Dawn Of The Doakes: Fact-Checking MinnPost; Like Cleaning Up Puerto Rico With A DustBuster

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

A friend of your blog mentioned a MinnPost article, in a column captioned Big Words.  Since it’s the MinnPost, you have to wade through the stage-setting lies to search for a possible grain of wisdom.

Lie #1.  Trump did not refer to Kaepernick as a son-of-a-bitch, Trump explicitly referred to present players who take the knee.

Lie #2.  Kneeling is not about “a persistent American injustice” since Kaepernick himself was quoted in the article saying it’s no longer about police brutality, it’s about general unfairness.

Lie #3.  The world does not wonder if Trump seeks a return to pre-Jackie Robinson days, the author imputes that, groundlessly.

Lie #4.  Trump did not receive comeuppance from the players last week; viewership was down another 11% as fans heeded his advice to skip the game and owners now beg them to return.

Lie #5.  It’s true that Trump was elected by a minority of Americans, just like every modern President.  Half of Americans don’t vote at all; the winner is the person who gets half of the half that do – meaning a quarter of the whole.  The implication that Trump therefore lacks a mandate is not true, his quarter gives him the same mandate as Obama or Bush or Clinton.

Lie #6.  Trump’s approval rating has not fallen as a result of these tweets, it’s still hovering around 40% which is all he ever had

Lie #7.  Trump is not the person threatening the destroy the entire nation, that’s Rocket Man, who was subsidized and enabled by prior administrations kicking the can down the road.

After all those lies, what is the author left with?  Wishful thinking about impeachment.  Hope that Trump will get bored and quit (bad news – that doesn’t get you Hillary, it gets you Pence).  Exhortation to sit during the national anthem, because that’ll show him.  None of those will work and everybody knows it, even the author of the article.

He urges us to pray.  I agree, but I’m astonished MinnPost printed it.  Pray?  Pray to the God that Democrats repeatedly rejected at their convention, the God that Liberals have banned from schools, the God whose Commandments must be removed from the courthouse lawn?

Even a blind squirrel finds an acorn occasionally.  I’m thrilled this author found his.  I’m just sorry it cost him so many lies to get there.

Joe Doakes

All in a day’s work at the MinnPost.

9 thoughts on “Dawn Of The Doakes: Fact-Checking MinnPost; Like Cleaning Up Puerto Rico With A DustBuster

  1. Trump was elected for being not Hillary Clinton, not of the establishment Left, and not of the establishment Right. Trump did not present a coherent legislative agenda; he campaigned more on attitude. But it is a stretch to claim he was elected because of his legislative agenda. Trump was favored over establishment candidates because voters wished to damage the establishment. It is probably more realistic to assume that his role will be to tear down the existing order. Trump will be limited by the tenor of the politics of the day, which is destructive, not constructive. The shape of the new order is more likely to come from his successor.

  2. 1. Nominate a conservative SCOTUS justice.

    2. Build that wall.

    3. Send borderjumpers home.

    4. Reform taxes.

    5. Kick the crap out of head chopping muzzies.

    6. Repeal Obamacare.

    That is a legislative agenda, Dunning_Kruger.

    Trump has delivered on promises he has direct control over. The GOP beta team (McCain, Graham, Collins and Murkowski) has thwarted the agenda for now. But next years moderate/leftist bloodbath might get their minds right.

  3. Why pick this particular post to thread-jack? Saw the name “Trump” and started slobbering?

  4. Em, Trump was elected as being not-Hillary Clinton. I suspect Bill would have gotten elected had he run since he was smart enough to actually recognize the need to reach out to the “deplorables” and “feel their pain” even if he wouldn’t do anything about it (being too busy pocketing money from crony capitalists and closeting every willing Leftist female in sight).

    But when Scalia passed and SCOTUS became a bigger issue, I suspect even Bill would have had a hard time winning given that he was the one who gave us NAFTA and MFN for China that cost a lot of those Wisconsin voters their jobs. Those two issues mattered for a pretty fair chunk of the electorate.

    And with Trump in the White House now you’d better make sure The Notorious RBG is well stocked in Geritol.

  5. And with Trump in the White House now you’d better make sure The Notorious RBG is well stocked in Geritol.

    I say a little prayer every night that God take her quickly and painlessly. She’s in all ways tarred, and needs a rest.

  6. I like Swiftee’s list, and it’s nice to see that Trump’s sending a lot of borderjumpers home, starting with the fine young face-tattooed men of MS-13. My favorite part is simple; their “Rocket Boy” leader implored them not to wear a particular kind of sneakers, as if their face tattoos are not enough to identify them. Nice try.

  7. “ICE arrests hundreds of immigrants in ‘sanctuary cities’ around the nation, California”

    *That* is a legislative agenda being successfully implemented.

    When you have a shit ton if illegals running around, where do you go to round uo as many as possible? Where they feel safest.


    Listen…can you hear it? The sound of 11 million border jumpers calling their travel agents. The scratchy background noise is dozens of reorobate mayors tearing their hair out in their sanctuary cities.

    Two birds with one stone….Trump is winning, bigly.

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