Modification Of Order

Just came across this announcement, haven’t seen it in the media yet:

Attention citizens. Governor Walz has announced a modification of
Executive Order 20 – 20, requiring Minnesotans to Stay Home.

Our computer model indicates the people most likely to catch the
Covid-19 virus and use precious hospital resources, have an existing
co-morbidity, specifically, obesity. In order to reduce the likelihood
of overwhelming our hospitals with Covid-19 patients, we must reduce

Effective immediately, all Minnesotans whose body mass index is greater
than 29 are hereby declared “obese” and must immediately go on a diet.
Health care providers will be required to forward medical records to the
state for analysis and classification. No person may sell, lend or give
high-fat, high-calorie foods to individuals categorized as obese.
People attempting to eat fattening sweet foods will be arrested and
jailed, where the diet can be enforced.

If you suspect your neighbor is obese and may be hoarding high-fat,
high-calorie foods, call the tip-line. Police will be dispatched to
search their home for prohibited foods and you may be eligible for a reward.

We realize this is an extreme measure, but we’re an extreme situation.
We appreciate your help.

Governor Walz

Just thought you’d want to know.

Joe Doakes

On the one hand, the warning signs are there for Covid as with so many other diseases realted to obesity. I’m feeling pretty good about losing 80 pounds this last couple years.

On the other hand – today’s joke is tomorrow’s policy, when it comes to progressive governance.

5 thoughts on “Modification Of Order

  1. mjb003 ↑↑
    If we ever get single payer, the government will become very interested in your health. Bureaucrats who care nothing about freedom will be tasked with writing and enforcing rules that dictate your behavior.
    Modifying your behavior will require the government to get its fingers into everything from furniture design to grocery store layout.

  2. BMI is a misleading indicator, as it fails to take into account that well-built yet trim people can have a high BMI, on account of muscle being around 7 times denser than fat.

    BMI is about as reliable an indicator as the old “women make $.79 for every $1 a man makes” canard.

    Naturally, it will be used to drive government policy.

  3. This is the most racist thing I’ve ever seen on SITD. Literally shaking, rn

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