“Why Does A Civilian Need A 30 Round Magazine?”

The serious answer – so the good guy doesn’t run out of bullets before the bad guy runs out of attack.

Homeowner in Houston repels a violent, armed home invasion…

by five men with “big guns”:

One man was left dead in front of the house, at least one wounded man took off on foot and the others left in an SUV, police said.
The car crashed into a pole nearby at Harrisburg Boulevard, where a man was found dead inside, according to police. Police say another person in the car fled, collapsed down the street on Capitol Street and later died. 
The fourth and fifth suspects were also injured and taken to a hospital, police said.
Outside the house, homicide investigators are combing through the crime scene where it appears there was a shootout; several dozen shell casings have been found. 

No word yet on charges for the defender. Fingers crossed.

Tom Knighton at Bearing Arms notes:

No, five bad guys coming to your house may not be a common thing, but we can’t pretend it hasn’t happened. Not now.
Now, let’s imagine how someone in a situation like this would fair under a 10-round magazine limit. Oh, they could change magazines in theory, but with that much lead flying around? More rounds in the weapon at the start is always a better place to be.
Of course, if a 10-round limit is bad, imagine what they’d go through if they were stuck with Oregon’s proposed 5-round limit. This man would’ve never had enough ammo on his person to have survived this one.

Hey, just surrender and hope that your attackers don’t cut you into long thin strips…

5 thoughts on ““Why Does A Civilian Need A 30 Round Magazine?”

  1. I saw this couple days ago. The victim says he was acquainted with some of the deceased, and he believes they came to steal “money and jewelry”.

    Excuse me for a sec…bullshit

    All of the involved parties are unprivileged young males of the migratory sort. The house is located in the barrio, and the victim just happens to keep a loaded AK close at hand.

    This is one where waiting for more info is the wise course to follow, IMO.

  2. Just a word out there to the thugs of the world….

    You just may end up with one or more holes in your body.

  3. Regarding Swiftee’s first observation, yes, best to wait, but regarding the bigger picture, whether or not the defender here was defending his family, himself, or a stache of drugs, it remains possible for someone to fall on the wrong side of a street or drug gang for any number of reasons, and hence it remains possible and likely for those people to have good use for a large magazine.

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