Getting It All Wrong

The notion of biological men “idenitfiying as women” (and vice versa) is old news.

Male athletes “identifying as women” and clobbering the people who are, in the various sports/events, the weaker/slower/less agile sex is becoming both a little commonplace and a cultural punchline.

So what’s going to bring some sense to this “social debate”?

When guys “identifying as women” – maybe as “women of color” – start going for minority-reserved government contracts, that’s when. 

7 thoughts on “Getting It All Wrong

  1. When you hear Democrats pronounce Trump unfit for office, recall that every one of the Dem presidential candidates believes that women can have penises and men can menstruate, become pregnant, and bear a child.

  2. A guy would think that the dominance of trannie women in women’s sports along with the absolute non-existence of women (or trannie men for that matter) in men’s (pro/college) sports would cause the whole artifice of “I am woman” to collapse.

    But no. Not even the fact that women in the armed forces get special breaks in the fitness tests affects this.

    The combination of insanity and cynical self-gratification is apparently strong enough to keep this running.

  3. When the army announced the first female ranger, they neglected to announce the previous half-dozen or so female applicants washed out, usually due to stress fractures in their legs.
    The Dems are the party that ignores science.

  4. There was a time when the Feds had a checkbox of “Native American” under the race section. I always checked that, since, as one of my Onondaga friends said, “You’re as much a native American as I am; you were born here.”

    Now the Feds are very careful to say “recognized member of an American Indian tribe.”

    The first Indian tribe that charges $50 to become a member will make bank from contractors who want to bid on state and federal contracts. I know I’d join just from the pure fun of it.

  5. Since I identify as a dog, I can pee on hydrants. It helps when I travel to the Cities and encounter locked restrooms.

  6. Here’s an interesting thing on bone density. If I’m reading it right, male to female transsexuals start out with high bone density and a larger cross section of bone, and then their bone density actually increases as they take estrogen to generate breasts and such.

    Now when you couple that with (a) hips not designed to deliver babies, (b) stronger connective tissues, and (c) more and larger muscle cells, it’s rather hard for me to believe that being a male-female transsexual does not confer a certain advantage.

    The reasons you won’t see this are simple; Olympic level performance is really a ~ 4 sigma or more deviation from the mean, and there simply aren’t that many transgenders out there in the right age range–many transgenders transitioning in middle age or later, like Bruce Jenner. You also have the issue (East German swim/track/etc.. teams) that since the 1970s, womens’ sport has been infested by illicit drug (especially steroid) use. So we could argue that “womens'” sport has been transgender for half a century or more.

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