1 thought on “New Properties In Material Physics!

  1. Because Whyte Privilege showers us with fat stacks of cash from the sky, we’re not eligible for Trumpbux. I really don’t mind, I don’t count on government for anything anyway, and we can honestly say we are not adding to the national debt.

    But if we did get some bux, I’d donate it to the facility that cares for my bother. We normally bring him home with us every weekend and holiday, but he’s not able to leave because of bat flu. It is sensible because many patients are very frail. So instead, I’ve gone to see him with these “prison visits” through the window a couple times each week.

    Everytime he sees me, he figures I’ve come to fetch him home; he does not understand what’s going on. It breaks my heart to see his crestfallen face every time I leave. To take even those window visits away from folks like him is nothing but more fucking evil from these degenerates. I 100% guarantee patients will feel abandoned, and some will die of loneliness. God, I hate leftists.

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