Rising tides, it turns out, do actually lift boats:

In April, the unemployment rate for Americans with a high school degree fell to the lowest rates since before the Great Recession. Unemployment for workers with disabilities fell from eight percent to 6.3 percent over the last 12 months, the lowest level since the measure began in 2008.
Hispanic unemployment is the lowest it has been since 1973 (also when the measure began). Black unemployment remains close to historic lows, climbing slightly since the end of 2018.
One could hardly wish for a better trend. This economy is working for every class of American.

I think if the Democrats started devoting every scrap of their energy to pushing for impeachment, taking their (what else?) collective hive mind off of policy for the next year or so, it’d be the best thing that could possibly happen to this nation’s poor.

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  1. The economics behind the “rising tides lift all boats” saying has been known since the late 18th century.
    The people and firms with capital can invest in growth, or, if there is no growth, they can invest in expanding the size of their slice of the pie at the expense of others. Other people and firms with capital can protect themselves from this buccaneering. People without capital cannot.
    In the real world, a no growth – slow growth economy delivers stagnant or falling wages.
    Growth, on the other hand, increases the demand for labor as firms compete for workers to grab a bigger slice of that growth.
    Econ 101, simplest thing in the world.
    The problem with growth is that it is disruptive. It stymies central economic planning. This is the real reason the Left promotes the idea that damage to the environment dictates that we have a no-growth, slow-growth economy.
    In the 19th Century, world GDP grew by a factor of 20 with no central planning.
    In the 20th century, after the rise of paper money and central banking, the economy grew by a factor of 9.

  2. The lunatic left, especially the candidates for POTUS in 2020, seem to be in competition for who can promise the most free stuff, while not talking about how much it will ultimately cost. In their next breath, they talk about raising taxes and repealing the Trump tax cuts. It’s most depressing that so many sheeple believe that only the rich will have to pay more, thanks to their media masters that tell them what to believe and how to think.

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