Four-Way Intersection(ality)

THE WORLD: “Tide Pod Evita, Eric Swalwell and Ilhan Omar are the most toxic form of “progressive” there is.”

ALONDRA CANO: Hold my kombucha:

From somewhere in the great beyond, Tailgunner Joe is yelling “Dial it back, toots – you’re embarrassing John Birch and George Wallace”.

13 thoughts on “Four-Way Intersection(ality)

  1. But….but…but…, Kamala’s family owned slaves just a few hundred years ago.

    Sen. Kamala Harris (D., Calif.) is the descendant of an Irishman who owned a slave plantation in Jamaica, according to her father’s lengthy ancestral summary of his side of the family. source

    Who could elect someone like that?

    I mean, it would be almost as bad as electing a descendant of George Washington or Thomas Jefferson.

  2. I dunno. I guess it’s me that’s dumb, but I don’t really see what makes the Cano comment above so significant. Or even interesting. Perhaps, given all the insanity in the leftist political biosphere nowadays, this just doesn’t stand out for me.

  3. It was always just a matter of time before they started tearing each other to shreds. They all share a desire to destroy America, but they cannot agree who gets to stand on top of the rubble.

  4. BTW. Given the level of h8 for (((them))), I wonder if the left realizes they have an intersection with LARPing N@zis?

    Will Ilhan Omar get a guest commentator spot on StormFront?

  5. Let’s be fair to John Birch; he was dead and buried long before the society that bears his name ever embarrassed themselves with anti-semitic nonsense. But that said, Cano’s rhetoric about the Israel lobby and CNN is worthy of the rhetoric that got Buckley to bounce the Birchers from his movement.

  6. BB, I have little pity for the Tribe. They have been an integral component of the left’s scorched America campaign, both operationally and financially, for 50 years. Now, the low IQ flotsam they took in has decided to throw them under the bus in favor of the muzzie diaspora…that’s a tough break, but they have earned everything coming down the pipe for them.

    I predict that shot callers like Soros, Bloomberg, Steyer & their ilk will split from the Socialist/terrorist wing and take the Democrat party with them. These empty headed women think they are driving the train, but they haven’t realized they are in the cattle car the engineer has just de-coupled the engine from.

    Omar has firmly declared that “America will not be a white country”, and as the influx from 3rd world sh1tholes begins to take it’s toll it may look like she’s right on the streets, but the levers of power are firmly in pale hands and will remain there, at least until the split takes place.

  7. Oh crap…I just wrote the “S” word, and got tossed into moderation.

  8. Swiftee,

    One thing that has helped me with Mitch’s blog: Since it’s the “Ci@lis” part of the word “soci@list” that gets moderated, when I read, or need to type that word on this blog, I think in my head to pronounce it like the drug name .”so-see-AL-ist”, not “SO-shul-ist”. That always reminds me to throw the @ sign in there.

  9. For a people that pride themselves on their intellectualism, the Jews seem blind to their own suspicions about anything resembling nationalism. One of the way the Left used to poke fun at anti-Semites was to claim that they were so crazy that they thought Jews were behind both capitalism and communism, but that makes perfect sense when you consider that both capitalism and communism are anti-nationalist.
    It is remarkable that so many Jews do not consider that their own outlook has been influenced by their upbringing. In her legal opinions, Ruth Ginsberg shows that she is woefully ignorant of Christianity. In her dissent on the Hobby Lobby decision, she seemed to think that Chrisitianity was a kind of closed social club, she did not understand that some Christian sects are extremely evangelical & are driven to seek converts as a religious duty.

  10. Probably best not to talk about “the Jews” as monolithic for the same reason one doesn’t consider Christians (or even Baptists, my “tribe”) that way. At a very “macro” level, you’ve got secular and Reform Jews, conservative, orthodox, and various varieties of orthodox/ultra-orthodox. Their politics follow, approximately, that scale as well, though (just like among Methodists or Episcopalians) you’ll find the odd conservative in Reform/secular circles, too.

  11. If we can talk about “Jewish humor” why can’t we talk about “Jewish politics”?
    You will not understand the anti-Semitism of the Russian counter revolutionaries if you do not talk about Jewish over representation among the Bolsheviks.
    You will not understand Polish anti-semitism if you do not know that in the 1920s Polish Jews considered themselves Zionists first and Poles second.

  12. Jews are the proof of God’s continuing relations with man and the Earth. Never take sides against the Jews. You will lose. They were chosen by God to be his people, Europeans and Americans were not. But Leftists are another matter. Jews are a people living in history, like Americans, or Russians, or any other community. Jews have been around since at least the Bronze age (no other currently existing literate people can claim this). They only became a borderless, landless nation in the 1st century AD.
    I think that our descendants will believe the biggest conflict of our time was not between socialist and capitalist, but between nation and empire. Empire will win in the end, because a world madeup of sovereign nations will be a world of conflict. Empires want stability, nations want to expand or they will fear contraction of their borders.

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