Open Letter To FedEx’s Fred Smith

To: Fred Smith, CEO, FedEx
From: Mitch Berg, Crabby Peasant
Re: Debating Big Left

Mr. Smith,

I applaud your challenge to the NYTimes’ publisher, Arthur Sulzberger, to a debate between him, his business editor, your tax executive and yourself over your enterprises’ relative tax burdens and financial contributions.

I also note that progs – whether in government or the media – never deign to debate.

In case you didn’t know that, I mean.

If so, carry on.

That is all.

1 thought on “Open Letter To FedEx’s Fred Smith

  1. I’m not going to bother to check, but I’d bet a weeks pay that FedEx contributes to our vibrant diversity as much as Starbucks.

    This guy takes offense that the reprobates don’t appreciate all FedEx does to facilitate Clown World?

    Pfffft. Cry me a river.

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