Your Future Attorney General (?)

This is Keith Ellison:

Democratic Minnesota Rep. Keith Ellison on Monday didn’t rule out the possibility that a Democratic Congress could impeach a Republican-appointed Supreme Court justice.

Ellison said Democrats probably won’t try to impeach a justice that President Donald Trump nominated to the court but said it “could theoretically happen.” Ellison, the deputy chair of the Democratic National Committee, previously claimed in May 2017 that Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch isn’t a “legitimate” member of the court.

Ellison on Monday hosted a community forum on the Supreme Court, where he was asked if there was “any possibility that the legislative branch would remove a Supreme Court justice.”

Government is the things “we” do together to subjugate “they”.



12 thoughts on “Your Future Attorney General (?)

  1. MNGOP doesn’t seem to take the AG office seriously enough to put substantial resources into defeating Ellison, so yes he WILL be the next AG.

  2. I’d be very curious to see what charges they could dredge up against Gorsuch or Kavanaugh to support an impeachment attempt. Being “appointed by Dr. Evil himself” is not a crime.

  3. What are the odds the GOP candidate’s main message will be that Ellison will bring Sharia Law to the state of Minnesota?

  4. While initiative and referendum has often proved problematic, I suggest that the State of Minnesota needs the ability to recall anyone working for the government and any state laws or regulations.

  5. If he’s elected, he will continue the MN AG’s pattern of wasting taxpayer’s money on frivolous lawsuits against Trump.

  6. I’ve got 2 questions for you MN guys.

    It’s sad that Hakim even thinks he could get elected, but if he does, will y’all take that as proof MN has become a leftist sh1thole state?

    For the record, I don’t think he will win, but I do see his candidacy as a sign of an impending apocalypse.

    Second question is, is there a point at which any of y’all would find leftist domination too much to bear, and leave? If so, what would be the final straw?

  7. You know, if the GOP takes this seriously, presenting the evidence that Hakim X thinks that some Supreme Court justices are not “legitimate” ought to leave a mark. “Here’s a guy who wants to be a chief law officer of the state, and he doesn’t even recognize the authority of the Supreme Court.”

    Or would that be a “plus” for many Democrats? Sigh.

  8. Kavanugh is recognized as a superb legal scholar. He’ll write intelligent and learned opinions, which will serve as useful guides to lower courts. That all makes him an improvement on Kennedy. Yes, he’s a conservative, but anyone nominated by a Republican is going to be conservative, more conservative than the public. Similarly, all of the Democratic nominees are more liberal than the public (I just saw a study in the NYT). The Supreme Court is a lousy place from which to try to govern a country.

    The Democrats need to start achieving their political goals through electoral politics, rather than through lawyers taking cases to 9 un-elected Harvard and Yale graduates. Supreme Court decisions are a crutch which has encouraged 30 years of neglecting the mechanisms of electoral politics, which is what the Democratic party should have been focused on. The path back from the wilderness will not be through lawsuits and judges, but through popular electoral victories. The Democratic party needs to focus on the next election, at all levels, and then the next one after that. The Republicans fought for two generations to wrest control of the Supreme Court back after what the Warren Court produced, and they have won. It’s over. It may be 7-2 in a couple of years. Let’s get back to governing through legislatures and elections.

  9. Quoth Emery: “The Democrats need to start achieving their political goals through electoral politics, rather than through lawyers taking cases to 9 un-elected Harvard and Yale graduates.”
    Good luck with changing a century-old strategy.
    I believe the Minn GOP would make greater headway by exposing Ellison’s radical past than by accusing him of being a real Muslim (he’s not). I suppose that most Minnesotans don’t know that he was raised Catholic and, by his own admission, became a Muslim for political reasons. What does Ellison think of the Five Pillars? I doubt if he even knows what they are.

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