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Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

The one question people never ask about transgender athletic competition is why.  Why do we have separate Boys’ and Girls’ sports?  If boys and girls are identical in every way that matters, with lifestyle differences simply a matter of personal choice that can be changed at whim, why don’t we have one competition for all?
Minnesota State High School record holders:
Boys’ 100-yard dash: 9.6
Girls’ 100-yard dash: 10.8
Boy’s Shot Put: 65 feet 6 inches
Girls’ Shot Put: 54 feet 8.5 inches.
It’s not about personal choice, it’s about biology.  The fastest girl is slower than every one of the top 10 boys.  The strongest girl’s throw is 11 feet shorter.  At the margin where champions are determined, girls cannot compete against boys.  It sucks.  It’s unfair.  But it’s reality.
People who deny reality are delusional.  We should not allow delusional people to make decisions affecting our children.

And if you ask the the question, the subject gets changed.

Every. Single. Time.

12 thoughts on “Question Authority

  1. As a previous shotputter myself, you should also note that the women’s shot weighs 8lbs and the boys is 12lbs at high school competitions-further expanding the gap between the genders. Also for reference, I placed 7th in class AA individual state in shot put as a senior (nothing fantastic), but I could throw 54’ with an 8 pound shot in 9th grade.

  2. Good point, Paul, and potentially a remedy:

    Cis-girls throw 8-pound, trans-girls throw 12

    Cis-girls run 100 yards, trans-girls run 120

    It’s like when runners use a staggered start on the curve, not a punishment but merely an adjustment taking into account physical realities.

    I like it

  3. Did not the Olympics have a DNA test requirement for women’s events at one time? Do we need that at the HS/College level to bring back reality? All the hormones, surgery and cross-dressing you want cannot change your DNA.

  4. Good points all, and I would argue that a great start is what the IOC has done with allowable testosterone; they’ve put different limits for men and women, the womens’ limit being 5nmol/l, where the men’s lower limit is about twice that level. End result is that Caster Semenya is no longer going to be running times like Marita Koch and Jarmila Kratochvilova (steroid teams extraordinaire), but will be back in the pack again.

    The shot and disc are two great examples of places where superior male height might make a difference. That noted, when you take a look at womens’ weightlifters and the swimming and track and field record books, you’re going to find that in effect, the womens’ sports have been allowing people who are effectively men since the 1970s.

  5. In today messed up world that post is considered transphobic, not because Jow hates trans people but because he brings up facts that essentially destroys the trans-rights (excuse me while I throw up after typing that) movement and their theory that boys and girls are basically the same. Watch, in 15 years the study of biology will be looked on as the old way of doing things. And something will be invented to try and show that there arent major differences. That is the endgame where these psychos are headed. Ignore me at your peril.

  6. that post gave me cancer (Its a inside joke among us right wing trolls on Facebook)

  7. SmithStCrx I can remember the days when Joe’s “end of the world” was Phyllis Kahn wanting 13 yr old kids to vote.

    Who could have guessed?

  8. POD, if you’re still on FB, moonbat cancer is the least of your worries.
    Are you not aware of what Zuck is getting out of you, 24/7 whether you’re logged in or not?

    Dang it, you’re smarter than that.

  9. Ive been on since 2005 Swiftee, I know about all this and I figure as long as I know that Im being watched, I will act accprdingly. Theres a big difference between someone who is on a site and thinks everything they do is private vs. someone oon a site and knows they are being watched so they take some precautions. I was a very early adoptee of FB, back in the old days where you needed a .edu email address to sign up for it. I know what I am doing, and know that Cuckerberg is basically the modern version of 1984s villian, except its not the state, its a private indidual.

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