Old White Guys

Let’s give credit where credit is due – the Strib’s Richard Chin did an excellent piece on my good friend Sarah Cade yesterday.

Cade is described as a  “young, biracial and passionately liberal…gun nut” – and is a great face for the changing population of shooters and 2nd Amendment activists in Minnesota.

Cade, a millennial from Maplewood, didn’t come from a hunting family or grow up around guns. In fact, she’s been a gun owner for only about five years. Still, she’s trying to be a new, nonthreatening face for gun rights advocacy in Minnesota.

Sarah Cade with the AR-15 platform gun she customized herself.
She writes pro-gun op-ed articles and testifies at legislative hearings. She lobbies her legislator, gets quoted in newspaper articles and interviewed on podcasts. She debates people online, speaks at public forums and appears in gun rights advocacy videos.

In many ways, she defies the stereotype of a Second Amendment crusader.

The whole thing is worth a read.

Of course, I think the notion that the opinions and values of middle-aged white guys are so devalued these days – we’ve done a lot of good for society – but I think it’s important that defending the 2nd Amendment become a priority for people other than, well, us.

6 thoughts on “Old White Guys

  1. That is a great article. I’m not sure that it will help, but I think I’ll call Mr. Chin and thank him for writing a fair article.

  2. Wonderful.

    I agree, we should all thank the reporter for doing a straight-up piece instead the all-too-easy hatchet job.

  3. When asked how many guns she owns, she’ll only say, “I have fewer guns than I have pairs of shoes. But not by much.”

    Great line.

  4. This gal had better have a care. Once you realize the only person you can trust to defend you, is you, it won’t be long before you start applying that truth to other facets of life:

    Got pregnant at 13? Unless you were raped, it’s 50% your fault. Why would you expect anyone else to bail you out?

    Can’t get a job because you can’t read? Unless you were kidnapped, dropping out of school was all you. Why would you expect anyone else to bail you out?

    Slippery slope stuff, and before you know it…poof! There you are on Fox & Friends.

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