No, WaPo, By Your Indulgent Leave…

…I’m going to yuk it up like it’s 1999.  

Kudos, by the way, to the ACLU of MInnesota’s response:

Dear Washington Post,

The ACLU of Minnesota politely asserts our constitutional right to boast about our superior ability to withstand the cold.

Low today is -13° but we’re still out here fighting for civil liberties.

Well, the civili liberties that people from Manhattan and Kenwood care about, mostly – but point taken.

2 thoughts on “No, WaPo, By Your Indulgent Leave…

  1. Perhaps I just didn’t read the article that closely – OK, I admit I didn’t – but I had the impression the whining was about those who had moved from Nowheresville, Somenorternstate, to the more enlightened climes of Acela and were now boasting to their friends and neighbors about their cold upbringing.

    I mean, no one in Acela would read/listen to anything from the Flyover country anyway, so it can’t be us, so to speak, providing the barbs about how to deal with cold.

    Second, many Acela residents moved there to get away from “here” and be with the other annoying Acela residents. Why wouldn’t they annoy the people around them?

    So, an article about annoying people annoying each other…

  2. If the ACLU was found frozen in a snowbank between Glyndon and Fargo it would be a celebration for humanity.

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