2.1 Billion Doesn’t Getcha What It Used To

Green Line train derailed yesterday.

While rolling down a flat street with a midday-sized cargo of passengers.

How do you even do that?

Hey, good luck, Super Bowl fans! You’ll have this turkey on wheels all to yourself.

54 thoughts on “2.1 Billion Doesn’t Getcha What It Used To

  1. Penigma said: ” BTW, Mitch, how many maintenance related issues surface each day with US airlines or rail carriers? Just curious if you think their incidence of failure is greater or smaller than that of the light rail system in Minneapolis and St. Paul.”

    You are leaving out the fact that the utility of light rail is sh** compared to airlines or rail carriers. ROI.

  2. I’ve tracked the rhetoric of the local light rail supporters over the years. They start out insisting that they are SUPPLYING what people WANT and NEED. Now the metrics clearly show that they are FORCING DEMAND for the damn thing with subsides, and their rhetoric has gotten predictably weaker.

    The Jim Nobles audit of Met Council numbers on this stuff is just devastating. Two sets of books, basically. #JackAndBen has a great segment on it.

  3. If you want to understand why Penigma is a hysterical, non-cogent idiot listen to this:

    This is one of the best HOLISTIC discussions of the system I have ever heard.

    Everything comes down to excessively centralized government, central bank interventionism, and cartels. Then we vote. Which makes it worse.

    I’m glad my side has all of the guns.

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