Alinsky Has No “Reverse” Gear

Joe Doakes from Como Park sends one of his timeliest and, dare I say, brilliant emails:

Several Conservative commentators have made the same mistake recently.  They point to Democrat excesses and claim Republicans are now free to use harsher tactics because “the rules have changed.”  No, they haven’t.

Alinsky says: “Make the enemy live up to its own book of rules.”  Liberals do that when they accuse Conservatives of sexual assault, drunkenness, theft, animal abuse.  Those behaviors are against Conservatives values, against our rules, which makes Conservatives guilty of hypocrisy when we fail to follow our own rules.  Sarah Palin promoting family values while her own daughter had a baby out of wedlock was a perfect target for this sort of Liberal attack.

Conservatives generally fail when trying to do the same to Liberals because the whole point of being a Liberal is to reject the old rules, to tear down the old institutions, to defy the old ways of living.  It does no good to accuse Bill Clinton of being a womanizer because that’s not against the rules in Liberal circles, as shown by the behavior of Liberals from Kennedy to Weinstein.  The only time we’ve had much success making Liberals play by their own rules was getting Al Franken out of the Senate by forcing Liberals to apply their “MeToo” campaign against him, a fortuitous albeit unintended consequence of their attacks on President Trump.

But notice that Liberals won’t force Keith Ellison out of the race.  The “believe all women” rule is not as high in their victimology hierarchy as “protect Blacks from the consequences of their actions” and nowhere near as trendy as “First Muslim [fill in the blank].”  Liberals can’t be accused of hypocrisy for protecting Black Muslim Keith Ellison from the consequences of his actions and promoting him despite his behavior because doing so IS one of their rules.

Similarly, the fact that Liberals encourage violence against Conservatives does not mean Conservatives can encourage violence against Liberals.  The  first is perfectly consistent with the Liberal rule “the ends justify the means.”  That’s not a change we Conservatives can embrace while remaining true to our core values.

The rules haven’t changed.  The two sides are playing by different rules.  Probably always have been, we just didn’t mind so much in the past.

Now, that’s not to say Conservatives must keep playing by our traditional rules.  Maybe it’s time the rules DID change, on our side.  Maybe it’s time to take the gloves off and do a little brawling of our own.  It could be the Arne Carlson, Dave Durenberger style of “Conservative” was better suited for a Hubert Humphrey era and not so well suited for a Barak Obama, Keith Ellison, Ilhan Omar era.  I’m perfectly willing to adapt tactics suitable to the times.  But not because of same false moral equivalence that doing so is justified by the other side’s changes, only because our new tactics make sense for us.

Joe Doakes

Watching a group of anti-communist Cubanos in Miami send Nancy Pelosi running from a restaurant (the way mobs of howling snowflake liberal jackals have been doing with Republicans in recent weeks), I felt uneasy, but couldn’t quite put my finger on it; it wasn’t just a matter of “taking the high road”, because high roads mean nothing to Big Left or the machine it controls.

But Joe is dead on – even moreso than usual.  This plays into their hands.   You can’t win a morality play against an enemy that recognizes no morals.

8 thoughts on “Alinsky Has No “Reverse” Gear

  1. I’m glad to see my time here has not been wasted. It was always correct to crush leftist reprobates by any means available. It’s just acceptable for the mushy middle to say so now.

    You get em to the choppers, I’ll dispose of them.

  2. As Dennis Prager points out it is not liberals that the problem, liberasls can still be reasoned with. It is leftists that are the problem. We need to call them out and use the correct terminology. If you arent sure who you are dealing with ask them if they believe in freedom of speech or if “hate speech” needs to be censored. If they believe in hate speech they are leftists and are basically little Stalins, if they believe in freedom of speech they are liberal and still believe in some core principles of this Republic

  3. I think that this realization of just how nasty the left is to be mindful of the poem by Kipling, “The Wrath of the Awakened Saxon”. Worth looking up.

    POD, unless your so-called liberals declare themselves to be “not leftists”, they are just leftists who are just not as committed for the moment. This is an important point.

  4. Watching a group of anti-communist Cubanos in Miami send Nancy Pelosi running from a restaurant (the way mobs of howling snowflake liberal jackals have been doing with Republicans in recent weeks), I felt uneasy, but couldn’t quite put my finger on it;[…]

    It has been said that conservatives thought liberals ignorant, but liberals thought conservatives evil.

    I don’t know if that’s still true. We’ve been seeing some pretty repugnant and downright malicious and evil behavior from the liberals recently. I wonder if it now has devolved to conservatives beginning to view liberals as evil just as liberals view conservatives. Emulating “liberal/progressive” behavior would certainly seem to indicate that.

  5. I’m not sure that I can fault the Americans of Cuban ancestry for protesting against the likes of Nancy Peelosi. If I keep I’m mind that many of them, their parents or other family members escaped the brutal communist dictator Fidel Castro and that Peelosi and her ilk are proposing communist style control over the population by government party apparatchiks, I sympathize with the protesters.

  6. Thanks, Mitch, I appreciate the compliment.

    A colleague asked what Conservatives could do, if not embrace violence. I pointed to Lindsey Graham and Mitch McConnell as examples of The New Conservatives. The simple act of Graham speaking truth to the Liberals on the Judiciary Committee gave millions of Conservatives hope that somebody shared their indignation and may have convinced other senators that it was morally safe to vote to confirm. McConnell keeping the Senate in session to confirm judges is perfectly in line with Liberals saying “elections matter” and Conservatives agreeing “yes, they do, which we won.”

    These tactics only seem like hardball when compared with their milquetoast predecessors. I, for one, welcome a more assertive Conservative component in the Republican majority.

  7. Joe, I have no idea what has gotten into Graham but he’s been on fire during appearances down here.

    And it really puts the reprobates in a tough spot because he and McCain were honorary Democrats.

    One of the best things he said was he is going to take a DNA test because he thinks he’s got Fauxcahontas beat. I hope he does do that; would be hilarious.

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