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Jax is sort of a family tradition.

Not my family, per se -but my ex in-laws and their side of the family has celebrated their major milestones, including my kids’ major milestones, there for 50-60 years.

And so I watched this:

To continue one of Mr. Kozlak’s point – he may be able to make it at 50% capacity in the short term. The long term is more dubious.

So – do the people in the “shut it down until there’s a vaccine” crowd think that a government can survive with half its taxpayers any more than a business can survive with half its customers?

I’d love some “prog” to explain that in terms that don’t involve “unicorns descending from the skies with chests of gold coins on their backs”.

I’m still waiting.

9 thoughts on “Pass This Around

  1. Gotta love Jax. The huge area upstairs, and the pond and stream in back for fresh fish.

    I hope they make it, especially after not being able to have Mothers day brunch.

  2. Other long time businesses like Jax are dying, yet Emperor Walz thinks that it’s more important to open a candy store, as an essential business, with no distancing restrictions. If there are distancing restrictions, they aren’t following them, according to my brother who lives close by and saw the crowds. He is proving that some animals, especially if they are his friends and donors, are more equal than others.

  3. No Joe, that’s just pathetic. Poor Bill.

    He always played it straight, just like his granddaddy taught his daddy and his uncles; grease the wheels. Throw some bucks to whatever Democrat was most likely to get control of the district, host some campaign events and you’re golden. His daddy probably had the city council’s private numbers on speed dial, but now, he can’t even get someone who speaks English on the phone.

    That poor slob never saw it coming. He believed, right up until the minute the council critter’s aid gave him a lecture on reparations and the plight of undocumented immigrants that he had some pull over there.

    So, now he’s taking his tear stained letter to social media? LMAO! Those woke SJW’s in N.E. see his bright red face and coff that spliff right out of their mouths laughing so hard. And even now, he thinks “government” is gonna haul his ass out of the gravy…”We’ll do our part”…jezuz.

    Well, on second thought, maybe government will bail him out. After his business is in receivership, the city will give some Somali a loan to buy his building in a fire sale auction and open up an African Bazaar; macawiis for the gents, diracs for the ladies…khat out back and an Allahu Akbar to you.

    Anyone that chooses to do business in a city ruled by reprobate leftists and refugees from 3rd world sh*tholes takes their chances. Don’t come squirting tears on my shoes when they piss on you, huwyte man.

  4. I’ve figured out Berg’s mod bot’s code. No wrong think.

    Straighten up and fly right, or off you go.

  5. Or maybe it’s Berg objecting to wrong think…hard to tell.

  6. Right now, Emery is furiously scouring his best liberal sites to tell him what to cut & paste for a reply. But I ask this, is this the precedent? History ( I know, liberals, we should ignore history), but history tells us that every 5-7 years we have a “super flu” break out. Is this the reaction now? We lock down the world, let countless businesses die and then try to move on? Why in the Hell would anyone in their right mind (I’m sorry, those without the right connections i.e. Biggest Candy Store) open a business when you know this will happen again? I won’t ask anyone to gaze into their crystal balls, as we all know the answer is “it depends” on whether the current resident of The White House has a D or an R next to their names…..

  7. I’ve figured out Berg’s mod bot’s code. No wrong think.

    Straighten up and fly right, or off you go.

    If only I could be that sophisticated.

    No, I lost control of my antispam filter years ago – and the process for getting control is this convuluted mess I’ve tried a couple times a year for 4-5 years now. No luck.

  8. OK, the governor shuts down small business; maybe in return, the government ought to cancel property taxes for the year and such. A good friend of my family who owns Ginny’s Fine Fabric in Rochester has learned to her horror that the spendumore funds need to be spent on payroll–payroll she doesn’t need because she doesn’t have customers in the store. Nasty stuff.

    We might note here that this seems like a great set-aside and subsidy for chain restaurants with bland, uninspiring food. They can ride this out. The guys who actually know how to cook, not so much.

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