is it bad that I take so much joy in watching the Left eat its’ own?

Two days ago I happened to write an article about the amazingly stupid conspiracy theory that the Green Party, which has run a presidential candidate every election since 1996, ran a presidential candidate in 2016 because of a Russian plot to sabotage American democracy. Today, Buzzfeed News reports that the Senate Intelligence Committee has asked Jill Stein’s campaign to comply with a document search.

This is what Russiagate has come to. This psychotic conspiracy theory is now so desperate to turn this endless fountain of nothing into something that it is rifling through the documents of a campaign which received one percent of the popular vote because its candidate had dinner in Russia two years ago.

Jill Stein – who took the same one percent from Democrats that the Libertarians took from Trump – is coming in for some of the same weaponized wrath that befell the Greenies in 2000.

3 thoughts on “Steinenfreude

  1. It’s more plausible to believe that Stein would have colluded with the Russians, for sure, but yeah, I think it’s payback. To believe that the Russians colluded with her would indicate their utter unawareness of what a “poll” signifies.

  2. If you thought the Berlin Wall was harsh, just witness what happens to those who try to escape the Progressive Plantation.

    Meanwhile, in the EU today the European Commission is threatening to suspend Poland’s voting rights in the bloc if the Poles don’t undo their recently enacted judicial reforms. Apparently the EC is concerned that the Poles aren’t being democratic.

  3. Oh, c’mon, you gotta go easy on The Green Party. They have had a rough go of it.

    Remember when they nominated Ed McGaa for US Senate, cause he was a Lakota Indian dontchya know, and then it turned out he was really proud of being a veteran, cause Lakota men take pride in being warriors, dontchya know.

    Couldn’t have that, so they dumped him.

    Then along came Dean Zimmerman, the first Green Party candidate to be elected to anything in Minnesota………. ‘cept Dean’s idea of “green” was taking bribes.

    So what if they colluded with the Russians? I mean, they are not Trump, dontchya know?

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