Unintended-Yet-Inevitable Consequences

When I was in high school, it was generally (although not universally) known that making gay kids “act straight” – in other words, forcing them to be what they aren’t – could cause long-lasting irreparable damage.

This was decades ago.

Society spends thirty years treating “boyhood” as a pathology, often treatable (i.e. suppressible) with medication.

The school system actively suppresses “normal” boyhood traits; aggressive play, restless physical activity and physical rather than verbal socialization are treated as conditions to be eradicated, rather than evolutionary male traits that are socially adapted and productively channeled.

School was turned into a training camp for young-girl-style socialization; not merely teaching young boys to take the roughest of edges off their masculinity, but teaching them that approaching the world the way evolution taught boys and men to approach the world will earn you castigation, denigration, medication and remediation.

Soon, people who were “woke” enough to know 30 years ago that making a gay child act straight would cause immense, irreparable psychological damage, were mildly alarmed to see that boys were lagging at school – or, put another way, checking out of an oppressive, misandrist system that actively suppressed who they really were.

Boys stopped going to college – and, increasingly, the ones that did were the ones that could stick with the ever-more-accelerated demand to turn in their evolutionary “male” card. There’s demographic evidence that before long, after decades of turning education at all levels into 12-16 years of counter-evolutionary indoctrination and browbeating over what they are, girls will outnumber boys 2:1 in higher education

And today, those same people are wondering why women are having a hard time finding husbands who earn what they do.

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  1. Great topic and great point of view for the article. I could see several other potential avenues for a comments discussion to go including:
    -What about the gender pay gap bs we have been shoveled so much recently?
    – Maybe social media and porn have made it harder for men to approach women and easier for them to check out of the dating pool altogether?
    – Maybe the bar scene as pictured in the article isn’t the best place to find a suitable, equivalent mate?

    Guessing the NY Post article sample size is kind of small and probably skewed towards the coastal customers…

  2. I’ve heard similar tales from my younger colleagues about the difficulty of finding a suitor. They say there aren’t a lot of options out there. It also seems like some of the younger colleagues have some expectations that aren’t met, such a perfection (which is a difficult standard to meet).

    I have thought a lot about the topic of cultural pressure for boys to act less masculine. I have often wondered how it correlates to school shootings. Could we curb those angry sentiments, those anti-social tendencies through shop classes, gun clubs, and other groups that seem to attract no but don’t seem to be as strong in schools as they once were? At least in my school, many of the boys who seemed a little off, a little less socially adept also seemed to have respect for their shop and VocAg teachers, had a nice little clique there and 25 years later appear to be functional adults with jobs and a family.

  3. Its already leading to a lot of beta male feminists who couldnt defend themselves if their life depended on it. It is also essentially the definition of a cuck. Forget the future you are seeing it now and its part of the reason the marriage rate is plummeting among my generation. Also despite what women have been told these men make them drier than the Sahara desert and dont even want to bone them. And frankly I dont blame them.

  4. It’s almost as if some weird, subconscious, evolutionary instinct was driving women to want to mate the Alpha Male, but there aren’t enough Alpha Males to go around and women aren’t willing to settle for less so they go without (and so do all the lesser men, who aren’t good enough to marry). How many more generations can that society last?

  5. I dunno… I had 2 boys, they are 18 and 15 now, both educated in (suburban) public schools.

    They’re not screwed up and much as I’d want to credit my own parenting, neither are their friends.  My sense is the attempted indoctrination doesn’t actually take in most cases

  6. JK, your kids are lucky to have a parent like you. If you agreed with this Leftist insanity they wouldnt be as lucky. A lot of this is dependent on if the kids have left leaning parents or not, if they dont there’s not much the schools can do, for now. They are in the process of trying to change that. I mean when girls can literally get their breasts cut off without parental approval and kids are starting to be given puberty blockers we are entering Brave New World territory.

  7. Amusing aside related to JK’s comment. My children were raised outside the metro area schools and I’m now a grandparent. One thing that did take from their years of indoc-, er, education was that they would not impose traditional gender characteristics on their children. If the boys wanted dolls or the girls wanted cars, that was OK. What they got in reality was the most girly girls and most macho boys one could ever imagine. It’s not a problem, but it is ironically amusing.

  8. I think for sure, various post-modern notions are propped up in the ambiance for indoctrination of children…. The gender stuff doesn’t seem to take.

  9. This is all good for me to know as someone who will probably be a parent in 5-7 years or less. God help me if my kid(s) become friends with woke parents. I will hold nothing back on them though and let the chips fall where they may. How did you guys handle that stuff? Im just curious.

  10. I’m reminded of how my stepsister didn’t want her oldest son to play with guns, and my stepdad saw him (to his infinite amusement) holding a Barbie doll and going “BANG BANG BANG”. And then there were legos…..

    ….but seriously, if there are no Barbie dolls to be commandeered as guns because they don’t want the girls playing with Barbie dolls, and no legos because WHO KNOWS what a kid could make out of THOSE, I can see a lot of pent-up frustration among both sexes.

  11. That was funny, bike; I laughed out loud. When I was a kid we used baseball bats when we played “army”. The coolest kids knew how to make the sound of a machine gun with their tongue. And then we’d go play baseball.

  12. JDM, thanks. Your previous comment reminds me of something interesting; part of training boys to be boys and girls to be girls is to remind them of the limits of masculinity and femininity. Sometimes those “hyper-masculine” boys and “hyper-feminine” girls are actually less masculine/feminine in truth, because the limits of the pattern haven’t been taught. It’s along the lines of kids growing up without dads tending to violence (boys) and hypersexuality (both sexes). Today, you see it in “the hood” especially, and historically speaking, nations often drew their soldiers, sailors, and “ladies of the night” from this cohort.

    And wow. I was hoping to find that the U.S. hadn’t sponsored brothels by its militaries, and got an eyeful. Yet another reason, beyond the politicization of the military, that I want to discourage my sons from joining up. Ick.

  13. When I was in high school, it was generally (although not universally) known that making gay kids “act straight” – in other words, forcing them to be what they aren’t – could cause long-lasting irreparable damage.

    Known by who? That’s complete bs, Mitch.

    When you were in high school, no one had to make homos act straight; they did it to fit in with a society that saw their sexual proclivities as a perversion, which they are. There was no discussion about homos in high school, because there were none as far as anyone knew.

    Now they’re marching around dressed like nuns in drag and mingling with pre-schoolers.

    Let’s put the blame for rampant globohomo and feminization of boys where it belongs; with the parents.

    Many parents may not have agreed with what the reprobates were doing to their kids in school, but only a very few had the courage to stand up and say so.

    Stand up. Be a parent. Teach your kids right from wrong. Teach your sons to be men; your daughters to be women. Don’t let anyone tell them differently.

  14. Many people, even some conservatives, believe that “gayness” is caused by a person’s biology. It is not. There is no test, other than self-identification, that will show a person’s “sexual orientation.”
    No blood test, no DNA test. No measure or analysis of a person’s physical body and its properties marks them as a homosexual. Homosexuality is a behavior, not an attribute of physiology. You can read the APA’s description of homosexuality if you don’t believe me.
    The same thing is true for heterosexuality. It is a matter of behavior, not identity.
    For years people have been trying to find a biological test that could determine homosexuality. In the old days the military spent a lot of money researching identifying homosexuals. They never came up with a test that could do it, and brother they tried everything, including measuring test subjects arousal at being exposed to sexual acts.
    Even self identification is doubtful. People who have had multiple voluntary homosexual encounters, and no heterosexual encounters, will still claim to be heterosexuals.
    People who have had only heterosexual experiences will claim to be homosexual.
    When you think about it, it has to be this way.
    Otherwise, you could be one hundred percent heterosexual by any measure of behavior (including self identification), and some blood test or measuring the relative size of your fingers would label you a homosexual. At that point “heterosexual” and “homosexual” would become disconnected from behavior. The terms would become meaningless.
    Or the opposite. You could identify as homosexual, behave as a homosexual, and a test could label you a heterosexual.
    This does not mean that homosexuality should be condemned as wicked, it does not mean that homosexuality should be outlawed. This is just what reason and science tells us.

  15. jdm,

    When I was growing up, my friends and I would play war at least once per week. There was an open field on one of the last remaining farms in Bloomington that sat vacant from about 1969 until 1980 or so. We dug foxholes and built bunkers with genuine military entrenching tools. Fortunately, toys guns were not a problem. Hell, they even had commercials for them. I was the head dog for a few years when I got a battery powered 50 caliber machine gun for Christmas in 1965. And, we also played baseball in another part of that field where we mowed to make our own diamond to avoid riding or walking the half mile to Washburn Elementary school to play.

  16. bosshoss, we too had a field that we mowed for baseball, but our army games were more urban conflict (around our houses in the neighborhood). I am impressed that you guys managed to involve army engineers in your conflicts.

  17. It is even simpler than MPs eloquent comment. On a lower level than preference, psychology, or behavior, the act of procreation exists primarily for one reason: The perpetuation of a species. There is no other mammal capable of creating offspring without some level of participation by both distinct males and females.

    God/Gaia/Mother Nature/deity of your choice is not in the business of creating species that would die out in a generation or two.

  18. MP puts in a scientific way why I do not get “gay pride” at all. Your gay? So what?

  19. Isnt it sad that everything Swiftee said there would be taken as gospel only what 30 years ago or even less? Now its considered intolerant, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, patriarchial, and a whole bunch of other leftist adjectives Im too tired to come up with now. The Left really knows how to change the language.

  20. To be honest, PoD, it is, in fact, “intolerant, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, [and] patriarchial”. But my response is that a whole bunch of people with those very perspectives created a society that gave those leftist morons the opportunity, the freedom to indulge in their ridiculous, frivolous dramatics (I stole that last part from Schlichter).

    The real problem was not telling the leftists morons to shut up and/or just ignore them back when they were fewer and easier to control. Now they’re everywhere and in everything and out in the open.

  21. “Isn’t it sad that everything Swiftee said there would be taken as gospel only what 30 years ago or even less? Now its considered intolerant, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, patriarchial, and a whole bunch of other leftist adjectives…”

    No, POD. What’s sad is that a bunch of guys, like the so called “conservatives” that read SITD are too cucked to say “Oh hell no”.

    Fuck it. As long as y’all keep our beer cold and bring ham & cheese sammies when called for, you’ll fulfill your need.

  22. And by the way, y’all, when I say very few stood up publicly to say “no”, I say that as one of the few that did…again and again.

    Like to put a word in here, Mitch?

  23. “The real problem was not telling the leftists morons to shut up …”

    No jdm. The real problem is was not failing to show up… it was failing to support they guys that were showing up to tell the leftist morons to stfu.

    When I walked in to a room of lefties back when I thought it mattered, the lefties got up and left rather than face me.

    Care to weigh in here Mitch?

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