2 thoughts on “Now Be Thankful

  1. Why is Hawaii #1?
    A significant percentage of jobs are tourism related, meaning they can’t be outsourced. Relative prosperity on the mainland increases the number of tourism jobs needed in Hawaii. Since Hawaii is an island state in the middle of the Pacific, with a small population, workers can’t easily be imported or created out of the local population.
    So credit labor market inflexibility, not blue-state governance.
    I think that in most American states, only 10% (to invent a number) of relative prosperity is a result of state government policy. I believe that there is much more downside to upside, given the nature of the regulatory state. If banning fracking cost NY state 10,000 jobs, there is no magic way for the NY state government to create 10,000 politically correct replacement jobs.

  2. Minnesota is doing so well thanks to the enlightened leadership of Mark Dayton, whose benevolent policies have “created or saved” thousands of jobs.

    His successor will do even better, as White Baby Boomers heed his advice to move out of state resulting in a booming job market the Somali immigrants who replace them.

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