Not To Be Too Cynical, But…

…since this article – about an obscure Congressional candidate who admits (or claims) to be a pedophile and a white supremacist – mentions no party affiliation, we’ll assume he’s a Democrat?

4 thoughts on “Not To Be Too Cynical, But…

  1. Nah. Plenty of leftists would vote for a pedophile, heck, lots of leftists ARE pedophiles, but he’s also against gun confiscation.

    Normalization of pedophilia is definitely on the leftist to-do list, but it’s way down from disarming the population.

  2. If he was a Republican, a list of campaign donors would already be going around the internet and boycotts would be in the headlines.

  3. If this scumbag is caught acting on perversions and ends up in prison he’s likely to find out what it’s like to be a defenseless victim when the inmate population deal out their form of justice and punishment. Let him proclaim his freedom of speech rights in that environment.

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