has been on the rise – against the trend and tide in the rest of the state (which has the lowest crime in the nation for a state with a major metro area) and the nation.

Because the DFL owns Minneapolis.

The schools have the worst achievement gap in the nation. Because the DFL owns Minneapolis.

The city has been stocking up on desperate underclasses, imported to Minneapolis explictly or implicitly, drawn by tax-funded goodies, kept here to serve as votes on the hoof by a one-party city that cares about remaining a one-party city more than anything else.

Because the DFL owns Minneapolis.

And East Lake is burning – still, at 6 AM – and the National Guard and the Saint Paul cops are on the way to try to put the greased squirrel back in the shopping bag.

Because the DFL owns Minneapolis.

Every fire. Every murder. Every homeless person wandering their life away, up and down, whether on Lake Street or Eat Street.


30 thoughts on “DFL: You Do Own This

  1. Negroes do a little nite jogging an wipipul be like “Heeeelp” and “Riot!!”

    Y’all rayciss as hell.

  2. I lived in that area back around 1980. It was a bad area, then. As a young man living in South Minneapolis, I had no reason to love cops. The story was the suburban police departments got rid of their bad eggs by getting them on the Minneapolis police force.
    This is the same police department that shot a woman who called in a suspected rape.

  3. Oh and I see the choo choo is shut down now, too. How folks gonna get to where they need to be to jog?

    Y’all wipipul tryna stifle the vibrancy…smh

  4. Good rant, man.

    It looked as if the looters were allowed free access to the police station, the parking lot anyway, to damage police cars. Maybe blow off some steam? But no, then they headed off to the neighboring Target for some free goodies (because nothing sticks it to the man like stealing a TV). Man.

    But masks. And keeping churches closed.

  5. Two things.

    On yesterday’s other conservative radio station, a man called into the Justice and Drew show and stated that this same officer, did this knee on the neck thing to him a few years ago. Fortunately for him though, a sergeant showed up and the officer let him up.

    Second, not qualified to be a trash collector Frey and his city clowncil, are reaping what they have sewn = Arradondo asked for 400 police officers. He got 14. The chief said that the department was stretched too thin and with the number of expected retirements that would happen over the next three years, he wanted to get ahead of the curve.

    As I have mentioned before, I have family in law enforcement. I was told that a lot of those “protesters” are from outside of Minnesota and were recruited by a leftist organization to come here and cause chaos. Idiot Frey, gave them the perfect cover with his “everyone has to wear a mask in Minneapolis”. Well, again, except for him. He conducted his press conference without one, acted like a petulant child (as usual), instead of exhibiting true leadership. Instead of calling for calm and rational thinking, he was demanding to know why the officer wasn’t in jail.

    But, I’m sure that he’s Emery’s hero today, because, you know, Trump.

  6. MP,
    I believe it is Prof. Olson that has talked about being on the hiring board for a suburban PD. Whenever a candidate was rejected they assumed that he’d get a job in the Mpls PD and be paid substantially more than their suburban department paid.
    Maybe Mitch can confirm.

  7. The latest martyr of police brutality was a 6 foot 6 out of work bouncer whose rap sheet included a five year prison stretch for armed robbery in Texas. Naturally he moved here to turn his life around, leaving behind a child and baby mama. My one dimensional take on the citizen video is that the kneeling cop was callous, nasty and was out of control. However, I’m awaiting the always slow autopsy and toxicology reports. Unless it shows a fractured hyoid bone, his airway was never shut. He shouldn’t have been able to talk. Likewise, carotid compression would’ve put him under in seconds. I speculate the fight and subsequent treatment precipitated a medical condition leading to cardiac arrest. Doesn’t excuse the overkill. But remember the guy was huge. I noted a pool of what I presume was urine flowing under the cop car. Could’ve been another fluid. Still speculation. Was he tased? That would seem a possible source for cardiovascular problems. Been known to happen. Second point, regardless, the craven posturing and fervent anti-cop attitudes of the Boy mayor were an absolute invitation for rioting.

  8. The 9 minute knee over the neck aphyxiated him and put him in cardiac arrest, “doc”.

    I mean, good for you Quincy MD, for being to akshully this thing

  9. Doc, it doesnt matter what he did before, or was doing then. When a Negro is killed by coppers, the jogging community is owed immidiate reprayshuns.

    If those store owners had left their doors open like they should have, the jogging community would not have had to burn their way into their gibs.

    I demand mayors of vibrant, urban communities issue a executive order, commanding all business pipul open their doors and leave the premises for 24 hours, anytime a Negro is killed by a cop for doin nuffin.

  10. If BLM and/or rioters wanted to convince their oppressors they meant business they would hav rioted and looted Kenwood, Lake of the Isles, and Linwood Hills. That would get the “oppressors” attention, but trash your own neighborhood and the folks (I’m looking at you Sturdevant) in Kenwood just shrug and say “meh”.

  11. You would think a people with a long history of being victims of lynchings would be reluctant to lynch people themselves.

  12. Kenwood? That would require logical thought, reasoned action, a methodical plan with a defined political outcome.

    I would bet a brand-new nickel the people engaged in looting are not in that class of thinkers. Their time horizons are far more immediate and personal.

  13. I never read Penigma, or Slate, or Vox. Leftists annoy me enough already.

    So why do Leftists come here, become annoyed, and feel an irresistible compulsion to leave stupid comments? Oh, I just answered my own question. Mental illness.

    Never mind.

  14. Mr. Kraphammer, doc didn’t deliver a diagnosis. He shared some facts.

    This isn’t Slate. You need to put some brains to work when considering comments here.

  15. Oh, BTW. Since you know he was aphyixiated for a fact, Mr. Kraphammer, can you share the autopsy report you’re privy to?

  16. The thing about Frey is that he’s suddenly a “law and order” progressive when it comes to threatening churches and businesses, and bringing the full wait of the law down on people who don’t wear masks. The problem for us is that all the “progressive” policies almost guarantee that there will be civil disobedience, if not outright unrest, and the leaders know they have to keep the uniformed goon squad on hand. Too bad for Frey that the cop jumped the gun before hunting season was officially declared.

    And yes, I remember officer Mike Suaro. He got promoted to Lt (which stands for Legal Thumper) to get him off the street for the safety of the public.

  17. Didn’t I predict civil unrest if the lockdowns weren’t lifted by June 1st? Why, yes. Yes I did.
    The stupidity of the lockdowns has reduced respect for law & order among the people. The social contract is fraying, and all because our stupid elite political class believed the stupid elite bureaucrat class.

  18. Anyone want to bet that in less than a year, the progressive mayor of Minneapolis, along with the progressive-green-socialist city council will pass a resolution lamenting the racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic capitalists for not rebuilding the Target, Auto-Zone, Wendy’s and affordable housing that was torched yesterday.

    The only explanations for not rebuilding are greed and hate.

  19. The only explanations for not rebuilding are greed and hate.


    It’s systemic raycism, pure and simple.

  20. Rush played an audio clip of Mayor Frey sobbed that the riots and looting were the result of 400 years of sadness and anger.

    I want to be on the bench when the first rioter tries to use that defense.

  21. I don’t want to be the newest usage associated with the dictionary entry for “naive”, but is that true, JD?

  22. So, according to the Red Star, the St Paul Midway Target is also experiencing looting. Say what? Do black folks really dislike Target?

  23. jdm, I already tole you; they shut the choo choo down. Negroes in SP are owed reprayshuns just as much as them in Minneapolis, rite?

    Do you expect them to jog all the way over there for the gibs? And all the gibs not took got burned up already.

    The Target in SP is just as liable as any other.

  24. jdm;
    Yes. I have SJWs posting that drivel on their Fakebook feeds. One stupid woman, that I don’t know, is even pulling out the old “white privilege is driving judgemental behavior”. I’m waiting for a response to me admonition that if she feels that her white privilege bothers her that much, then she should find a black person to give her job, her house, her money and her car to, you know, just to balance the scales of your white guilt and shame.

  25. As I recall (be patient with me, I’m old and a hick), there’s a Target on W Lake and even an Apple Store in Uptown. Have these been hit? Or is the walk too far from the east side? And if not, if memory serves, it’s just a hop, skip, and a jump up to Kenwood and Lake of the Isles. I think some of those people that matter might really start to “listen” then if there were large numbers of black folks checking out that neighborhood.

  26. Well, John K, glad you got the autopsy reports before the rest of us. Care to describe the pathological findings of asphyxiation? Should be pretty obvious in the tissue sections of the lungs.

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  28. Wife (worried voice): What if they cross into Wisconsin?
    Me: The cops will shoot the rioters. They don’t much like criminals from the Cities and they don’t report to the Democrats here.

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