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Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

The lead article in the August issue of the Midway Monitor is about Frogtown Radio WFNU 94.1 being on the air.  It’s low-power community radio, covers a 5-mile diameter reaching from Har-Mar to the river, from the U of M to the Capital.  They want to give the diversity of talent in the Frogtown area the chance to be heard.

Sounds like an opportunity for a member of a historically under-represented minority to get on the air.  I’m talking, of course, about Conservatives, who have been systematically excluded from the halls of power in St. Paul since the Great Depression. With your experience in radio, you’d be a shoo-in.

And your very first program could be an investigative piece.  The article quotes the Station Director explaining the need for community radio was driven by people who are not cis-gendered white men having limited access to higher education.  I, for one, would love to hear why Brown Institute refuses to accept women, LGBTQIA and persons of color as students.

There’s an open slot in the programming schedule on Sunday afternoons.  The community needs you.

Joe Doakes

I’m flattered, but I don’t think Salem would cotton to it.

However – I’d be more than happy to help any Saint Paul conservative who wants to make a go at it; application help, coaching, production…whatever.

Have yoiur people call my people.

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  1. Given that the public loves controversy and anger energizes people these days more than anything else, a show featuring conservative hosts/topics would soar with ratings in that area. Other media would likely provide free publicity just by pointing out the “outrageous” things being said there. The neighborhood Facebook would be all over it. I hope someone steps up to do it.

  2. I think Jonah Goldberg missed a critical point of agreement between today’s progressives and the fascists of the 1930s, and a difference between today’s progressives and the communists when he wrote Liberal Fascism.
    The commies believed in a utopian future. There would be plenty for all when the economic competition capitalism requires was swept away. No longer would resources be wasted on useless consumption by the ruling class and the bourgeois. No more wars would be fought to gain and keep control of economic resources. The future the commies believed in was golden, and was brought to you by increased, industrialized production.
    The fascists believed in closed system. The earth held only so much oil and minerals, the amount of agriculturally useful land was limited. Since populations increased geometrically, conflicts between nations (or races) over resources were inevitable. Winning these conflicts was the only biological directive that mattered.
    Today’s progressives believe in the limited world of the fascists. Where they differ is that they believe that an enlightened class of social engineers with dictatorial powers can manage these resources and so avoid warring for them.

  3. Sorry, kind of lost the thread with that last comment. I meant to make an observation on the fact that today’s progressives believe that the amount of freedom is limited. Different politically recognized groups (like LBGQTIA) can only make gains by removing the freedom the other groups. The key part of gay marriage isn’t that same sex couples can go around saying “we are married!”, the key part of gay marriage is that other people are forced, by law, to recognize that marriage, even when their sincerely held religious beliefs compel them not to recognize same sex marriage as legitimate.

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