Last week, when a middle-aged white man was arrested for waving a gun at some Somali teenagers at a gas station, you could fairly hear the panting fro the anti-gun crowd:  “Please let it be a permit holder!  Please let it be a permit-holder“, they prayed in fractured Unitarian.

Alas, they were denied:

Investigators with the Eden Prairie Police Department applied for a warrant to search Johnson’s property and motor vehicle last week.

The application said investigators have learned Johnson applied for and was granted a firearms permit to purchase in 2011, but as of last week, he does not have a permit to carry in Minnesota. The application also states that he was the suspect in a 2011 assault in which an individual alleged Johnson threatened him with a knife and a gun.

But that case was cleared exceptionally due to lack of victim cooperation.

Now – we can allow for the fact that there is going to be some “he said / they said” in a story like this.  But if this story is accurate, it’d seem Johnson is qualified to be a great example of how not to use a firearm in lawful self-defense (emphasis added)

According to the application, several of the teens reported seeing Johnson pull out a black handgun during the altercation, and begin waving it around during an incident captured on both surveillance video and cell phone video. One reported he felt threatened and believed Johnson was going to begin shooting at him…He too reportedly recorded part of the incident on his cell phone. The application states that video does not show Johnson removing or displaying the handgun, but that he can be heard yelling at the group of teens.

“Just give me a reason,” he can allegedly be heard to say. “Just give me a god damn reason.”

If you’re asking them to give you a reason, a jury’s gonna look at that “immediate danger of death or great bodily harm” requirement for a self-defense claim, and laugh out loud with the judge’s tacit blessing.

But – let’s watch for Nancy Nord Bence and Erin Maye Quade to claim he is a permittee.

10 thoughts on “Denied!

  1. I just heard about the update on the radio, but this reminds me of another story where a Somali teen was shot. That guy was arrested and charged rightfully so, but at the end of the story you get what would have been the lead if it wasnt a Somali teen, he was throwing rocks at a car after the guy was yelling him to move. More to this story will come out in the following days. I really wish we could ship all these ungrateful losers back to Somalia.

  2. POD
    why not just offer bus fare north to Fort Frances where they will be welcomed with open arms by PM Trudeau. Way cheaper.

  3. Ill do you one better, a free, one way plane ticket back to Mogadishu. With the condition that they renounce their citizenship or burn their greencard/passport before getting on the plane and sign a agreement that if they ever set foot on US soil again they instantly go to prison for 10 years, in general population.

  4. He may not have committed a chargeable crime, but the news peg here is the example of crank righty misanthropy.

    Don’t be triggered to go MAGA on imigrants in public eh.

  5. The incident does raise an interesting question of social order: should there be a group of people who are exempt from the ordinary rules of civilized behavior?

    Suppose the members of some group routinely engage in acts of misconduct that would ordinarily result in prosecution, but when apprehended group members pull out their group membership cards and claim exemption from punishment. Could be diplomats. Could be Clintons. In other countries, could be Party Members or Aristocracy. Call them “People Whose Lives Matter.” Should we have those groups in America?

    Do we have them already? The restaurant manager fired in St. Paul for demanding known robbers pay for their food in advance was the victim of knee-jerk deference to the group membership card. The restaurant manager in this incident didn’t call the cops because of a man with a gun, she called because a group of teens was tearing up the joint, teens he was fleeing when he left the store, teens who possess group membership cards.

    Is it wise social policy to put certain people above the law?

  6. Chipotle manager wasn’t primarily a victim of ‘deference to group membership’, but rather victim to brand and crisis management process in the social media age.

  7. Look John, there’s the point. Over there! No, there, quick, look! Nope, you missed it. Completely missed the point.

    Brand and crisis management in the social media age is completely driven by deference to group membership for People Whose Lives Matter because they are the ones who are deemed to be Above The Law. I’m asking whether they should be, whether any group should be, in America today.

  8. I can’t wait for the day when some brave company says “F your lawsuit. Bring it on. We are right and you are wrong.”

  9. (Instead of backing down to those Whose Lives Matter and who scream the loudest over incorrectly perceived slights, that is)

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