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  1. I read something in the last couple days that proposed an explanation for the horsesh*t that passes for journalism these days. Because media companies make so little money they can’t afford to hire anyone other than those just graduated from j-school (does anyone know if j-school is more or less rigorous than the *-Studies depts?).

    Also, I think the media has decided to completely abandon any actual effort to be neutral and fact-based; rather they focus on servicing a smaller market of people who believe like they do. And so they make less money, but at least it’s reliable. CNN is the most in-your-face example, but so is the NY Times. I think the Strib trying to be, but they sell so many copies outstate that they can’t go all in.

  2. I graduated from one of the “Big 3” journalism schools in ’79. I had wanted to go to J-school since I was in 8th grade, and entered right about the time that “All the President’s Men” was released. One of our J-school profs often mocked the “Wood-steins” entering journalism at the time.

    We had one prof who as also the Editor-in-Chief of the 35,000 daily subscription newspaper staffed almost totally by J-school students. He was a hard-nosed guy who looked like a gunslinger straight out of central casting. He was a total hard-ass about two-source confirmation before printing and no composite characters for story-telling purposes, among other things. (Not unlike was Jason Robards/Ben Bradlee was requiring of Robert Redford/Bob Woodward and Dustin Hoffman/Carl Bernstein). This attitude was pretty much reflected down the line by the other editors who were also profs. It was a grueling indoctrination, and I would recall it when the Janet Cooke and Stephen Glass scandals blew up. (Btw, I bailed on the “third-oldest profession” very early in my career.)

    A few years ago, though, I happened upon an editorial written by our former Chief, and was dismayed to see he had gone full moon-bat in terms of current standards. Maybe it’s the pressures of the 24/7 news cycle and the inevitable human weakness of thinking that your truth is the real truth, but everything is interpretation now and must be considered as no more than a limited data-point amongst others. I even mentioned to some folks that in the recent stories of Ruth Bader-Ginsburg’s cancer treatment, the only thing I was willing to believe was completely factual was that there was a Supreme Court Justice named Ruth Bader-Ginsburg.

  3. It just keeps getting better.

    Tom Brokaw and his ilk blazed the trail for the leftist fake news army, they were doing the work of Alynski, doing their part to create the new American Utopia.

    But soft! What light through yon window breaks? Tis the Left, and AOC is the sun. Arise, fair sun and kill the Busted, Old White Man.

    Lol..into the chipper with ya, Tommy boy.


  4. “…Ruth Bader-Ginsburg’s cancer treatment…”

    She’s toast. They’ll have to make the announcement soon; maybe before Trump declares a national emergency at the border.

    And, keeping to the topic, I predict she will be buried at sea to deny outraged leftists (who blame her for staying on beyond Black Jesus’ tenure), the opportunity to desecrate her grave in the most unappealing ways after Trump nominates Amy Coney Barrett.

  5. All I know is that after taking a journalism 101 course at Normandale circa 2006 the Professor basically said you needed your soul surgically removed to be a good journalist and nothing is more important than the story. I gathered my things and left the class because I couldnt do that and I had no interest being around people who could. I earned that F, and I might have told off the professor in a less than gracious fashion too.

  6. Normally, I hate up-labels. Sanitation Engineer for Janitor. Dumb. Journalist might actually be more truthful than Reporter.

    A Reporter writes what happened.

    A Journalist writes how he feels about it, and you should, too, unless you’re a stupid, deplorable, uneducated hick.

    I prefer Reporters.

  7. NW agreed. There was still a very, very, tiny bit of dignity in that back then, that is now 100% gone.

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