13 thoughts on “This Is What A Yale Degree Gets You

  1. How can you have sex when all of your water faucets are shooting out flames?

  2. Huh. Doing a little bit of Google search, I find that living in San Francisco increases the risk of getting HIV by about 400%. I’m guessing that little fact won’t be coming out of Yale School of Public Health, though.

    As the article notes, pure “data dredging” that is probably “tweaked” a bit by the fact that a lot of counties where fracking is done have lower population. My favored term for it is “fishing for hypotheses”.

  3. It’s been awhile since I took statistics, but my first thought was correlation does not equal causation.

    I’ve not been to the areas that they’re doing fracking, but understand that it’s a pretty male dominated field. A sausage party in other words. Kind of like being in combat arms in the Army (although that is changing as well). And, just like being on deployment, you likely have young men with a lot of disposable income that are willing to pay for female companionship. So maybe the better thing for them to have spent time researching would be between STD’s and prostitution. And, in communities that small, if one person has it, it’s going to get around.

    On a side note, I oppose the change from STD to STI. Disease vs Infection. Small change in one word, but it seems to me a way of making it more acceptable to have. More “oh I just got an infection” vs “I’m an idiot that can’t control impulses or use a condom”.

  4. Thank god I was putting something in my mouth or I would have let out a very loud laugh in my office Greg. That is a classic mic drop statement.

  5. I would suggest that especially after they started admitting women into formerly all male military units, per “shakingmyhead”‘s comment, that STDs went sky high. Former coworkers of mine who were officers in Iraq/Afghanistan commented that they spent a LOT of time handling the fallout of fornication by soldiers, some to the point that if they put notches on their beds each time, they’d have had sawdust within weeks.

    It also darkly amuses me that people have thought that when they have a concept that is objectionable–say “the clap” or “Handgun Control Inc.”–they so often think they can redeem the concept by renaming it. In this case, “English disease,” “French disease”, “the clap”, “social disease”, “venereal disease”, “STD”, “STI”.

  6. Ha! Even when I was in the service in 1972, we went through a 45 minute class on STDs during basic training. When I went to SE Asia, we got the same speeches and classes and they were mandatory within a week of arriving.

    I do have to give the government of Thailand some kudos for trying to control it, at least among the prostitutes. Prostitution was not outlawed there, but each one had to have a thorough medical exam before they could start their profession, then wait until all tests came back negative. Once approved, each woman was issued a number. After that, the exams for the woman were conducted monthly and again, they couldn’t work until they were cleared. If they had an STD, their number was published on a list that the government put out every month and posted around town and on base. If you had been with any of those women, you were highly encouraged to go get checked out. I can remember my room mate totally freaking out because the numbers of women that he had been with showed up three times. His big concern was that there was a really hot nurse from his home town that worked at the base clinic, so he worried that she would tell everyone back home that he was a perv if he went in for a shot.

  7. BB – Army Engineers can be CA or CSS. I’ve seen both sides. All males units ( as a man ) had so much less drama.

    As an FYI, the Louisiana National Guard female soldiers made themselves a LOT of money on deployment. Not all – just the capitalis

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